UK Government Officials Ban Electric Collars for Pets

The new law that will make the use of electric shock collars illegal was welcomed by vets, animal lovers and pet parents across the country.

UK Vets Warn Against Owning Flat-Faced Breeds

Pugs and other flat-faced breeds are a popular pet choice. But the British Veterinary Association is urging caution to those considering this type of dog.

Woman Earns Sick Pay While Caring For Her Ill Dog in Landmark Italian

An Italian court awarded a woman sick pay for time she took off to care for her dog, with the judge deeming the care as 'serious personal reasons.'

Olé To Madrid – Now An Official No-Kill City!

Madrid passes a law protecting down and out dogs and cats – it’s now illegal to euthanize stray or abandoned animals. In a ground breaking decisi…

Doctors Say Pet Abuse Should Raise Red Flags About Domestic Violence

The AAP and the AVMA encourage their members to watch for indicators of child or domestic abuse by watching for and investigating harm done to family pets.

Can You Leave Your Estate to Your Dog?

Do you have a will? And for dog parents, you have some decisions to make about how your pooch will be taken care of in the event of your death.

Historic Bill Banning Puppy Mill Pet Store Sales in Hands of Californi

Legislation that will ban the pet store sale of all dogs, cats, and rabbits from commercial breeding facilities waits for governor's signature.

California Passes Law That Allows Dogs To Dine On Restaurant Patios

Take your dog on a dinner date – new law lets your dog dine with you It’s a great day for Californian foodies who want to bring their dogs out to…

Police Dog’s Heroic Sacrifice The Inspiration Behind Aron’s Law

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes, and in Tennessee that includes four legs and a wagging tail. State Rep Jeremy Durham agrees and will be pushing the st…

Pet Nup Provides Security For Pets In Times Of Divorce

Have a pet nuptial plan in place for your pooch if things don’t work out Divorce sucks for everyone involved… unless of course, you’re a l…

U.S. Representatives Pass Bill To Ban Killing Dogs And Cats For Food

The United States House of Representatives has passed a bill that outlaws the killing of dogs and cats for food, though the practice is still legal in 44 sta…

Newly Adopted Dog May Lose Forever Home Because of His Looks

Exiling a dog from it's owner solely based on looks? Sounds to us like Waterford Township officials have some explaining to do.

New Ohio Laws Fine Drivers With Distracting Dogs

We all know driving while distracted is dangerous, but have you ever thought about distraction from your pets while driving? One town in Ohio has, and now ha…

How YOU Can Help Save Montreal’s Pitbulls

If you're as mad as hell about Montreal's horrible Pitbull ban, you can do something about it. Here are a few ways you can help get the ban repealed.

ASPCA Wants You to #GetTough on Dog Fighting

It's time to #GetTough on dog fighting. Raise your voice on social media during National Dog Fighting Awareness Day on April 8 with the ASPCA.

Montreal Ban Against Pitbulls Passed – And We’re Not Surprised

Montreal's breed ban has many outraged. Shocking, yes... but this comes as no surprise to those who know Quebec's blase attitude toward animal welfare.

Congress Passes Laws To Fully Prohibit Eating Dog and Cat Meat

You might not think America’s Farm Bill would necessarily mean anything to pets/companion animals, but Congress’s latest passing has given animal…

City Of Mississauga Passes Milestone Ban On Outdoor Confinement For Pe

With the new bylaw in place, owners will no longer be allowed to leave dogs outside for extended periods of time. Dogs in Mississauga, Ontario, just let out…

Britain Passes New Dog Microchipping Law

Britain has decided to make microchipping mandatory for all pets by April 2016 in the hopes of returning lost dogs to its owners.

New Jersey Bill Will Require Dog Trainers To Be State-Licensed

There’s a new bill in front of New Jersey lawmakers, and if passed, would make New Jersey the first state in the country to require dog trainers to be…

California’s New Law Bans Pet Stores From Selling Non-Rescue Pets

New laws across America affecting animals and animal welfare go into effect with California being the first state in the country to mandate pet stores only s…

Padi Saved From Death Row, Florida Dog Bite Law Declared Unconstitutio

It started when a vet's dog nipped a child in an office waiting room. But there's a happy ending, complete with a closer look at an unconstitutional law.