Top 10 Dog Halloween Costumes

Trick or treat (paws crossed for a treat)! Halloween isn’t just for humans – get your pooch in on the fun with the hottest dog halloween costumes.

I know that dressing up Oscar in a Halloween costume is all for my amusement… but he doesn’t seem to mind (this year, he’s a scary spider!). And I’m not the only one who, once a year, embarrasses their dog by putting him in a totally silly outfit and taking a picture that’s going to be shared by all of their friends on Facebook and Twitter. If you’re planning on getting in on the fun this year, check out my picks for the top halloween dog costumes.

1. Editor’s Pick: Rasta Imposta Unicorn Dog Costume

They do exist! Turn your pooch into the magical mythical creature with some help from Rasta Imposta’s Unicorn Dog Costume. While I don’t guarantee that this horn will grant you long life or awesome powers; however, your dog may bestow many dirty looks your way while donning this outfit.

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2. Runner Up: Adventure Time Finn Dog Costume

It’s always Adventure Time when you’ve got Finn around! That leaves you free to dress up like Jake… which means you’ll be the dog, while your dog dresses up like the human. Perfect for Halloween or your next canine-friendly cosplay meetup.

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3. Best Casual: Hipster Dog Costume

Your dog was wearing this before it was cool. Would your pooch rather be sampling small-batch vegan brews and spending too much money on recycled artisanal knit sweaters? Then he needs to slip into the Hipster Dog Costume. Turn your dog into someone you can’t stand to be around.

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4. Best for Coffee Lovers: Iced Coffee Dog Costume

It’s a refreshing cute dog costume that’s surprisingly low in calories – the Iced Coffee Dog Costume. Trust me – your dog will have a latte fun wearing it (sorry, really bad pun couldn’t be helped). Available in sizes small to X-large, find a beverage that fits your dog without breaking the bank.

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5. Best Extreme: California Costumes Pet Spider Pup Dog Costume Costume

Do you want to scare the bejebus out of your friends and random strangers (although, I don’t know if you can do a better job than this guy did)? If you’re the ultimate Halloween trickster, you’ll surely get a kick out of this spooky costume. This one-of-a-kind spider ensemble is available in four different sizes ranging from x-small to large so dog breeds of all sizes can enjoy scaring humans.

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6. Best Funny: Chick Magnet Pet Costume

Want to pick up the ladies this Halloween? You can lather yourself in Axe Body Spray Dress or, if you don’t want people to gag on your intoxicating scent, you can dress your dog in the Chick Magnet Pet Costume. Yeah – on second thought, toss the spray and stick with the costume.

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7. Best for Royalty: King and Queen of Bones Dog Costumes

Halloween is coming. Get medieval with the King and Queen of Bones Costumes. I know that your dog is already ruling your castle, so these costumes just seal the deal.

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8. Best Cute: Rubie’s Unicorn Cape with Hood and Light-Up Collar

Never has your pet been so darn cute! If you don’t want to force your pup into a full-blown costume, this unicorn-inspired cape is a great choice. It’s easy to throw on your dog, and features a hood so you – or your dog – can choose whether or not the horn makes an appearance. This costume is available in sizes ranging from small all the way up to 3XL.

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9. Also Consider: Sonic the Hedgehog Dog Costume:

Your dog may not be able to reach fantastic speeds, but in this costume, he’ll make a sonic boom! You don’t have to be a gamer to dress your dog in this Sonic the Hedgehog costume – available in sizes small to X-large.

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10. Honorary Mention: Squirrel Dog Costume

Your pooch will go nuts for the Squirrel Dog Costume. Yes, now he can infiltrate the ranks of this furry rodent – after all, one must become a squirrel to understand a squirrel.

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Amy Tokic
Amy Tokic

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