Best Cool Holiday Gifts For Dogs

Amy Tokic
by Amy Tokic

Who’s a good boy? Your pooch, naturally, so make sure there’s something nice waiting for them under the tree–let our list of best holiday gifts for dogs inspire you!

Your dog is your best friend and your furry family member, so it’s only fair that you include them in the festivities, with all the perks that come with it. And yes, that means putting on an ugly Christmas sweater on them too, but that’s not the main part of it. We all know that dogs are on Santa’s nice list by default, so make sure your pet knows it and treat them to something nice for the Holidays. In case you’re lacking ideas what to pamper your pooch with, check out our list of the best Christmas gifts for dogs and pick your fave!

Editor’s Choice: Doggijuana Toys with Juananip "Barkling Whine"

Get your pooch a bottle of their own sparkly they can toast with on New Year’s Eve – in the form of a calm-inducing toy. This wine bottle-shaped dog toy is filled with organic catnip, which has been grown and harvested in the USA. You might have not known this, but catnip has an effect on dogs, too – but unlike cats, they don’t go bananas for it, but rather feel relaxed and utterly calm. Ideal if you have a dog that’s anxious or gets stressed out during the holiday season because of all the noise and commotion! This durable toy is a gift that keeps on giving, as it is fully refillable: you’ll get a vial of organic catnip to get you started, but once it runs out, you can always add more to the pouch inside the toy for long-lasting fun and enjoyment.

Runner Up: Tether Tug Toy

If you have an outdoorsy dog that needs a lot of physical exercise and mental stimulation to burn off their energy and stay happy, you’re probably on the lookout for some engaging, fun toys that will tire them out. Look no more! The Tether Tug is an interactive dog toy designed to provide hours and hours of entertainment – whether your dog likes to pull, tug, spin, or fetch, this innovative toy will do the trick. It is compatible with an assortment of different attachments, too, so you can redesign the experience for your dog if he ever gets tired of the knotted rope toy that dangles from the pole. What’s more, the Tether Tug toy comes in small, medium, or large size to suit dogs of all shapes and breeds, so you can rest assured your pooch will love this one no matter how big or small they are.

Customer’s Choice: Bow Wow Buddy Starter Kit

What better way to keep a dog occupied than with a tasty chew they can gnaw on for hours on end? However, when you give chews such as bully sticks to your pet, there's always the danger of potential choking and other unfortunate scenarios. If you want to get a yummy stocking stuffer for your four-legged bestie, but don’t want to worry about risks, this starter kit will ensure your pet snacks safe. The kit includes a durable, easy-to-use, veterinarian-vetted, device that tightly secures bully sticks, preventing dogs from choking on the tail end of the treat, as well as a pack of the tastiest bully sticks. The dog-approved device is made from tough BPA-free nylon that will stand up well to all that gnawing, whereas the bully sticks are sourced 100% from grass-fed cattle that contain no hormones, chemicals, or other nasty stuff. To make sure all dogs get to enjoy their snacks in peace, this starter kit comes in sizes extra small to extra-extra large.

Best for Active Dogs: Chuckit! Fetch & Fold Launcher

Does your dog like playing fetch? Then they’ll LOVE this Christmas gift. Designed to take a regular game of fetch up a notch, this tennis ball blaster is ideal for young, active dogs that have a lot of energy to spend. Granted, it does require your involvement, but, hey, that way you’ll both get to have fun! This specially designed tennis ball launcher will significantly improve your throwing speed distance and challenge your energetic pooch to run farther and faster than ever before to catch the ball. They get to burn off that extra energy, your arm won’t get tired as fast when you’re throwing, and you’ll both enjoy the game so much more – wins all around.

Best for Foodies: Bocce’s Bakery Treats for Dogs

You’d be hard-pressed to find a dog that won’t be ecstatic about any kind of edible gifts – especially those that are super delicious and can be considered a special kind of treat for the holidays. If your pooch is one of those whose tail starts wagging at the sight of food, these all-natural, baked treats will get them drooling in no time. Made with limited, real ingredients that are good enough to be found in your cookies but safe for dogs to eat, these wheat-free and low-calorie contain no artificial ingredients and taste amazing – according to dogs, that is. There are three festive recipes of these soft biscuits to try out, as a stocking stuffer or a special holiday “dessert” for your four-legged bestie – campfire s’mores, fireside apple pie, and pumpkin spice.

Best for Couch Potatoes: Snoozer Luxury Cozy Cave Pet Bed

Especially fantastic for senior dogs or lazy pooches of all ages, this “cave bed” for dogs is advertised as a bed that feels like a hug for your dog – and boy, is that right. The cuddler or envelope-style design makes sure your pooch is super cozy when napping inside this bed, as it plays to their innate burrowing instinct and makes them feel calm and happy. They will be snoozing “sandwiched” between two layers of sherpa lining, on a soft yet supportive base filled with cedar-poly fill. Built to last, these luxurious beds are made to order in the USA and are actually hand-sewn, so you know that every detail was considered before your dog lies on this bed. To boot, it also comes in 3 sizes (small, large, and extra large) and almost 30 different designs to suit anyone’s preference and match any home decor.

Best for Chewers: BarkBox Dog Ness Monster

We all know (or have) a dog whose toys last mere minutes, or if you’re lucky, the whole afternoon. Overly enthusiastic chewers go through toys pretty fast, which is not only a strain on the budget but can be dangerous for the pooch, as well, if they happen to swallow bits of the toy they chew off. If you have a destructive chewer in your home, this tough, durable toy should make the top of your Christmas shopping list! Thanks to the textured design and mixed rubber and nylon materials, this is one robust toy that’s really difficult to destroy – and perfectly designed for long-lasting gnawing. The different ridges, textures, and shapes will stimulate your pooch and keep them occupied for a long time – giving you some time to catch up on those holiday movies in peace.

Best for Fashionistas: Fitwarm Thermal Knitted Dog Sweater

If you have a dog that likes to get dressed up – or simply needs to wear warm, cozy outfits when the temperatures drop, a pretty but comfy sweater would make a great holiday gift for them. It doesn’t have to be an ugly Christmas sweater, either, if it’s not your jam: this classic, elegant number will make your four-legged bestie look like the dapper dandy they are underneath all that fur. Made from exceptionally soft and warm thermal fabric, this turtleneck sweater will definitely keep your pet toast – while making sure that they look like the trendsetter they are. The sweater comes in 5 modern colors and 6 sizes, from extra small to extra-extra large, but all of them are made to fit small breed dogs of different shapes, so if you have a medium or a large breed dog, this sweater won’t be a match for them.

Best for Four-Legged Divas: Warren London Dog Products Gift Box

Never underestimate the importance of a quality beauty routine for your pooch – they might not need anti-aging face creams and a five-step skincare routine, but they sure do need some pampering every once and a while. And when you want to give your dog a spa-like grooming experience at home, nothing beats this set of beauty products for canines. There are three options available – butter box, pawdicure box, and grooming box – so you can pick according to your pet’s needs. The Butter box contains 2-in-1 dog shampoo and conditioner, exfoliating butter wash, hydrating butter for skin and coat, and butter balm for noses and paws, so it’s ideal for cold weather and sensitive pooches. To keep those claws in check, go for Pawdicure Box which comes with 8 luxury products for trimming nails, cleaning, and hydrating paws, or if you want a universally good fit, pick the Grooming Box – it comes with a nail pen and file, butter conditioner, butter wash, paw wax, dog cologne, ear cleaner, and 2-in-1 dog shampoo and conditioner.

Best for Smartie Pants: SNiFFiz SmellyUFO Durable Interactive Treat Dispensing Puzzle

Keeping an intelligent dog out of trouble can feel like a full-time job – if your pet gets bored, they tend to get into some kind of mischief, and it can be a real headache. That’s why dog puzzles and interactive toys are a literal lifesaver, as they can engage your pet, stimulate them mentally, and keep them occupied and away from destructive ideas such as digging in the garden or chewing shoes. By relying on treats and movements, this treat-dispensing puzzle will entice your pet into play: you put the treats or kibble inside and let their scent prompt your dog into rolling, shoving, and chasing to reach the tasty reward inside (nosework is a great way to mentally stimulate a dog, too). The toy can be adjusted to customize the difficulty level to your pet’s capabilities and it’s made from strong, durable materials, so you don’t have to worry about your pet destroying in the heat of the play.

Best Classic Christmas Gift: Wüfers Dog Advent Calendar

In case you cherish all traditions related to the holiday season and really want to include your pet in all your family’s Christmas customs, you can’t forget about advent calendars. This particular advent calendar, however, doesn’t hide chocolates or small gifts inside – it is made for canines alone, so it is stocked with the yummiest dog treats around! In addition to being delicious, these dog cookies are healthy and made with human-grade ingredients, as well as freshly baked and hand-decorated. The cookies vary in size, flavors, and ingredients, so every dog can find something they like and each day has a different treat to keep them excited – some options include frosting, drizzled, enrobed, and plain yogurt cups, and flavors such as honey, apple, and peanut butter. Yummy!

Best for Puppies: Nocciola Dog Squeaky Toys

You’ve recently welcomed a puppy into your family and want to make their first Christmas with you really special – say no more. These squeaky, plush, cute little toys will make them really excited about the holidays! This particular set includes 12 toys (but you can opt for options with fewer toys included if you prefer), all with a squeaker inside to keep your pooch enticed and entertained. The shapes include fruits, treats, and fun objects puppies usually love to chew on (such as a football and a slipper) and are made from soft cotton material that’s gentle on the gums. Needless to say, though, these plushies are not indestructible, so give them to a puppy only with supervision – you don’t want them ripping into one of these and swallowing the stuffing!

Best for Adventurers: KUDES Dog Sleeping Bag

Does your dog love nothing more than to be a part of your adventures, always exploring the next thing the great outdoors has to offer? Then, make sure they are comfortable and snug as a bug on your next outing with a sleeping bag for dogs that’s a must-have for any camping trip with your pet in tow. It has a polyester outer with soft fleece inner lining, and it’s waterproof, warm, and soft to ensure your pet’s comfort at all times. It’s easy to use, too, as it has a zipper on the tail and one side of the bag, and a drawstring design on the head keeps the dog protected. And to top it all off, it comes with its own carry case – all you have to do is toss it in the car and get ready to go on an adventure!

Honorable Mention: Wobble Wag Giggle Ball

Some toys are just fun whichever way you look at it – whether you have a puppy, a lazy dog, a smart pooch, or an energetic canine, they’ll all love this interactive ball. Why, you might ask? Because it moves and makes sounds and it kind of makes dogs go crazy for it! It doesn’t require batteries as it has an internal tube noisemaker inside of the ball which produces giggle sounds, and it activates whenever the ball is shaken or moved. Your pet will love to carry this giggling gadget around, toss it, and push it with their nose – it might make you crazy though, but they’ll sure have tons of fun with it. And at the end of the day, that’s what matters the most!

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Amy Tokic
Amy Tokic

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