Ex-Banker Banned From United States Forever For Animal Cruelty

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
A judge in Manhattan has essentially banned an ex-banker from the United States because of his conviction for animal cruelty in a situation the man claims he was defending himself in.

Talk about hardcore! An ex-financier from China, Zheheng Feng will have to return to China and not be allowed to return to the United States because of his animal cruelty conviction that stemmed from an altercation he said he was defending himself in.

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More, the conviction requires him to have no contact with animals, including his new wife’s French bulldog, who has an order of protection!

In May, Feng was ordered to stay away from his then-girlfriend’s dog Bucuo as the result of his pleading guilty to aggravated animal cruelty. He fatally stabbed his now-wife’s Goldendoodle and tossed the dog in the trash, saying that the dog had scratched him to the point he was defending himself when he killed it.

Because of the protective order against him, barring him from any contact with companion animals or pets, they’ve had to make other arrangements for Bucuo’s care.

Additionally, Feng will have to be a registered animal-abuser for ten years, and he cannot own any animal as a pet. Part of the plea will include 30 days of jail, with an actual serve-time of 14 days.

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Here’s the kicker though. Because he pled guilty to the crime while he was in the United States on a work visa, he will automatically be deported back to China and will not be allowed to return to the United States again. Ever. His wife will return with him.

Manhattan judge Laura Ward said that though he volunteered at an animal shelter over the summer as penance for his crime, it wasn’t enough and she felt that he needed jail time to show him how serious she believed the crime was. She made it clear that though he’d spent years in the U.S. getting an education and working in the banking sector, his behavior toward his wife’s dog was heinous enough that she believed he didn’t ever need to return to the United States again.

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