Nissan X-Trail 4Dogs Concepts Lets Pups Live The Fur-Fabulous Life [Vi

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
Nissan has conceptualized the coolest car ever. It has us wagging our tails and begging for it to be brought to real life!

Considering how many people are goo-goo for their dogs (and why wouldn’t they be?) it’s kind of interesting that the Nissan X-Trail 4Dogs is, for now, just a concept. Nissan realized that every person who had a dog used their car to transport said dog. So they conceptualized a car that was created for dogs and their families.

The X-Trail 4Dogs has a comfy, quilted cargo area that will allow Fido to travel in comfort and style, and even has a ramp that extends from the back to make it easy for dogs of all sizes and ages to step on in. There’s a spill-proof water bowl and a treat dispenser that is accessible to your pup even when he’s safely harnessed in using the special built-in clip. Essentially, it’s like the Ritz for dog travel.

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What many dog owners like the best is the amazing grooming options the 4Dogs offers. Under the floor of the luxe cargo area, you’ll find a grooming kit with the coolest dog shower ever. It wraps fully around the dog, keeping you dry and making him squeaky clean. Don’t want that stinky wet-dog smell in the car while you’re traveling? Simply pull out the built-in blow dryer nozzle and fluff that pup up! An additional dryer vent blows right into the cargo area to keep them nice and cozy.

And if riding in the lap of luxury isn’t enough, there’s a 10-inch screen that lets your pup see what’s going on with the fam in the rest of the car, and safely lets you check on him in the back while you’re driving. Most adorably, the X-Trail 4Dogs shows its canine allegiance with its car badge–the outline of three furry friends.

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The X-Trail 4Dogs is not available for purchase–Nissan isn’t committing to actually producing the paws-itively fabulous car, but we think that they’d be nuts not to. One look at the video, and I was ready to hit the Nissan dealership and I’m pretty sure… I’m not alone! Are you listening, Nissan???

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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