Top 10 Awwww-Inducing Cute Dog Names

Amy Tokic
by Amy Tokic

Choosing your dog’s name is one of the most important decisions and that any pawesome parent will ever make. It’s something that you’re going to say every day. It’s something that, to a certain extent, is going to define what people think of your pup before they meet them. So, it’s very important not to take this decision lightly. It’s something that will be a part of your entire life with your doggo, from their fragile fur baby days all the way up to their autumn years as a elderly animal. So, you don’t want to mess this choice up. It’s something that you’ll be living with for many years to come.

Yet, at the same time, naming your delightful doggo should be fun. After all, your puppy is so gosh darn adorable that you will want to do him or her justice by giving the pup an equally sweet name. The only real problem is choosing the perfect name. There are so many amazing options. So many different directions to take. But, there’s really only one question that you should be asking yourself: which one is right for your dog? There are thousands of amazing doggy names out there, but only one that is the perfect pick for your pup. That’s a daunting choice, but we’re here to help. We’ve just made that choice a whole lot easier with the delicious listicle that your eyes are beholding right now.

So without further ado, let’s get down to business. Here’s our list of super cute dog names that will have you squeeing with glee. Gift your pup with one of these names and they are sure to be grateful.

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10. Otto: Not just an irresponsible Simpons bust driver anymore, soon Otto will play a special role in your life. This name conjures up images of a Pug sporting a jaunty cap. We’re not sure why… but it does! Photo credit: existentist

9. Zoey: A literary favourite and the name of everyone’s favorite 2000s It Girl with luscious bangs. This is a pretty name for a pretty dog. Zoey isn’t just for humans who play ukuleles, it’s also an adorable name for your furry princess. (Photo credit: Anneka/Shutterstock)

8. Gizmo: Thanks to the Gremlins, Gizmo has been a staple for cute dog names since the 80s. As long as your dog is fluffy and has a squishy face, Gizmo will be the perfect moniker. Bonus: You can bathe and feed your Gizmo after midnight. That’s a huge plus for 80s-obsessed insomniacs everywhere! (Photo credit: Jagodka/Shutterstock)

7: Peanut: If your dog is small, you may consider the name peanut. Good for a male or female, this nutty name is perfect for purse pooches. It’s a name that conjures up cuteness for reasons that we can’t possibly hope to explain. Sure, it might remind a few people of their deadly allergy, but that’s there problem and not yours! (Photo credit: Jim Larson/Shutterstock)

6: Oscar: Okay, we’re a little biased about this one. After all, that’s what we named our official Dog-in-Residence. This one is perfect for wiener dogs (Oscar Meyers Wieners) and grumpy dogs (Oscar the Grouch). It’s also perfect for any dog who really loves rewarding mediocre movies and hanging out with Billy Crystal (Oscar, the Academy Award).

5. Winston: Inspired by Winston Churchill, Winston is a wonderful name for Bulldogs. With that serious, squishy face, most Bulldogs look like this famous British Prime Minister. If you plan on treating your bulldog with regal respect (and who wouldn’t?!) then naming him after this pudgy and cigar chomping war hero is the way to go! (Photo credit: otsphoto/Shutterstock)

4. Dexter: This name has gained popularity since the serial-killer TV series hit the airwaves. We think that Dexter is a seriously killer cute dog name. Hopefully he’ll turn out closer to the childish animated scientist from Dexter’s Lab than Showtimes favorite psycho! (Photo credit: Lurin/Shutterstock)

3. Bella: She may have been the lead character in the Twilight series, but Bella is a beautiful name for your little girl. Not only that, but your Bella won’t be obsessed with sparkly vampires – she’ll be addicted to tennis balls and chew toys. She also won’t mope around all the time or have an exciting career indie art films. Nope, you’ll have to name your pup Kristen Stewart for that!

2. Thor: Sure, it’s a mighty name, but when you give it to a small dog, it’s freaking adorable. Besides, this macho moniker will say a lot about your dog’s larger-than-life personality. When Halloween comes around, you may even want to consider getting your little Thor a helmet and a hammer. After all, any doggo with this mythical name is guaranteed to be worthy! (Photo credit: AnetaPics/Shutterstock)

1. Bubba: This one just makes us laugh when we hear it at the dog park. Ideal for dogs of any size, Bubba serves up deep-fried and down-home cuteness that absolutely no one will be able to resist. Don’t feed this little guy shrimp though. That would be a mistake, even if the name suggests otherwise! (Photo credit: Sergey Lavrentev/Shutterstock)

So those are our top ten picks for the finest names to bestow upon your pup. Of course, we can’t pretend that this list is definitive. These are just our favorite doggy names. There are so many more out there that might serve your pup just as well. So now we’d like to turn it over to you, dear reader. Do you have any doggy names that make you smile just when you think about them? If that’s the case, you really shouldn’t keep those names to yourself. We’d love to hear all of your favorite cute doggo names. Please leave us your suggestions in the comment section below. You never know, some future reader might be tickled by your suggestion and bestow it for their own fur baby!

Amy Tokic
Amy Tokic

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