Top 10 Best Indoor Dogs

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7. Dachshund

the Dachshund is perfectly suited to indoor living in a house, apartment or urban dwelling.

The wiener dog is only 8 inches to 9 inches tall- it’s no wonder that these pooches are one of the most popular indoor dog breeds! Don’t let the petite size of the Doxies fool you, though: these dogs have a lively nature and an independent spirit. They were originally bred to hunt badgers, and while their hunting adventures are mostly far behind the breed, the stubbornness and perseverance remain the prominent traits of these canines. Nevertheless, Dachshunds have a sweet nature and respond well to positive reinforcement training, which means that housebreaking them won’t be an ordeal.

Doxies are loyal companions who will love spending time with their owners, whether it’s a cuddle session on the sofa or a game of fetch. Since these little dogs are energetic and playful by nature, they do require a good daily walk. Did you really think that their sausage-shape bod didn’t require hard work? Quite the opposite. A big belly on a doxie will drag on the ground and cause some painful health problems. So you’ll want to keep them well walk and svelte.  However, as long as this need is met, the Dachshund is perfectly suited to indoor living in a house, apartment, or any other urban dwelling.

(Photo credit: Nikolai Tsvetkov/Shutterstock)