Study: Current Dog Bite Prevention Methods Ineffective And Simplistic

It turns out that we don't know enough about preventing dog bites. Researchers say reading canine body language is ineffective when preventing dog bites.

Are You Lazy Enough To Send Your Dog To Fat Camp?

If your dog has too much weight and you have too much money, why not send him to fat camp? Pet obesity is on the rise and this is a troubling concern. As pet…

Purina Play Haven Opens At NYC Domestic Violence Shelter

Many women stay in abusive homes because they don't want to leave their dogs. Thanks to Purina Play Haven at Urban Women's Retreat, they no longer have to.

Are You Your Dog’s Favorite Person? Scientists Don’t Think So

A recent study reveals that context and environment can change the way a dog treats their owner. Spoiler alert: you might not like to know how. People who pr…

UK Protects Puppies With Tighter Pet Dealer Laws

The UK has made the sale of any puppy under eight weeks old illegal, and tightened laws that will protect animals against irresponsible breeders.

Canine Investigators on the Trail of Amelia Earhart

There are a lot of things scent dogs are trained to do, and researchers are hoping that one of them will be finding the remains of aviator Amelia Earhart!

Vet Uses Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine for Senior Dogs

Advances in stem cell therapy grow in leaps and bounds, and veterinarians are turning to regenerative treatments for their furry patients.

Heroic Dog Jumps In Pool To Save Best Fur-Friend From Drowning

It's been said, "We get by with a little help of our friends," and that's accurate for a dog who nearly drowned, but was saved by his furry best friend.

Heroic WWII Canine Service Member Receives Posthumous Award

Chips, a good boy and brave soldier who fought in WWII, has posthumously been awarded Great Britain's Dickin Medal for canine bravery.

Pet Parents Not Impressed as Trump Calls Pet Owners “Low Class”

American President Donald Trump may have gone too far, for some pet lovers, when he recently insinuated that pet owners were 'low class.'

Boise, Idaho Tops List Of Best Cities For Dog Parks

The Trust For Public Land has released rankings for Dog Parks across the United States, and Boise, Idaho tops the list of Top Cities for dog parks!

5 Vet-Approved Tips For Buying Safe Dog Treats

In the wake of recent dog deaths and illnesses, Dr. Liz Hanson offers tips on choosing safe treats Yesterday, we told you about how nearly 600 pets have died…

American Red Cross Pet Therapy Dogs Visit the Navy

Some furry, four-legged visitors are making the rounds at the Naval Health Clinic in Charleston, South Carolina, thanks to the American Red Cross.

Top 6 Random Acts Of Kindness Our Pets Do For Us Everyday

Happy Random Acts of Kindness Week! Let's also take a moment to honor 6 ways our pets infuse our daily lives with random acts of kindness every day.

New Research Suggests Dogs Have Measurable IQs

IQ tests measure a human's general intelligence by asking a series of questions. Now, a study has just revealed that dogs can also have their IQs tested.

Dublin’s First Ever Cat Lounge Lets The Kittens Out Of The Bag

Luck of the Irish Cat! Irish kitty lovers are about to get their cat lounge fix, as the country's first ever cat lounge is now open in Dublin!

Chris Evans Opens Up About His New Adopted Dog, Dodger

Chris Evans may just be the perfect man. What puts him into the 'perfection' category is his sweet story of the adoption of his dog, Dodger.

9/11 Rescue Dogs Commemorated With Bronze Memorial

New Golden Retriever statue commemorates 9/11 rescue dogs with likeness of last living 9/11 rescue dog, Bretagne. The statue weighs close to 5000 pounds.

Nicole Miller Designs Pet Products to Benefit Puppies Behind Bars Prog

Nicole Miller has designed a new puppy line. All proceeds go to Puppies Behind Bars, an organization that trains inmates to help prepare service dogs.

Ethical Treatment of Animals Now Taught in China’s High Schools

China's Ministry of Education is introducing an optional module that will open the hearts and minds of young people to the suffering of animals.

Las Vegas Repeals Ban To Prevent The Selling of Pets in Pet Stores

Nevada City Council has repealed the pet sale ban, saying that it was only passed because of incorrect information from 'activists.'

Report: Best And Worst US States For Animal Protection Laws

A new report by the Animal Legal Defense Fund has ranked states based on their laws and the punishments for breaking them.

Army Veteran Buys His Own Plane To Fly Shelter Dogs to New Homes

Retired Army veteran Paul Steklenski started a non-profit organization to fly endangered animals to foster homes that are waiting for them.

J.M. Smucker Buys Rachel Ray’s Nutrish

J.M. Smucker has been in the news lately because of several dog food brand recalls, and now has announced they're buying Rachel Ray brand dog food Nutrish.

American Humane Turns Shelter Dogs to Service Dogs For Veterans

American Humane launches a new program that will take shelter dogs and train them to be service dogs for military veterans suffering from brain injuries and/…

First-Ever Test Tube Puppies Born By In Vitro Fertilization

Is there anything science can't do? This IVF canine breakthrough could preserve endangered breeds and eradicate genetic diseases

Renee Zellweger Helps Lucy Pet Rescue Dogs From Overcrowded Houston Sh

Lucy Pet Foundation relocated 64 dogs from overcrowded Houston shelters and got a big surprise when actress Renee Zellweger came to help!

Retired Marine Dog Awarded Highest Military Honor

It's the first time in history that a U.S. Marine Corps dog was given this prestigious award, which is the animal equivalent to the Victoria Cross.

Study: Having a Dog Makes You More Attractive

Research indicates that people with dogs appeared much more attractive to potential partners, who also viewed them as caring and responsible.

Karma, the Dental Therapy Dog, Will Make You Smile!

A little Chihuahua-mix named Karma gives dental patients in San Francisco proof that some love and cuddles can make even the scariest of times much better.

Army Veteran Receives Fur-prise Of His Life At New York Giants Game

A football game for long-time New York Giants fan and military veteran ended up being life-changing for him and the service dog he was provided with! A nativ…

Foster Dog Fends Off Burglar; Finds Furever Home

A Pennsylvania couple opened their hearts to a foster dog. He returned the favor by protecting them from a burglar, and found a place in his furever family.

BrewDog Brewery Offers Employees “Paw-ternity Leave”

Time to raise a glass! Scotland's BrewDog Brewery just opened its first U.S. location, and offers a unique employee perk -- pet parental leave!

UK Village Looking To Hire Dog Poop Police

Job description: Investigator needed to track down lazy dog owners and return poop that hasn’t been scooped. Baggies included. The Town Council in the…

The Urge To Accessorize Our Dogs

Playing dress-up with our dogs – have we gone too far? We love to dress up our dogs. It could be as simple as a snazzy collar or a cute bow. It could b…

Canine Cancer Survivor Proves You Can Teach An Old Dog New Tricks!

This special canine cancer survivor is going for the gold! Even though Rex is a senior, he was unstoppable at the DockDogs World Championships.

Panty-Stealing Pussy Prompts Hilarious Apology Letter

What do you do when a real-life cat burglar roams your 'hood? For a woman from Cardiff, England, you write hilarious apology letters and beg forgiveness!

Red Carpet Worthy: 2015 Oscar Gift Bags Include Halo Donation For Home

Lucky A-list Celebrities will receive Halo Donation Certificates in their famous Oscar Swag Bags. It’s a night filled with glitz, glam and wardrobe mal…

Blind Service Dog’s Smile Brightens The Lives Of Others

Born without sight, Smiley serves up a smile and hope to those who need it most. Bright and perky therapy dogs are a common sight at many nursing homes. They…

Service Dog Gives Birth To 8 Puppies In Tampa Airport Terminal

Travelers at Tampa International Airport got to witness the surprise arrival of eight adorable puppies when a service dog gave birth in the main terminal!

Does Your Pet Really Need Ray-Bans for the Solar Eclipse?

One of nature's most awe-inspiring sights - a total solar eclipse - takes place August 21, 2017. You have your glasses, but does your dog need a pair?

Celebrate Dogs With The AKC As Extraordinary Pooches Take Over Televis

AKC Celebrates Dogs special airs January 31 on the Lifetime Network What are you doing tomorrow? If it doesn’t include parking yourself in front of you…

Study: Dog-Speak Improves Bond Between Dogs and Humans

Experts have found that using 'dog-speak' when talking to your pooch is an important part of creating the bonding process between humans and their pups.

Custom Label Wine Mixes Art With Animal Rescue at Mutt Lynch Winery

California Winery launches "Wines That Gives Back" program with custom made, dog-centric wine labels aimed at supporting animal rescue organizations.

Elf on the Shelf Finally Taken Down By Family Dog

The crime scene wasn't pretty in a police officer's home, after the Elf on the Shelf was found ripped apart. The main suspect happens to be the family dog.

New Study Will Investigate Effects Of Pets In Classrooms

A new study will investigate effects of common pets in the classroom on a broader scale, thanks to a $130,000 grant given to American Humane by HABRI.

Green Power Goes Brown With Dog Poo Poo Powered Appliances

Poop, scoop and power up! A concept project is in the works that will convert dog poop into power that runs your household appliances. For those who pooh-poo…

Happy Ending For Bi-Ped Puppy Mill Rescue

A rescued puppy mill dog with two legs is living a life with the happiest of endings, after his new dad travelled across the country to bring him home.

Pet Parents Being Offered Paw-ternity Leave From Employers

Wouldn't it be great to be able to stay home a few weeks with your new dog while he gets used to his surroundings? Some employers actually offer that perk!

The Very Best Amazon Prime Day Deals

Get ready to go shopping because Amazon Prime Day is finally here! If you live for online shopping, you live for this day.

AKC Reunite Team Brings Hurricane Relief To Furry Victims

Cleanup from Hurricane Matthew is underway. The AKC Reunite Team is helping lead efforts for pet disaster in Florida, North Carolina and South Carolina.

Best Buy Canada And We Are Wearables Host Pet Wearables Event June 3

If you and your dog are fitness fanatics, make sure you head to Canada’s first Pet Wearables event this Wednesday in Toronto. Rover may be able to run,…

Pitbull Police Partners Are Turning Tables On Crime!

Pitbulls are often unfairly considered unpredictable dogs. But a Texas program is working to change that image by enlisting Pitties into the Police force.

We Can Drink Wine and Support Guide Dogs?! Sign Us Up!

When it comes to drinking wine and supporting a cause, we're on board! A toast to Windsor Vineyards,who are donating to Guiding Eyes for the Blind.

Super Dog Sniffs Out Superbugs at Vancouver Hospital

Dogs have a new role - sniffing out superbugs such as C. difficile in hospitals. The bug causes diarrhea and even death in millions. Meet Angus, hero dog.

Therapy Dogs Help Children With Autism More Than We Thought

Research from a Texas Tech University study show that therapy dogs may be even more beneficial to children on the autistic spectrum than previously thought.

Parvo Outbreak Worries UK Puppy Parents

A spike in the number of Parvovirus cases seen in puppies across England has owners on alert for signs of the deadly disease. In the United Kingdom, the dead…

Cross-Country Cycling Tour Highlights the Plight of Homeless Vets and

This US veteran is choosing to remain 'homeless' to show how important pets are in a vet's life, cycling the country to promote awareness of the plight.

HABRI Research Finds Emails to Dog Owners Prompts More Exercise

??Do you need a reminder to walk your dog? Research shows that email prompts to owners motivate them to get up and get moving with their pooch.

Petco’s In-Store Kitchens Reveal What Goes In Your Pet’s Meal

In select stores, pet parents will be able to see human-grade dog food being made on the spot and get a chance to pick up a freshly made meal for their pet.