Top 10 Dog Carriers For Fashionable Trekkers

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Top 10 Dog Carriers For Fashionable Trekkers: Gen7Pets Carry-Me Sleeper Pet Carrier

Gen7Pets Carry-Me Sleeper Pet Carrier: Home is where the heart is… or is that the place where you take naps? Having in mind how much of the day my dog spends snoozing, I’d be willing to bet it’s the latter. With this 2 in 1 pet carrier and bed, however, there’s no need for the distinction: your pooch can snooze wherever he wants, which will definitely make that jet lag less annoying. The sturdy carrier and the on-the-go bed also features side pockets so you can pack some toys for your pampered pooch as well. Home will really be wherever you go, since all the necessities can be packed to get ready for an adventure! Just unzip the side so the cozy fleece bed pops out, hook your pooch to the safety tether and let them play and relax after a fun trip.

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