Upsidedown Dog Who Sparked Debate Gets To Stay Where He Belongs

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
One dog’s rescue picture set the Internet ablaze in a debate over breed restrictions, but justice prevailed and Diggy made a big difference!

When Waterford Township, Michigan resident Dan Tillery adopted his adorable dog Diggy, he was so excited to share the cutest smile ever! He took a great shot, showing the happiness that Diggy (originally called Sir Wiggleton) obviously felt and didn’t think twice about it.

Unfortunately, not everyone was as enamored with the adorable Diggy’s mug and many were not happy because they thought Diggy violated the Township’s breed-restriction ordinance against Pit Bulls. The rescue organization that helped rehome Diggy had clearly done all the work necessary to prove Diggy was NOT a Pit Bull, but an American Bulldog, but still?

The township decided that they wanted Diggy to go, and tried to have him legally evicted.

We know, we can’t even believe that either!

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Residents of the township took their complaints to the local law enforcement with complaints that Tillery was violating the townships Breed Specific Legislature (BSL) and a police officer went to the home and did indeed *identify* Diggy as a Pit Bull. Tillery, who told supporters via social media that he didn’t like controversy, sadly agreed to let Diggy go back to the rescue and avoid conflict within his township.

That didn’t sit well with the hundreds, then thousands who adored Diggy’s cheery disposition and Tillery’s obvious heartache over having to give him back. Supporters encouraged Tillery to fight the ordinance, as the town itself even registered Diggy as an American Bulldog, and so Diggy’s daddy decided to fight for his boy!

Tillery consulted with and got the verification from two local veterinarians that verified Diggy was indeed an American Bulldog. Over 111,000 supporters wrote the township and commented on social media and supported the efforts to keep the new family together.

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This Tuesday, the court was in Diggy’s favor, as chief judge of the 51st District Court, Judge Richard Kuhn Jr., agreed with the consultations of all the professionals confirming Diggy’s heritage and dismissed the ordination violation against Tillery–enabling Diggy to truly and finally belong to his furever home. Tillery, who lives with his girlfriend said he was happy the issue was resolved and that Diggy could stay. He was thankful for the positive support and encouragement, but he and his girlfriend truly were afraid that the township would take their sweet boy away.

Thankfully, that did NOT happen, and Tillery took to social media again, thanking his supporters for all the help and expressing his gratitude that his good boy was safe.


Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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