Top 13 Cool Holiday Gifts For Dogs

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Your dog is your best friend and your furry family member, so it’s only fair that you include them in the festivities, with all the perks that come with it. And yes, that means putting on an ugly Christmas sweater on them too, but that’s not the main part of it. We all know that dogs are on Santa’s nice list by default, so make sure your pet knows it and treat them to something nice for the Holidays. In case you’re lacking ideas what to pamper your pooch with, check out our list of the best Christmas gifts for dogs and pick your fave!

Christmas Gifts for Dogs: Nylabone

Give a dog anything bacon flavored and they’ll be impressed with the gift. It’s a no brainer! That’s why this fun chew toy is such a hit with canines of all shapes and sizes: the yummy bacon flavor piques their interest and the ridges and curves of the chew toy keep it going. Suitable even for the most tenacious chewers, Nylabone Double Bone will simultaneously entertain your pooch and keep their teeth sparkly clean and plaque-free. A win-win, really!

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Gifts for Dogs: Belly Bib and Leggings

Keep your dog dry, clean, and looking fly with this waterproof bib and leggings combo from TynkOutdoor Dogswear. Designed to prevent mud, snowballs, splash ups, and dirt from getting stuck to your dog’s belly and legs while you’re out on walks, these waterproof accessories will become an indispensable part of your dog’s winter attire. You can even layer it with your dog’s winter coat to make it instantly waterproof without compromising on warmth or dryness. To make things even more pawesome, both the bib and the leggings are 100% eco-friendly as they are made from recycled plastic bottles. A win for the planet and your pooch both!

Belly Bibs come in 6 sizes and 6 colors and Leggings come in 3 different patterns/colors.

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Christmas Gifts for Dogs: Kurgo Dog Jacket

Let your mutt strut this holiday season in a new outfit- with this fashionable winter coat they’ll impress all the bitches in the doggie park. This loft-style vest is reversible, reflective, and adjustable, and has an athletic fit that makes it non-restrictive and comfy to wear. The two-color sides give you versatility and more wear out of the jacket, which can be layered with a sweater if you happen to live in an area with biting cold winters. Kurgo dog jacket ticks all the boxes of every canine fashionista- and it happens to be durable, waterproof, and ideal for holiday adventures in the snow.

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Christmas Gifts for Dogs: BarkBox

Why settle for one gift when you can pamper your furkid month after month after month? The subscription to BarkBox is a gift that never ends and makes sure your pooch feels like it’s Christmas morning all over again every month when the delivery man rings the door. This customized box of themed toys and treats contains fun goodies for man’s best friend, perfectly tailored for each pooch’s unique needs. 

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Christmas Gifts for Dogs: Aspen Pet Bed

Your pooch will love this self-warming bed that will make him feel cozy and toasty throughout the winter holidays. The Mylar layer inside this faux lambswool pet bed reflects your pet’s own body warmth back to them, creating a heated nest no pooch will want to get out of–OK, maybe they’ll reconsider if you offer a treat bribe or dangle the leash. This bed is also an ideal gift for senior pets as the self-warming technology can help relieve their joint pain symptoms. 

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Kotes By Kobe will keep your dog warm and cozy all winter long

You know how some dogs have so much thick fur you think it’d make a great coat if you could just knit that fur? So did Kobe the Pyr, a Great Pryenees from Australia’s parents! They live in the Blue Mountains in Australia, and they realized that Kobe’s fur would make great clothing for other pups who weren’t blessed with such thick fur during the cold. Thus, Kotes by Kobe was born, and these beautiful dog clothing items and accessories are made out of recycled dog fur and fibers! They keep your doggo super warm (and even you, as they offer Kompanion Kotes of matching gear for hoomans) and they are lined with blends of dog fur, merino and corriedale wool. They’re adjustable for the perfect fit, and even better, every purchase of a Kote by Kobe goes to help dog charities and raise awareness for rescue pups. Warmth for a doggo’s body and soul. Yes, please!

Christmas Gifts for Dogs: HoneyGuaridan A36

When in doubt, go for food–there isn’t a single dog in the world that wouldn’t be thrilled about an edible gift. Well, while this automatic pet feeder isn’t technically edible, it does serve to make sure your pooch doesn’t go hungry when you’re at work, and that’s almost as good as giving your good boy a treat right away. (But just in case, when you unbox their gift, toss in a few treats inside so they could properly test it.) HoneyGuaridan A36 is well-made, easy to program, and fully automatic, and it is ideal for dogs who are on a strict diet with multiple meals each day, or pets whose pawrents work long hours.

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Christmas Gifts for Dogs: Chuckit!

Let’s play fetch! Up your game with this well-loved ball thrower that will launch those tennis balls all across the park and give your energetic pup a real challenge and a healthy workout. Dogs who love to chase balls (AKA all of ‘em) will go crazy for what Chuckit! can do, and you’ll probably just be thrilled by the fact that your arm won’t fall off from trying to toss the ball farther away. Oh, and did I mention that Chuckit! has a hands-free pickup? You’re welcome!

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Christmas Gifts for Dogs: PAW5

Engage your dog’s sense of scent and put that sniffer to work- this interactive toy will give your pet a much-needed enrichment and mental stimulation. The best part is, they will have all the motivation in the world to get to sniffing, as the key to PAW5: Wooly Snuffle Mat is that you have to toss treats in and let your doggo go on a hunt. While this snuggle mat works great to support your dog’s natural foraging skills, it is also a great way to feed greedy and fast eaters–they’ll have to put in some effort before getting to the kibble.

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Christmas Gifts for Dogs: Wobble Wag Giggle Ball

Whether you have a puppy or a four-legged senior in his golden years, you can’t go wrong with this toy- it’s a multigenerational favorite! Designed to keep your doggo entertained and engaged for hours on end, this ball needs just a nudge of your pet’s nose to go wobbling around, producing enticing giggle sounds as they toss it around the room. Sure, you might go crazy with the sound of it, but seeing your pooch’s wagging tail and happy face will make it worth it in the end.

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Christmas Gifts for Dogs: Dog PJs

This Christmas morning, rock matching PJs with your four-legged family member. It will make for such fun memories and Insta-worthy photos that the effort of dressing up will definitely pay off. These comfy cotton PJs come in tons of different styles, the most popular Christmas choices being one of many festive color combos, reindeer, or snowflake print.

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Christmas Gifts for Dogs: Harmony

For dogs who like to stretch and sprawl in their sleep, this orthopedic pillow top bed will be a dream come true. Made from orthopedic foam with a plush sleep surface on top, this dog bed is top of the line- and your dog will love it more than your sofa. Not only that you’ll give your pooch some quality nap time with this gift, but you’ll also be making sure that they’re getting the back and joint support they need. 

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