One Man’s Brave Quest to Ensure No Poo is Left Behind

Amy Tokic
by Amy Tokic
In an effort to save shoes nationwide, Chad Logan is going cross country to spread the word. He wants pet parents to pick up their dog’s poop – and we’ve got an inside scoop!

I don’t remember how I came upon Chad Logan’s website or his cause, “ No Poo Left Behind.” Perhaps it was fate; maybe I’m just a magnet for these kinds of topics. But the fact of this serendipitous encounter was clear – I needed to tell his story.

I got the chance to talk with Chad about his mission, his CD and U.S. tour, and why he does what he does.

PG: How did you come up with the “No Poo Left Behind” idea?”

Chad: Well, it started with Pick Up That Poop!, a campaign to get dog owners to do the right thing. The idea came to me after I took our dog, Gus (a black lab mix we adopted 12 years ago), out for his morning walk on June 10 (my birthday). Along the way, I counted not one, not three, but six piles of dog poop left behind… there were five on the grass and one right in the middle of the sidewalk. I remember thinking that’s my birthday wish: “I wish that every dog owner would pick up after their dogs.”

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That walk help inspire nine songs to help raise awareness on poo pick-up and dog rescue. To help us get the word out there about both of these causes, I was thinking about a tour across the United States (Our “No Poo Left Behind Tour – June 2016”). We’ll be making stops at local parks, dog poo hot spots, dog parks, and dog rescues. The amount of money raised will allow us to make more stops, while also allowing us to make even more donations to dog rescue groups we meet on the road. These are shelters that need help to stay open and or expand their facilities to help more dogs in need.

PG: Do you have a tour schedule yet?

Chad: It’s in the works. We’re still raising funds, but no matter if we raise $500 or $50,000, the No Poo Left Behind Tour 2016 is going to happen. We plan to hit the open road on June 10 (it’s my birthday, of course). As of right now, we’ll be stopping in Los Angeles, CA; Las Vegas, NV; Ogden, UT; Denver ,CO; Topeka, KS; Jefferson City, MO; Nashville, TN; and Savannah, GA. We’ll be adding more cities as the project is continually being funded.

PG: What can the audience expect on these tours?

Chad: You’ll be able to find us at local parks, dog parks and dog rescues in each city we visit (the schedule will be updated on the website). If there’s a dog/rescue event going on the same time we’re in each city, we plan to set up a booth or just walk around, giving away free rolls of poop bags, selling our poop swag to raise money, and passing our informational handouts about why it’s so important it is to pick up after your dog. We hope to spread the word, not the poo! And of course, I’ll have my guitar with me, so I’ll be playing some tunes from the CD, and I take requests!

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PG: Why is it so important that people pick up their dog’s poo?

Chad: A common misconception is that dog poop is fertilizer – BUT IT’S NOT! It harbors harmful organisms such as Giardia, Salmonella and E. coli that can be easily transmitted to humans and other dogs. In most cities and states, it’s the law to pick up your dog’s poo, and it’s also the neighborly thing to do. No one wants to find out they have poo on their shoes after tracking it in the house.

PG: Where do you see your movement (get it – it’s a poo pun!) going in the future?

Chad: Once we finish our first No Poo Left Behind tour, we’d love to keep the momentum going. We’ve also been thinking about adding Dog Poop DNA to the lineup. It’s a great idea for cities to implement, and pet parents who leave it behind will have to pay for cleanup. But we plan to continue our efforts to help dog rescues in need, and get a few non-poop-picker-uppers on our side.

PG: What can people do to spread your word about picking up poop?

Chad: Help us spread the word, not the poo! Fans can download our songs, buy our No Poo Left Behind CD, and become a PUTP Walking Yard Sign (we’ve got more than 30 designs that adorn t-shirts, tote bags, stickers and more)

Even better, you can start your own Neighborhood Watch Dog Poop Division. You can pass out flyers in your area about the importance of picking up after your dog. If you see someone looking around suspiciously after their dog takes a poop, ask them if they need a bag. If your dog poops next to a pile left behind, use the same bag to pick it up, too. Hey, why not? You’re already down there, so help out your neighborhood, and save someone’s shoe!

There are a few ways you can support Chad and his “No Poo Left Behind” movement. You can buy his CD, which features timeless classics such as “Pick Up The Poop Oh Yeah”; “Poo On My Shoe”; and “Turd City USA” (50 percent of the proceeds from the CD are donated to dog rescue groups). You can also purchase some sweet poop swag (trust me, you need a couple of these stickers). Or you can donate to the cause – every little bit counts. And check out his website to see when the No Poo Left Behind Tour comes to your city!

Amy Tokic
Amy Tokic

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