Top 10 Dogs For First-Time Owners

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9. Golden Retriever


There are many reasons why the Golden Retriever is a family favorite.  With his sweet, gentle personality, the Golden Retriever is a crowd-pleaser. He gets along well with everyone and is loyal and dedicated to his family. Eager to please, this breed is easy to train. He’ll happily keep the kids busy, and at the end of the day, nap contentedly at your feet. Before introducing a Golden Retriever into your family, you need to know that these social and friendly dogs prefer being active every day. Also, they like being a part of the family’s activities, and they crave attention. If you are too busy to do those things for your dog, this breed might not be the right fit for you after all. Plus, these dogs thrive on being able to do things to help you, and they like being useful and having tasks to accomplish. This means that you can go ahead and train your Golden Retriever to do things like fetch something for you from across the room. How nice! Basically, if you give them plenty of praise, love, and attention, they will remain calm and content. Just be aware that these pooches also love to chew, so having a variety of chew toys around at all times can help prevent your pet from chewing on things that he shouldn’t. (Photo credit: Christian Mueller/Shutterstock)