It’s National Drink Wine With Your Cat Week and the Drinks Are On!

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
There’s a national day/week/month for just about everything these days, but we have to say we’ve found one of our favorites: National Drink Wine With Your Cat Week!

Yes, that’s right…February 18 was National Drink Wine Day, and today is National Love Your Pet Day (as if that’s not every day, harrumph!) and so, cat lovers across the country have wondered why it just wasn’t a combined week. The folks at Offers.Com and PetWinery thought that sounded fabulous and thus–National Drink Wine With Your Cat Week was on!

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This ‘holiday’ week is a combined campaign from and, who are offering specials for wine lovers and cat lovers, as well as wine and cat lovers! They’re making it easy to buy some vino for yourself and a little sumthin’ sumthin’ for the kitteh too.

The ‘cat wine’ is actually not wine, of course. Giving your cat alcohol would be cray cray. But…if you want your cat to go crazy, she’ll love some of the offerings that are made of fish oil, water and catnip.

This ‘holiday’ is through Friday, as are the specials the websites are offering, and we have to say that if your cat hasn’t had a little Cat-Tini, we’re not really sure you love her. Made with organic valerian root, it’s made for cats with discerning noses, and for whom regular old catnip won’t do. Yeah, essentially it’s a Diva drink, but hey, do you want to drink alone or with your cat?

Yeah, we thought so. But take note, PetWinery’s CatWine and Champagne have salmon oil that will help give your cat healthy skin and a healthy immune system, as well as boosting her cardiovascular health. In essence, drinking with and for your cat is good for your cat’s health!

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Okay. So perhaps that is some enabling. It’s a made-up holiday, for crying out loud, so we feel the occasion may call for some enabling, and we won’t tell.

So go, check out some drinks for your pretty kitty. Just don’t go drunk-dialing any ex-dog friends!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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