Top 10 Cool Holiday Gifts For Dogs

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Your dog is your best friend and your furry family member, so it’s only fair that you include them in the festivities, with all the perks that come with it. And yes, that means putting on an ugly Christmas sweater on them too, but that’s not the main part of it. We all know that dogs are on Santa’s nice list by default, so make sure your pet knows it and treat them to something nice for the Holidays. In case you’re lacking ideas what to pamper your pooch with, check out our list of the best Christmas gifts for dogs and pick your fave!

Brilliant Salmon Oil

 Brilliant Salmon Oil is the freshest and only human-grade fish oil available in the pet market, completely free for additives. Brilliant Salmon Oil is a pure, unrefined and gently liberated product derived from fresh Norwegian Atlantic Salmon. Only one ingredient, salmon oil.

Brilliant Salmon Oil delivers the transparency and superior quality that you and your pets deserve.

Created for both dogs and cats, heart-healthy Brilliant Salmon Oil gives pets glossy fur, softer paws, increased energy and enhanced appetite.  Brilliant is all-natural product, with absolutely NO additives, GMOs, or antibiotics. The transparent and UV-protected bottles, available in two sizes (10 oz. and 34 oz), offers an easy to use drip-free pump to give your dogs (and cats too!) the perfect amount every time.

Brilliant Salmon Oil by Hofseth BioCare, is produced in Norway using the purest process possible. Due to the unique patented extraction process – without boiling or pressing the oil – all the natural nutrients in the Atlantic Salmon are preserved. The whole process happening within hours results in the purest and most transparent oil, completely free of additives. Brilliant contributes to shinier coats and softer paws while helping to reduce inflammation and helping to prevent cardiovascular disease.

It’s a gift that will keep giving and giving and giving all year-through.

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Extend your holiday table and include your beloved furry family in all your feasts and holiday celebrations this season with OrgaNOMics™ USA Pet Foods. Proudly made in the USA, OrgaNOMics pet foods are made using fresh organic ingredients daily from a family owned and operated manufacturer in the heartland of America (Chicago, IL).

Most pet owners are aware that a handful of common holiday foods are dangerous to your pets, but holiday dinners and special gatherings bring extra challenges (particularly for those that think your pet deserves their own feast). Unfortunately holiday “scraps” are rich, sweet or fatty and can not only cause GI distress, but can also pose choking hazards and potential organ failure.

Selectively sourcing all their proteins and produce, all OrgaNOMics’ product lines make buying organic affordable!  OrgaNOMics pet foods are grain-free, gluten-free, free from all preservatives and fillers and canned in BPA-free cans which are 100% infinitely recyclable. Made with premium quality meats and produce such as carrots, peas and sweet potatoes, the moisture in this wet food helps promote healthy skin and a lustrous coat.  The brand’s dog food collection features high-quality selections such as: OrgaNOMics Made in the USA Beef and Pork Dinner for Dogs, OrgaNOMics Made in the USA Chicken Dinner for Dogs, OrgaNOMics Made in the USA Lamb and Beef Dinner for Dogs, and OrgaNOMics Made in the USA Salmon and Duck Dinner for Dogs.

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We love our dogs and we want to help make sure they’re healthy and happy. Our four-legged friends use those feet all the time on the ground–coming in contact with who knows what that they then bring into your house. Absorbine® Pet™’s new SaniPet™ Antiseptic Spray has the perfect solution. SaniPet offers a daily use peace of mind solution for pet-parents who regularly take their pet outdoors on a walk, live in urban areas, and interact with pet services like veterinarians, groomers, dog walkers, day cares, etc. – SaniPet is the perfect gift for pet owners AND pet lovers alike. It’s an antiseptic that kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria that pets bring in to your home, and it’s alcohol-free with soothing aloe for their comfort. And, the spray application makes it super easy to use as part of your dog’s regular walking routine. It’s a gift for him and for your home.

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SodaPup Chew Toy For Heavy Chewers

Founder Adam Baker invented SodaPup and its dynamic collections of durable chewers and treat dispensers to help your pup chew safely with his innovative, American made dog toys for power chewers.  SodaPup’s targeted collection of products are manufactured in the USA to ensure they’re the safest for your dogs, and they’re Veteran-owned. They give back to the communities where they do business and they donate products to dog-related charities that include shelters, Humane Societies and to Law Enforcement/Military/Working Dog Organizations through their Rescue2 program.

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Did you know that over half a million dogs each year are estimated to choke on or swallow an object that’s too big for them to digest? In fact, veterinarians everywhere can attest that gastrointestinal distress is the most common reason for emergency vet visits, and even more troubling, bully sticks are often the culprit.  Beware the tail-end of the bully stick!
Dogs and dog owners love bully sticks because they are easy-to-digest, natural, healthy, stimulating and delicious. But as dogs chew the stick down, they increase the risk of choking on the tail end of the treat. If that little nub gets swallowed whole, your dog could choke or develop an intestinal blockage – both of which are serious medical emergencies.  This is not a small risk either – it happens All. The. Time. The Bully Buddy is not just a treat toy, it’s a lifesaver!

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Christmas Gifts for Dogs: Kurgo Dog Jacket

Let your mutt strut this holiday season in a new outfit- with this fashionable winter coat they’ll impress all the bitches in the doggie park. This loft-style vest is reversible, reflective, and adjustable, and has an athletic fit that makes it non-restrictive and comfy to wear. The two-color sides give you versatility and more wear out of the jacket, which can be layered with a sweater if you happen to live in an area with biting cold winters. Kurgo dog jacket ticks all the boxes of every canine fashionista- and it happens to be durable, waterproof, and ideal for holiday adventures in the snow.

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We fell in love with Pupcycle Bags when we met PupCycle’s Head Human Veronica. PupCycle is an un-subscription opportunity…you buy the bags you want (they’re eco-friendly, of course) and then non-toxic, eco-friendly and sustainably made dog toys magically appear on your doorstep whenever you want. Veronica and the gang don’t believe in buying a load of toys your dog won’t ever play with, so they curate to choose toys they know your dog will love and won’t end up filling landfills. But even better, they want pet parents to be mindful of products they give their dogs and to be a force of good. Their canine inspiration, rescued Greyhound Fly, inspired them to donate a portion of each bag to help other shelters, welfare groups and nonprofits rescue and save more dogs, so you really can’t lose by buying your pups these toys. And you’ll be a good hooman at the same time. 

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Sam & Nala  hand-woven masks with matching dog bandanas supporting global artisans. Stay in style and supporting global artisans in Guatemala with Jen Melton the founder of Sam & Nala encouraging you to dress up your dog in a colorful Dog Bandana and select a matching Face Mask for yourself too! Your daily walks will also be supported when you need a pick with a matching patterned Dog Bag Holder. Check out the full collection and beautiful patterns of artisan woven fabrics in great gift ideas for dogs and their parents at their online store.

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Walkee Paws was founded by Lisa Baronoff of New York, with a goal to keep pets clean, safe and healthy, and sharing home sweet home together. Walkee Paws are the world’s first dog leggings and are an innovative way for dog parents to keep their pup’s paws clean and protected.

These leggings are crafted with the softest, stretchiest material for your four-footed friends – and they are both comfortable and durable utilizing four-way stretch fabric and waterproof rubber soles in their design.

Nothing beats their effectiveness at shielding your dog from the elements and preventing the many germs, chemicals, and allergens they pick up from irritating their skin or entering your home.

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When in doubt, go for food–there isn’t a single dog in the world that wouldn’t be thrilled about an edible gift. Well, while this automatic pet feeder isn’t technically edible, it does serve to make sure your pooch doesn’t go hungry when you’re at work, and that’s almost as good as giving your good boy a treat right away. (But just in case, when you unbox their gift, toss in a few treats inside so they could properly test it.) The PetSafe SmartFeed  is well-made, easy to program, and fully automatic. It’s Alexa enabled so you can literally feed your dog from anywhere you have Alexa and you can distribute little snacks too if your dog is eating smaller meals. In fact, you can schedule up to 12 meals a day and it’s top-shelf dishwasher safe. It’s a gift for you both.

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YUM Bar Soaps For Dogs

Indigo Wild’s Y.U.M dog line features Natural Pet Products that will leave your fur baby smelling fresh and clean! The line contains dog soap, wash, mist and more. And, with your purchase of you Zum dog Y.U.M soap bar, they’ll donate $1 to the Kansas City Sheltie Rescue, which helps homeless shelties find loving homes. Your dog will be so happy to help, and smell so good, they’ll love bathtime.

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Your big dog told us that they feel left out when you’re all Christmas PJs and they’re left nekkid. So get them some Christmas PJs from LovinPet and let them join in the fun of holiday cheer. It will make for such fun memories and Insta-worthy photos that the effort of dressing up will definitely pay off. These comfy cotton PJs come in tons of different styles, the most popular Christmas choices being one of many festive color combos, reindeer, or snowflake print.

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Best gifts for dogs include comfy beds

For dogs who like to stretch and sprawl in their sleep, this orthopedic pillow top bed will be a dream come true. Made from orthopedic memoryfoam with a plush sleep surface on top, this dog bed is top of the line- and your dog will love it more than your sofa. Not only that you’ll give your pooch some quality nap time with this gift, but you’ll also be making sure that they’re getting the back and joint support they need. And even better, when it’s time to play, the adorable squeaker toy will be music to their ears. Maybe not yours, but hey, it’s all about your dog!

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