Puppy Bowl XV Announces Its Starting Lineup [Video]

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Super Bowl, Shmuper Bowl. Who cares about that football stuff except for the fact that it brings the real bowl people want to watch–the Puppy Bowl!

Animal Planet’s adorable four-legged lineup has been introduced and we have to say Team Ruff and Team Fluff have never looked better! It’s the 15th, and the 93 pupsters from over 50 shelters in over 20 states and U.S. territories will be vying for the esteemed Chewy.com Lombarky trophy.

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The puppy bowl 2019 will have 50 dogs in it

All the dogs (and cats) who have participated in the bowl game fun in previous years have been adopted, and Animal Planet hopes that happens again for this year’s newest fluff batch, though it’s most likely that may have already occurred as the show was aired last fall.Puppy Bowl XV is here

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The show will air on Sunday, February 3rd at 3 p.m. EST, following a 2 p.m. pregame. It will also feature three special needs dogs looking to hit the field, including a blind and hearing-impaired lab/chow mix and an Old English sheepdog who is missing a leg.Puppy Bowl XV features special needs dogs

Best, the half-time show is set to feature a performance by Adam Feline of Purrr-oon 5, so you know that’s going to have the tails wagging!