Text A Woof: Dogs Trust Launches First Ever Canine Emojis

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson
Say it with a furry emoji! Dogs Trust releases the first ever dog emoji keyboard, featuring 23 of the most popular breeds in the UK.

It had to happen but I guess I was expecting something like this to emanate from tech-savvy and pet-crazed China or the US. But no, jolly old England is the first to introduce a pooch-faced emoji for dog lovers around the world.

It seems those Brits are a clever lot who not only adore the estimated nine million pooches sharing their homes, but were quick to spot an opportunity to promote pet adoption by jumping on the world’s fasts growing language bandwagon and developing a keyboard that allows the user to insert a dog-face emoji.

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What’s the connection between a key-stroke and pet adoption? The emoji keyboard features 23 of the UK’s most popular breeds and it was developed by the Dogs Trust charity in a bid to highlight the many types of pooches sitting in the organization’s rehoming centers awaiting their forever homes.

From Staffordshire Terriers to Cocker Spaniels to German Shepherds and more, each of the featured emojis represents the image of an actual dog from one of the 20 Dogs Trust Rehoming Centres in the UK and Ireland.

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According to Dogs Trust CEO Adrian Burder, the group is keen to see even more breeds added to the current list of 23. It’s all about celebrating canine diversity and the wonderful varieties of pooches calling the U.K. home. It’s expected that from the added exposure offered through social media, a greater awareness of the need to adopt will naturally emerge.

Dogs Trust Emoji is available to download for free on Apple iOS and Google Android now!

[Source: Dogs Trust]

Mary Simpson
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