ASPCA Documentary Gets A Second Chance On Netflix

The ASPCA is releasing Second Chance, a heartwarming documentary about rehabilitated pets, to Netflix. Get ready to feel all the feels all over again!

Study: Oxytocin Hormone Draws Dogs to Smiling Faces

The modulating role of hormone oxytocin in canine emotional processing has been confirmed, and it might change the way we communicate with our dogs.

Petco Foundation Grants Holiday Wishes With $750,000 Donation

The Petco Foundation, in collaboration with Petco, announced the names of 54 animal welfare organizations who are receiving $750,000 worth of grants through…

Study Shows Urban Pet Owners Pay More Rent And Have Less Choice In Apa

Are you looking to rent a pet-friendly apartment in Atlanta, GA, Queens, NY or San Francisco, CA? If so, be prepared for as much as a 19 percent premium on y…

AKC’s Pack Grows With Addition Of 3 Dog Breeds

Welcome to the club! This year, the American Kennel Club has added three more breeds to its official registry. Which breeds made the cut?

Is Bulldog Breed Doomed to Extinction?

Say it ain't so! The beloved breed and popular mascot's future may be at risk - scientists blame its limited gene pool for health risks.

Meet the Winners of 2017 AKC Canine Excellence Winners

Winners of the 18th annual AKC Humane Fund Awards for Canine Excellence (ACE) include a family pet that detects drugs and a library loving show dog.

Report: Middle-Aged Male Dogs Break The Most Stuff

In the battle of sexes (Pet Edition), it turns out that middle-aged, male pets are more likely to destroy your electronics, according to a new report by Squa…

Anderson Cooper is a Proud New Papa to Puppy Lilly

This just in: the CNN news anchor has adopted a beautiful puppy. After the loss of his dog Molly, it's obvious that Anderson Cooper has more love to give.

Top 10 Wackiest Dog Names of 2013 Announced

Topping the list of 10 Wackiest Dog Names of 2013 are Sir Knuckles da Dragon, HotRod Whoofington and Captain Underpants. We love these names!

Insta-Celebrity Chloe The Mini-Frenchie Crosses The Rainbow Bridge

It's a sad time in the world of Celebri-Pups, as Chloe the mini-Frenchie died after undergoing surgery, allegedly from mistakes made by the vet clinic.

Have Paws, Will Travel? A UK Company Is Employing Dog Bloggers

The job post says that the ideal caninedate must be pawfessional at all times, wag their tail at the very mention of holidays, car rides, or walks.

Dublin’s First Ever Cat Lounge Lets The Kittens Out Of The Bag

Luck of the Irish Cat! Irish kitty lovers are about to get their cat lounge fix, as the country's first ever cat lounge is now open in Dublin!

The Horror, The Horror -“Boston Terror” Animoji From Gucci Creeps

Gucci's new design isn't exactly what you'd expect from a fashion house. Get ready to scream when you see this Animoji, an homage to the "Year of the Dog."

About 50% of Fortune 500 Companies Offer Pet Insurance to Employees

People are looking for job benefits that include pets. Pet insurance is a popular perk, as nearly half of Fortune 500 companies offer this to its employees.

Animal Rescue Efforts Underway After Nepal Earthquake

Much-needed relief has reached the devastated region – here’s how you can help injured and homeless animals in Nepal. Disaster strikes anywhere,…

It’s The Best Day Ever! Celebrate National Dog Day On August 26

On August 26, we celebrate all of the awesomeness that dogs bring to our lives, but there's still much to be done when it comes to helping our furry BFFs.

New Research Sheds Light on Factors That Make Dogs Adoptable

Animal experts are looking for ways to increase adoption rates. New research offers insight to assist shelter staff ensure dogs put their best paw forward.

Visiting Hours Are Open For Pets At This Canadian Hospital

Pets make us feel better when we're ill. And Zachary's Paws for Healing is harnessing that special gift for patients at Juravinski Hospital in Ontario.

Is Your Pooch A Pessimist? Scientists Say The Answer May Be ‘Yes’

This is probably the closest you’ll get to an answer from your dog when you ask “How are you feeling?” Most of us think of dogs the way we…

Cancer Research in Golden Retrievers Sheds Light on the Disease in Hum

Research is looking to provide information that could lead to the treatment of cancer in Golden Retrievers and other breeds, and possibly even humans.

Coming This Fall: “SAVE Our SHELTER” Launches On The CW Network

The best reason to skip Saturday morning cartoons! DOG for DOG brings you a caffeinated dose of inspiration and passion with SAVE our SHELTER TV series.

Dogs Will Rush To Comfort Crying Owners, Study Shows

The scientists behind the study wanted to see if dogs can sense our feelings and would crying motivate them to try and help their owners.

Generous Woman Wills $1.2 Million To Tennessee’s Cats and Dogs

A Tennessee woman loved her dogs and cats so much, she left her entire $1.2 million estate to the animals of her hometown county.

Poop Scoop – Turns Out “Green” Poop Bags Aren’t The Sh*t After

FTC warns dog poop companies that its ‘biodegradable’ waste bags aren’t what they claim I shop at the public market. I recycle. I do my bes…

Super Dog Sniffs Out Superbugs at Vancouver Hospital

Dogs have a new role - sniffing out superbugs such as C. difficile in hospitals. The bug causes diarrhea and even death in millions. Meet Angus, hero dog.

Study: Pets Provide Benefits for Homeless Youth

Being a teen on the streets is unimaginably hard, but having a pet by your side makes it more bearable, according to findings from a new Canadian study.

Study: 1/3 of Us Think Therapy Dogs Are Beneficial to Funeral Services

New research says that canines make the hardest part of life–death–a little bit better, as more funeral homes offer the support of therapy dogs.…

Dream Job Contest: Slovenian Castle Is Looking For Dog (And Owner) Car

The winner of this contest will be living large with their dog in a real Slovenian Castle… with a salary to match the lifestyle Is your dog looking fo…

Flu Season Not Over Yet – Chicago Pooches Caught Up In “Dog Flu”

There is such a thing as dog flu, and it’s got Chicago pet parents worried about the health of their furkids. Is your dog at risk? Sneezing, runny nose…

Norman the Scooter Dog Needs Help With Cancer Treatments

Norman, Guinness World Record winner and famous scooter dog, is recovering from cancer, and his new GoFundMe page helps to pay for treatment.

Study: Dog-Speak Improves Bond Between Dogs and Humans

Experts have found that using 'dog-speak' when talking to your pooch is an important part of creating the bonding process between humans and their pups.

New Study To Examine Why Owners Surrender Dogs To Shelters

Is incompatibility the main reason why people surrender their dogs? Researchers want to prove if dogs pick up on human behavior, in order to end to shelter o…

The Beautiful Final Moments of A Much-Loved Military Service Dog

A canine hero passes away and receives a fitting tribute. Rico the military hero dog was given his final salute surrounded by friends and family.

Marmaduke-Sized Great Dane Could Be the World’s Tallest Dog

The bigger the dog, the bigger the heart? Meet Major, a friendly Great Dane who's out to set a World Record as the world's tallest dog!

Lady Gaga Goes Goo-Goo For New Puppy

Lady Gaga has added to her furry family with a yet-to-be-named French Bulldog puppy, and didn't waste a second getting him on Instagram.

Woman Turns Tragedy Into Tenderness After Losing Beloved Dog

An Arkansas woman turns her grief over the loss of her dog into acts of kindness and service to others as she celebrates the life of her furry best friend.

Vote For Your Favorite Furry Canine to Win the 2016 Hero Dog Award

The Hero Dogs Award are held to select eight dogs who are awarded for their outstanding bravery. Voting for the 2016 Hero Dog Awards is officially open.

Research Suggests Better Survival Rates for Dogs With Bloat

Gastric dilation and volvulus, or bloat, can be deadly to dogs, but recent research is showing that it's not as much the death sentence as it was once.

Baron Von Furrypants & Leonardo DiCatprio Among Top 10 Wackiest P

Get down from there, Sir Theodorable Purrsalot! If you're looking for a name that stands out from the pet crowd, consider one of these wacky monikers.

Best Buy Canada And We Are Wearables Host Pet Wearables Event June 3

If you and your dog are fitness fanatics, make sure you head to Canada’s first Pet Wearables event this Wednesday in Toronto. Rover may be able to run,…

Study: Dogs Use Scent To Detect Low Blood Sugar In Diabetics [Video]

Dogs truly are mankind's best friend. New research shows how dogs can detect oncoming hypoglycaemic episodes in humans by sniffing them out.

Researchers Discover Gene Associated With Acute Respiratory Distress S

Researchers have uncovered a genetic lung tissue disorder in Dalmatians that is the likely cause of acute respiratory distress syndrome in dogs.

Wildfire Relocates Dogs to Prison, Inmates Now Rescuers

When fires threaten to destroy everything, think outside the box for solutions. California inmates care for deaf dogs evacuated from shelter due to wildfire

Petco Officially Pulls All Made-in-China Treats From Shelves

Three cheers for Petco! They no longer sell any made in China pet treats, which could pose a health risk to our furry friends. As we reported last year, Pet…

Family Dog Helps Man With Alzheimer’s Speak Again [Video]

Is there any doubt that dogs have the power to heal? If there was any, just watch this video and it will be erased. It highlights how one special dog has hel…

Woman Chooses Dog Over Purse When Robbed At Gunpoint

A woman in New Orleans has become our new hero as she chose her dog over her belongings when robbers told her to make a decision.

HABRI Grants $42,000 To Study Effects Of Service Dogs On War Veterans

K9s For Warriors and Purdue University will use this grant money to come to the rescue of post 9/11 war vets, providing help to soldiers overcoming Post Trau…

New L.A. Dog Park Offers Respite To Homeless Residents’ Pets

A new dog park in Los Angeles is helping homeless people with pets have the option of coming off the streets without having to give up their pets to do so. I…

Panty-Stealing Pussy Prompts Hilarious Apology Letter

What do you do when a real-life cat burglar roams your 'hood? For a woman from Cardiff, England, you write hilarious apology letters and beg forgiveness!

Researchers Look To Chinese Herbs To Treat Dog Cancer

A cancer diagnosis for our dogs can mean a shorter lifespan. A Detroit pet hospital is looking to use traditional Chinese medicine to treat spleen cancer.

Research Says Your Dog Only Thinks About Himself

Selfish dog study is questionable, based on how the researchers set up the study. Read about their study and decide for yourself on its validity.

Don’t Worry Human, Science Says Your Dog Loves You… Lots

The way pooches spread the love to anyone and everyone at the dog park, it can sometimes seem like our dogs don’t discriminate in their affections; but…

Pitbull Named Top “American Hero Dog” At The 2013 American Humane

Elle the therapy dog teaches children about dog safety, reading, and overcoming prejudice Each year, the American Humane Association honors American Hero Dog…

Are Anti-Vaxxers To Blame for Rise in Canine Parvo Cases?

Vets are worried about the increased rates of confirmed canine disease parvo cases, and believe it's due to a growing anti-vax movement in pet owners.

A Bulldog Is The Best Sister A Little Girl Can Have

Adora-bull photographs portray the special bond of a canine and human sisterhood For some kids, a dog is a sibling. Case in point: Harper and her Bulldog, Lo…

Wu-Tang Clan Not Down With Woof-Tang Clan Dog Walking Service

Wu-Tang Clan founding member RZA is suing Woof-Tang Clan dog-walking service for trademark infringement, and he ain't playin'.

Study: Are Therapy Dogs Under Too Much Stress?

There is no doubt that therapy dogs do a great service to people in need, but does it take a toll on them? Here's what researchers say about the subject.

Protection Dogs Offer a New Kind of Support to Domestic Abuse Victims

A security firm in Spain found that man's best friend can also be his worst enemy in situations of domestic violence, where dogs protect victims from abuse.’s 3rd Annual March Kibble Madness Starts Tomorrow

March Madness starts tomorrow, and will have you cheering for an animal mascot. Get ready for the 3rd Annual March Kibble Madness!