Nestle’s Purina PetCare To Enter Booming Indian Pet Product Market

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
Recognizing the pet industry is a booming business, Nestle is bringing Purina PetCare to India, hoping to tap into the ever-growing pet population boom in Asia.

India has the third-largest economy in Asia, and the pet industry is growing exponentially. So much so that Nestle S.A., the parent company of Purina, has taken notice and is setting up Purina PetCare in the country. Purina PetCare will be the first company Nestle has set up as a separate company in the country in over 100 years. The pet food business will start by selling premium dog food branded as Supercoat.

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Purina PetCare says that the increasing base of information about how to best care for pets is coming through loud and clear via the digital world, and as more pet owners learn and understand what’s best for the company, they want to meet pet needs.

In the next five years, experts project that the pet ownership in India will double to nearly 40 million pets, particularly as more households begin urbanizing and are able to afford better pet care. While the pet food business is still small, it’s growing, and so is the focus on better pet nutrition and health care.

Economists report that premium brands of foods are gaining loyal customer bases, regardless of price points, and these bases have the financial ability to support their desires.

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Purina PetCare will now join the market as a competitor for market dominators Royal Canin and Mars, Inc., the seller of the highly popular Pedigree brand of food in India. While those companies largely operate through online sales and boutique stores, in 2015, Mars said that it was launching a new brand and adding more cities for its retail sales.

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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