Top 10 Best Indoor Dogs

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10. Havanese

Known for their long coats, the Havanese is an adaptable breed that would rather stay put inside.

“Oh, no, I can’t go outside – the wind might mess up my beautiful hair!” This adorable diva finished off our list of indoor dog breeds. Known for their long silky coats, the Havanese is an adaptable breed that would rather snuggle on a comfy couch than go on a hike. This toy breed is ideal for apartment dwellers both because of their small size -they weigh 7 to 13 pounds on average- and their pawesome personalities. Cuddly and laid back, these pooches are every pet parent’s dream come true!

To boot, The National Dog of Cuba is not a yapper. Sure, they’ll bark same as any other doggo would, but you won’t have any neighbors complaining about your pet being loud. If anything, your Havanese will probably be everybody’s favorite tenant!

These dogs are playful but their exercise requirements can often be met with indoor play. If you throw in a short daily walk, your Havanese will be perfectly content – truly, a top contender in our best indoor dogs top 10!

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(Photo credit: Dorottya Mathe/Shutterstock)