Rocco the Doxie Channels Inner Squirrel, Gets Stuck in Tree Stump

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson
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Maybe he was channeling his inner squirrel, or perhaps he was barking up the wrong tree. Either way, Rocco the Dachshund got stuck in a tree stump and had to be rescued by the fire department.

Apparently it was his barking that first caught the attention of the off-duty Kentucky state troopers. You see Sergeant Michael Williams and Trooper Gerick Sullivan happened to be near a wooded area one afternoon when they heard the distinct sounds of a pooch in distress.

Naturally they went in search but when they entered the forest – nadda! They were truly stumped so they branched out to continue the search.

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The sounds continued until one of them finally twigged and looked down.

Voila! Rocco the dachshund was peeking out from a small opening near the base of the tree looking like a tiny animated knothole. Apparently the adventuresome doxie had wandered down a groundhog hole and come up at the base of the tree. Unable to reverse, he was trapped. Okay, can I just say now that this would never happen to a cat.

It gets better. Without visible limbs to grab hold of, the troopers had no way of extracting the little guy so they decided to bring in the rescue pros – the Salem Fire Department.

Firefighter Daniel Newcomb cut into the tree, allowing wee Rocco to at last be freed and ultimately given back to his thankful owner. Of course the next step was to enlarge the hole because odds are Rocco will return to repeat his most awesome adventure. No word on whether it was a dogwood tree!

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Mary Simpson
Mary Simpson

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