Top 10 Cute Dog Halloween Costumes

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There’s something about a dog in a dino costume that just makes you smile. At least when it’s in an adorable herbivore stegosaurus like the Frisco Stegosaurus Dinosaur Costume, that is. No, you won’t shiver and shake at this dino, instead you’ll want to take picture after picture with the soft-hearted stegosaurus and pack in some prehistoric fun as you’re walking up and down the streets.

It comes complete with the tail and scaly-looking fabric that’s easy to put on and take off with neck and tummy straps. If your doggo isn’t into the dino-head hat, they’ll still at least be able to wow with the telltale scutes showing off on his back. No need to go back in time to find the dinosaur age—you’ll have it right in front of you—your own mini Jurassic Park in the making.


For those wonder pooches out there, being a warrior superstar comes naturally. I mean, just get a treat out and you’ll see what’s an Amazon-like dedication! And when your pawesome gal is as fierce and amazing as any superhero, why not show it to the world? This beautifully made Wonder Woman costume is a great choice for doggos whose pawrents are fans of the DC comics and movies, as it is pretty faithful to the original. It comes with an easy to wear dress and a headband tiara to complete the look. Available in 6 different sizes, from small through to 3X. Grab this Rubies Wonder Woman Costume for your superhero pet!