SoCal Corgis Run Their Little Legs Off In First Annual Nationals [Vide

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
The first annual SoCal Corgi Nationals took place at Santa Anita Horse Racetrack and who knew those little legs could move so fast?

While they may be known as the breed best preferred by royalty, Corgis are beloved by many commoners as well! A group of Corgi athletes gathered this weekend at the Santa Anita Horse Racetrack in California, and made history in the first annual SoCal Corgi Nationals.

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Yes, yes…CORGI Nationals. We all know the dogs with the long legs can run like…well, race hounds.

But it’s the delightful corgi we couldn’t get enough of, nor could any of the spectators who came to cheer the little speedsters on! Members and friends of SoCal Corgi Nation put word about the event, which was sponsored by Memory Plush out, and they were not the least bit surprised at the turnout!

Benji takes home the crown in the costume contest with his amazing balloon outfit! What an amazing turnout by all of the contestants who strutted their momos down the lawn! @santaanitapark sofinstagram life

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The event’s racing spots for participants was sold out in minutes (because clearly, all the under-recognized elite Corgi athletes were coming to win!) and there was even a VIP experience that included a betting voucher and racing program. I mean, it is a race park, and even if some of the contestants had to be bribed to the finish lines with hot dogs and treats, they could still be wagered upon!

Group photos in the winner’s circle at the Corgi Nationals final race – what a lovely bunch of pups! See you all June 23 for the next Corgi Beach Day and follow us to get the scoop on all future corgi events! nationals @santaanitapark

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The corgis all looked dashing as they bounded down the field, but as in every race, there can only be one winner. Roi was the winner, but as you can see, he was in good company.

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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