Top 10 Spices And Herbs That Are Safe For Dogs

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2. Garlic


While other members of the onion family can be dangerous for dogs, garlic can provide a number of health benefits. For example, garlic is a natural antibiotic that can help boost the immune system without damaging natural gut flora. Garlic also provides antifungal, antiviral, and anti-parasitic benefits. As an added bonus, it may help make your dog less appealing to fleas and ticks! Don’t overdo garlic – it’s all about moderation. Too much garlic can upset your dog’s stomach and reek havoc on your breath. So be careful. (Photo credit: grafvision/Bigstock)

Try this:
Only Natural Garlic and Brewer’s Yeast Chewables: These delicious chewables were formulated by a veterinarian to help keep your pet’s immune system roaring while holistically repelling fleas and ticks. Pests won’t want to be around your dog or cat, but other dogs and cats (and humans) will happily be able to snuggle pest-free.