IKEA Doggy Parking Bays A BÄD Storage Solution

Why does IKEA need places for customers to "park" their dogs while they shop? We can't be the only ones who think that this idea is missing a few screws.

We Have the Finalists of the 2017 American Humane Hero Dog Awards!

These brave dogs have been voted as this year's doggy heroes for these prestigious awards. Now's your chance to pick the overall 2017 winner!

Experts Say Canine Influenza Has Spread to Infect Cats

It's made the jump! Despite the virus being called canine influenza, experts have confirmed the virus has also been found in a group of felines.

Heroic German Shepherd Saves Platoon in Iraq

Military dogs do more than sniff out bombs on the front lines. ISIS terrorists were sent running when a fearless military dog protected his entire platoon.

Upsidedown Dog Who Sparked Debate Gets To Stay Where He Belongs

One dog's rescue picture set the Internet ablaze in a debate over breed restrictions, but justice prevailed and Diggy made a big difference!

Truck Carrying Dog Food Overturns On Highway; Bad Dogs Suspected

A truck carrying 45,000 lb of dog food overturned, dumping kibble all over the interstate in Asheville, North Carolina. Dog foul play is suspected (by us!).

Lady Gaga’s New Clothing Line Is Designed For Your Little Monster

From the stage to the red carpet, singer and actor Lady Gaga is setting her sights on fashion with a new clothing line for dogs. These days Lady Gaga is addi…

Delta Airlines Introduces Stricter Guidelines for In-Flight Service An

Delta Airlines has released new guidelines for service and support animals to fly, requiring owners to show proof of health and/or vaccinations.

Breaking News: Worldwise And Quaker Pet Group Merge In Pet Product Cou

It seems like 2014/2015 is the year of the pet product merger! The latest company to jump on the bandwagon is Worldwise – they are merging Quaker Pet G…

Study: Dogs Have Adapted Their Genes To Evolve With Humans

Scientists in China have discovered evidence that suggests dogs and humans have more in common than may have been previously known.

Could Studying Canines Help People Lose Weight?

According to a new study, the behavior and responses of overweight dogs and humans are strikingly similar, which paves the road for further studies.

Dogs Now Allowed To Come Onboard Amtrak Trains

Amtrak is on the right track! The national rail company now allows small pets on the train - but it's only for a limited time and applies to certain lines.

Squee Alert: Boxer Adopts Adorbs Baby Bird

A little bird told me that she has a new daddy! Pup becomes a dogfather after finding a baby bird and adopting it as his own.

Search and Rescue Dogs Saving Lives After Earthquake in Italy

These brave search and rescue dogs are going above the call of duty by helping in the aftermath of the big earthquake in Italy.

Innovative DNA Testing Results In More Big Dogs Adopted

Using DNA testing increases the rate of big dog adoptions at a Florida pet adoption center. Find out why DNA testing could be the next nationwide trend.

Humane Society Releases ‘Horrible Hundred’ Puppy Mill List

The HSUS has released its 'Horrible Hundred' Puppy Mills list, with the bulk of the country's worst puppy mills being in Missouri, Ohio and Iowa.

Meet Faber, San Francisco’s First Courthouse Therapy Dog

What a great idea! We think this program should be instituted everywhere. We all know there’s nothing like the love of a dog to help soothe the stress…

Gus Kenworthy Reunited With Gold Medal South Korean Rescue Dog

Oh, happy day! Olympic skier Gus Kenworthy has been reunited with the dog he rescued from a dog meat farm in South Korea.

New Hope for Children With Epilepsy Thanks to Miniature Dachshunds

A collaboration between miniature wirehaired dachshunds and scientists has advanced research into a rare and deadly form of epilepsy in children and dogs.

Airline Loses Family’s Emotional Support Dog

The family's emotional support dog, a labradoodle named Logan, has been missing since the airline company failed to board him on his flight.

Awesome Perks of The Dog Cafe Include Coffee and Adoptable Canines

This Los Angeles cafe is unlike most other coffee joints. Sip your latte and pet a pooch... and if your coffee date goes well, you can adopt that dog!

Researchers Say DNA Testing In Pedigree Dogs Not Enough

Research out of the UK shows that a single genetic test may not be enough to improve the health of pedigree dog breed lines. For Harry Potter fans, we know i…

Study: Millennials Make Up a Quarter of All Pet Owners

Forget human babies - it's all about fur babies! The next generation is all about pets, and their spending habits prove it.

Purina Issues Limited Recall on Purina ONE BeyOnd White Meat Chicken &

Purina has issued a limited recall on Purina ONE beyOnd Our White Meat Chicken & Whole Barley Recipe Adult Dry Dog Food due to a salmonella risk. This recall…

Golden Retriever Showers New York With Handshakes and Hugs

A Golden Retriever named Loubie is making the streets of New York City a little happier, giving humans hugs and leaving them with big smiles on their faces.

Baron Von Furrypants & Leonardo DiCatprio Among Top 10 Wackiest P

Get down from there, Sir Theodorable Purrsalot! If you're looking for a name that stands out from the pet crowd, consider one of these wacky monikers.

New Jersey Pooch Palace On Sale For $14.9 Million

Got an extra million dollars (or 14.9, to be exact) to throw around and a huge dog lover? There's a castle in New Jersey with your name all over it!

Labrador Retriever Named Most Popular Breed for 26th Consecutive Year

The American Kennel Club (AKC) announced to pet owners across the nation, something many of us have known all along; Labrador Retrievers rule.

Lawsuit Filed Against Purina Alleges Potentially Toxic Pet Food

The lawsuit against Purina claims that thousands of dogs have been sickened or died from eating Beneful dog food. The heartbreak that accompanies the sudden…

Tragedy Turns To Triumph For Dog Attack Victim And Abused Dog In “S

Ready to be inspired? Watch the moving film of one woman's (and one adorable dog's) effort to make the world a better place and shed light on animal abuse.

Students Can Now De-Stress at Brilliant MIT Puppy Lab

With May being National Mental Health Awareness Month, the MIT Puppy Lab program is right on schedule to relieve high levels of student stress.

The Barking Garage Parks Your Dog While You Shop

It's hard to believe that people leave their dogs in cars while they shop. The Barking Garage has a solution - a mobile, air-conditioned trailer for dogs!

Special Delivery: Active Duty Military Dog Teams To Receive Care Packa

The American Humane Association and Military Working Dog Team Support Association team up to send much-needed care packages to active military dog teams.

Virginia-Based Rescue Saves Over 300 Virgin Island Pets Affected by Hu

The Virgin Islands have taken a hit with Hurricanes Irma and Maria. A Virginia-based rescue is trying to bring displaced island animals to safety.

Study: Discovery Made to Genetic Link in Dog Disc Disease

Disc disease, known as chondrodystrophy, in some breeds is a common cause of back pain and paralysis. New research now may change that understanding.

Does Pet Food Line Owned By Chocolate Company Have Solution For Fat Pe

Just like us humans, our pets are becoming obese. What can you do to help your pet stay at a healthy weight? Schedule a pet play date, says Mars Petcare.

Researchers Discover Gene Associated With Acute Respiratory Distress S

Researchers have uncovered a genetic lung tissue disorder in Dalmatians that is the likely cause of acute respiratory distress syndrome in dogs.

Plato Pet Treats’ “Plato Wags Back” Program Supports Veterans An

Buy some tasty treats and like a Facebook page – both help to raise money for homeless dogs and support assistance animals for wounded combat veterans.…

The Ark: JKF’s Massive, Animals-Only Terminal To Open In 2016

Pets and animals will get first-class treatment at The Ark airport terminal, complete with private kennels, an aviary and a veterinarian Ready for takeoff? I…

Kids Invited to Enter TurfMutt’s “Be a Backyard Superhero” Conte

Schoolyards are an important place for kids to blow off steam - just like dogs need backyards. Students can win $5,000 to improve their green spaces.

2014 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show Awards Best In Show To Wire Fox

It’s the end of the another Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show (there’s been 138 of them to be exact), and the 2014 Best In Show Trophy was awarded…

Clear The Shelters Finds Furever Families For Over 70,000 Homeless Pet

NBC/Telemundo's annual "Clear The Shelters" initiative recently wrapped up, resulting in over 70,000 homeless pets gaining new furever families.

U.S. Military Service Member Faces Hefty Fare To Bring Dog Home

A U.S. military service-member is looking at spending $31,000 to bring her dog to a new duty station, as United halts its PetSafe Transport Program.

Study: U.S. Pets Are Heavier Than Ever

U.S. pets are more obese than ever - new research shows that 'fat cats' are becoming more common, and dogs are piling on the pounds.

Florida Declares New Guinea Singing Dogs as Exotic Animals

New Guinea Singing Dogs are known for their "melodious" howls. In Florida, this breed has been branded as exotic, which means you need a license to own one.

Stranger’s Generosity Means Much-Needed Surgery For a Homeless Man

An Australian woman saw a need and decided she would help--she created a GoFundMe account for a dog whose homeless owner couldn't pay for surgery.

Study: Your Dog’s Experiences Let Him Know If You Are a Good Human

New research shows that dogs really do have technique to how they view whether a human is 'good' or 'bad,' and it's related to their exposure to humans.

Survey Finds Dogs Influence Home Buying More Than Children

A recent survey from SunTrust reports that millennials are more influenced by their dogs than their children when it comes to buying a house.

Canine “Kitten Nanny” Hits An Adorable Milestone

A Golden Retriever mix from Phoenix, Arizona has taken that love for kittens to a new level as he's just 'nannied' his 350th rescue kitten!

A New Generation of Bomb-Sniffing Dogs Picked Based on Brain Scans

To make sure that the puppies they chose have what it takes to complete the course, researchers are using fMRI machines to look for specific brain activity.

Happy Ending for Dogs Affected by Chicago’s Extreme Shelter Overcrow

We told you about shelter overcrowding in Chicago, and are happy to update that many of the dogs in peril of euthanasia have found their forever homes!

Luxury Pet Market Booms in China

From kitty coffins to acupuncture for pooches, China is embracing the luxury end of the pet product and service market. The pet business is truly booming.

Best Dog Names For 2016 Are Here!

Rover.com has released the results of its fourth annual report on the most popular dog names of the year, and this year some of the most popular names were i…

Foster Mom Helps Terminally Ill Rescue Pup Fulfill His Bucket List

We hope you have your tissues handy, ‘cuz this one's a real tearjerker! But don't worry - it'll also make you smile and help restore your faith in humanity.

Deadly Dog Disease ‘Alabama Rot’ Afflicting Pets in the UK

Be on lookout for signs of the deadly dog disease Alabama Rot, which has shown up in confirmed cases throughout the United Kingdom recently.

Animal Rescue Efforts Underway After Nepal Earthquake

Much-needed relief has reached the devastated region – here’s how you can help injured and homeless animals in Nepal. Disaster strikes anywhere,…

Dog Channels Lassie to Find Missing Cat Stuck in Manhole

A determined Border Collie mix proved that there's camaraderie in fur-power when he found a cat who had been missing for weeks.

Help Ollie Dog Food Donate Food To Pups in Need This Valentine’s Day

For many of us, our date for Valentine's Day is with our pets! Ollie Dog Food celebrates Valentine's Day by donating food to shelter dogs in need.

About 50% of Fortune 500 Companies Offer Pet Insurance to Employees

People are looking for job benefits that include pets. Pet insurance is a popular perk, as nearly half of Fortune 500 companies offer this to its employees.

Cannes Canines Take Top Palm Dog Honors

The Cannes Film Festival was all about the canines -- check out the celebripups that won this year's 2017 Palm Dog Awards!