Top 10 Dog Carriers For Fashionable Trekkers

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Top 10 Dog Carriers For Fashionable Trekkers: SleepyPod Mobile Pet Bed

Editor’s Choice: SleepyPod Mobile Pet Bed: You may remember me stealing one of these bad boys from my Top 10 Steals From Global Pet Expo. And really, who can blame me? The SleepyPod Mobile Pet Bed is complete comfort on the go and quite a looker to boot. On the inside, it’s covered with luxurious ultra-plush foam that will make your tiny pupper feel cozy as a royal. On the outside, a removable sturdy mesh top keeps a lid on pets who don’t like to travel and makes sure that your journey is completely safe for your pooch. The Mobile Pet Bed also comes with a sturdy shoulder strap and seat belt handle that’s perfect for any road trip.

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