Woman Covertly Smuggles Dog Into Hospital to See Sick Grandmother

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
A young woman swaddled her dog to look like a baby in order to cheer up her hospitalized grandmother, and the pics have gone viral!

Shelby Hennick and her grandmother are close. She and her grandmother only live 20 minutes apart in Santa Maria, California, and Shelby visits both her grandparents and her grandmother’s 13-year-old dog, Patsy, often.

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However, Shelby’s grandmother was recently paralyzed due to a poor medication reaction, and she wound up in the hospital after a fall. Shelby says her grandmother fell often, sadly, and the latest trip to the hospital had her so down, because she missed her husband and beloved Patsy.

Patsy had been in her grandmother’s care since she was just a bottle-fed puppy only weeks old. They adored each other, but as in the case of most hospitals, dogs were simply not allowed. Knowing a visit from Patsy would be just what the doctor ordered (sort of), she figured she could get the pooch in via an undercover disguise. She swaddled Patsy like a baby, saying that the hospital staff had gotten to know them well enough to just wave them on by.

Patsy was as quiet as a mouse, snuggled by Shelby’s chest… although one of the nurses suspected something was a bit fishy, she turned the other way and Shelby was able to get the visit in. The pictures posted on her Twitter account nearly broke the Internet as people were so thrilled to see that Shelby had pulled it off and how happy her grandmother and Patsy were to see each other.

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Shelby is a vet technician, and no stranger to the power of healing and goodwill animals can bring. Overall, she says the risk was worth it, knowing the visit made her grandma’s day! It sure made the day of over 10 million people who saw and share these pictures.

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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