Global Pet Expo 2018: Top 10 Products For Crunchy Pet Parents

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis

Global Pet Expo is full of products for the pet parent who wants the best natural and organic products for their furry family members. Here are some of our favorites.

I’m a ‘crunchy’ mother. And a ‘crunchy’ pet parent. That means that I like organic, holistic, natural products for my family–which includes my dog. The Global Pet Expo has a huge natural section and every year, it seems like it keeps growing and growing. I’ve found tons of people who are passionate about the best products for pets, and who have created some amazing natural, organic and/or holistic products the ‘crunchy’ pet parent will love!

1. Gentle Friends Pet Products.

Gentle Friends is a new line of USDA certified organic and natural pet care and grooming products that stemmed from a popular organic diaper cream company that branched out to take care of furry family members. They are veterinarian approved, vegan and made in small-batches made in the United States. They are also certified by Leaping Bunny as cruelty-free, and their grooming products smell amazing! They have shampoos (dry and wet) and conditioner, wound wash, ear oil and deodorizer and coming soon, they’ll have a wound powder, a wound balm and insect repellant!

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2. PrimalVore Bone Broth. I make bone broth for my family, dogs included. The benefits are many, and I love giving it to them to help keep them healthy and particularly improve their gut health. Which is why I love Primalvore’s Holistic Canine Bone Broth! It’s made with three ingredients: organic bone broth, collagen peptides and organic turmeric (great for anti-inflammatory properties!). The best part? The shelf-stability of the bone broth is 18-months, unopened, and so it can be there at the ready whenever your dog needs an immunity boost. Dogs will love it and not even know it’s great for them.

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3. Hungry Hound CBD Breath Spray.

Holy Peppermint, we love this spray! Calm CBD Peppermint breath spray will give your dogs the freshest breath and calm their nerves and anxiousness at the same time! The nano-amplified cannabinoids are from non-GMO hemp, and hemp oil has been linked with lifespan prolongings and overall health of your pet. For dogs and cats who suffer from aggression disorders, nosie fears, dementia and/or the urge to spray or mark, this spray will be a game-changer and give them fresh breath too. It’s 100% cruelty-free, non-GMO and organic and we love it.

4. Pet / TAO Holistic Supplements.

These supplements are made to help issues pet parents have with their dogs using holistic ingredients. They have a formula to soothe bladder issues, one to give support to gastrointestinal issues, one to help drive pain of minor aches and discomfort out, one to boost the immune system and one to strengthen joint health. Using powerful combinations of herbs and homeopathic medicines to treat common issues in our pets, these new supplements do not require a prescription. Created by veterinarians who have extensively studied holistic veterinary care.

5. Spina Organics.

Celebrity hairdresser Mauro Spina has created a groundbreaking new grooming system that uses plant-based formulas. He was inspired to do so because of his dog Tina’s skin issues and his new line combines oils for natural hair cleaning with other botannicals for an organic line. The line has five shampoos featured: tear-free, deep-cleansing, anti-itch, hydrating and a black & grey coat wash that uses charcoal and bamboo to enhance the shine of dogs with black coats. Free of harmful chemicals that could irritate a pup’s skin, and they smell fantastic.

6. Ruff On Bugs Flea And Tick Spray.

Ruff on Bugs is the first and only 100% organic, non-GMO flea and tick repellent created by Terri See. See created Mighty No Bitey, an organic tick and mosquito repellent for people and then branched out to our furry family members. There are no chemicals and See formulated it with a holistic veterinarian who made sure it was effective and safe. See says that she doesn’t want dogs to suffer from bites from fleas, ticks or mosquitoes, but she also didn’t want to put spot-on treatments and pills that carried their own risks. Ruff on Bugs has a four-year shelf life and one application will last your dog for a full day.

7. Holistic Hound CBD/Mushroom Supplement.

Heidi Hill started Holistic Hound in 2003, inspired by her then two-year-old dog Pearl. She says her passions are animals and she knew that CBD and medicinal mushrooms could make a difference in the life of pets everywhere. Heidi gave CBD treats to Pearl in the last year of her life, helping her enjoy reduced pain, and together with veterinarians, created supplements that combine the benefits of CBD and medicinal mushrooms for chemical-free pain relief.

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8. Skout’s Honor Probiotic Skincare.

This line of probiotic skincare is designed to help support the natural defenses of your pet against hot spots, odor, itching and shedding. Skin holds trillions of bacteria; the good bacteria are a first line of defense against environmental assaults that lead to itching, dryness, odor and infection. Probiotics on the skin make bad bacteria have a harder time taking over, and allow the good bacteria to grow abundantly. This skincare line combines topical products and probiotics to bring healthy and happy skin to your dog!

9. Open Farms Organic Grass-fed Organic Kefir Topper.

Open Farm is a family business out of Toronto, Canada, whose mission is to work to make a positive change in the pet industry while creating highly nutritious pet foods. They’ve added to their line with this Organic Grass-fed kefir to top dogs’ meals. Kefir can help with a myriad of pet issues like alleriges, digestive issues and gas and can also help balance yeast for itchy ears and paws. We love this company’s commitment to an environmentally sustainable and responsible problem.

Missing Link Dental Chews.

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