Political Poopbags Take A Lot of Crap!

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
It’s no secret that the 2016 Presidential Race has been full of poop flinging from both major political parties, and now MetroPaws offers the perfect political bag to scoop the poop and support (or not!) your presidential pick!

Let’s be honest.

The 2016 Presidential race has sort of gone…well to shit. More Americans claim that they’ll be voting against the candidate they like least rather than for the candidate they like the most. The cuts and accusations flying are thick and most voters would say they are just.tired.of.it.

And that’s how Smear Campaigns get started!

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MetroPaws, a Los Angeles-based family business that offers high-end and eco-friendly pet products, is running a Smear Campaign of their own with unique poop bags designed specifically to allow you to pick up that big old pile of poop with your least favorite candidate’s face smeared all over it.

Wanna tell the world how you really feel about The Donald? Pick the red Repooplican bag, complete with a picture of him and his trademark, uh, hairstyle.

Prefer to rub Hillary’s face in it? Choose the blue, Democrap version, and show the world you’re not with her.

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The bags are degradable poop bags that come in packages of 80, and are made of eco-friendly, recycled boxes and soy-based inks. Best, they are larger than the typical poop bag (measuring 9.5″ x13″) so that you can put your whole hand in and really rub the face of the candidate in the pile of crap–literally and figuratively!

So, go to MetroPaws and choose the bag that’s gonna give you the most satisfaction. Politics are a mess today. These bags won’t clean up all the crap that we still have until November…but they are a great start!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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