These Mama Mutt Maternity Pictures are Pawsome!

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Impending motherhood is a beautiful time. Just ask the most adorable little Doxie, Heidi. She and her proud papa human, Daquan Collins, live in Florida, and while outside recently, Collins said Heidi just started posing as if to say, “Check out this hot mama bod!”

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Collins obliged, telling social media fans that Heidi wanted some maternity pictures, so that’s just what she got. Collins said that it’s odd for Heidi to pose as she did, because typically if she knows you have the lens on her, she’ll not really oblige. He says she’s camera shy.

But she sure wasn’t shy for this shoot! This is Heidi’s second litter, and as she is around nine weeks now, she’s ready to deliver anytime. She gloriously bared it all to show off the puppy bumps, and the Internet nearly lost its mind at the cuteness and Collins’s willingness to be a stand-up, stand-in papa.

Internet goes nuts with viral puppy maternity pictures

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And really, can you blame it? Heidi is one adorable mama to be and Collins is clearly one happy puppy daddy!