Top 10 Best Dog Breeds For Apartments

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10. English Bulldog

This medium-sized dog doesn't like to move around much, so an English Bulldog makes a wonderful dog for an apartment

First up on our list comes the beloved English Bulldog. This medium-sized dog doesn’t like to move around too much, so that obviously makes him an ideal dog for apartment life. Of course, it should go without saying that being a roommate with this doggo implies you’re not bothered by a little extra drool, plenty of snoring, and frequent fart fests. These are just some of the delightful qualities that an English Bulldog provides to any home. Be warned: there’s no escaping those Bulldog butt smells in small space! But even when you take into account their gassiness, English Bulldogs really are an excellent match for apartment dwellers.

If you leave out loud breathing and other “charming” sounds this pooch makes, the English Bulldog is quite quiet. While you might be forced to listen to his snoring, your neighbors won’t be complaining about his incessant barking. Yappiness is thankfully not one of this breed’s traits. This laid back pooch won’t need need a big yard to be happy either. If he could talk, this doggo would tell you that he’d much rather hang out on the couch than march around at the dog park. Plus if you don’t like to move about much, good news! The English Bulldog will happily match your laziness. In fact, he might even top you. Oh sure, he’ll need daily exercise. All dogs do. However, a walk around the block counts as a full on workout for this short-legged pooch.

(Photo credit: Eric Isselee/Shutterstock)