Labrador Retriever Named Most Popular Breed for 26th Consecutive Year

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson
The American Kennel Club (AKC) announced to pet owners across the nation, something many of us have known all along; Labrador Retrievers rule.

Literally. The gentle family pooch is officially the most popular breed in America for a record-breaking 26th consecutive year.

AKC cites the Lab’s eager to please, family-friendly personality, intelligence, ability to do well in sports, and excellence in the role of service dog or K-9 partner as just a few of the reasons this winning pooch has yet again taken the number one spot on their list of Top 10 Most Popular Breeds in the US.

But while the loveable Lab’s steely grip on the coveted title seems unyielding, there are others who may be nipping at his heels in future. According to AKC Vice President Gina DiNardo we should keep our eyes on the Rottweiler who has been “quietly winning hearts over the past decade”.

The loving and confident Rottie has risen nine spots over the past 10 years and for 2016 placed eighth on the Top 10 Most Popular Breeds list.

Retaining their second- and third-place titles are the German Shepherd Dog and Golden retriever respectively. How did your fave breed score in the eyes of the AKC’s discerning panel of judges? Check out the entire list of winners on the AKC site.

Below are the 2016 Top 10 Most Popular Breeds in the US along with the (2015) winning breeds.

2016 (2015)

  1. Labrador retriever (Labrador retriever)
  2. German Shepherd dog (German Shepherd dog)
  3. Golden Retriever (Golden retriever)
  4. Bulldog (Bulldog)
  5. Beagle (Beagle)
  6. French Bulldog (French Bulldog)
  7. Poodle (Yorkshire Terrier)
  8. Rottweiler (Poodle)
  9. Yorkshire Terrier (Rottweiler)
  10. Boxer (Boxer)
Mary Simpson
Mary Simpson

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