Need a Dog Fix? Bark’N’Borrow Can Set You Up With a Loaner

All by yourself? You don't have to be. Whether it's for a walk or slumber party, Bark'N'Borrow matches people who want to borrow a dog for a little while.

Your Jealous Dog: Study Shows Jealousy In Dogs Is Real

Does it surprise you that Fido may have a jealous side? Researchers find that pooches can turn into a green-eyed monster, too. Ever met a dog at a park or a…

Service Dog Gives Birth To 8 Puppies In Tampa Airport Terminal

Travelers at Tampa International Airport got to witness the surprise arrival of eight adorable puppies when a service dog gave birth in the main terminal!

20 Puppies Abandoned In A Field Will Get Their Happily Ever After

This could have been a sad story. Thanks to the kindness of strangers, it’s going to have 20 happy endings. Hunter Greg Zubiak thought it would be just…

15,000 of New Zealand’s Furry Citizens Might Have Defective Microchi

Kiwi pet parents were outraged to find out that their pets' microchips might not work anymore, which means they couldn't be identified if lost.

New “Pig Perfume” Spray Stops Barking Bad Dog Behavior

No, it doesn’t smell like bacon, but “Stop That” spray may stop your dog from acting like a ham Sick and tired of your dog’s endless…

Dog Dies After United Flight Attendant Insists It Be Stowed In Overhea

A United Airlines flight attendant insisted that a passenger stow her dog in the overhead bin during a flight, and the results were heartbreaking.

Study Suggests Well-Behaved Dogs Have Less-Stressed Owners

A new study recently published in the Journal of Veterinary Behavior suggests that there is a correlation between how dog owners believe their pets behavior…

Subaru And CPS Team Up For Next Round Of Pet Safety Product Crash Test

To ensure that pets are protected in cars, Subaru and Center for Pet Safety are out to raise awareness of vital safety measures and identify top crates and c…

‘Shelter to Service’ Helps Save Veterans, One Dog at a Time

The American Humane celebrates its first graduating class of service dogs trained to bond with veterans and their families.

Fat Or Fluffy? Researchers Say ¼ Crufts Show Dogs Are Overweight

According to research, some of the pooches at Crufts aren't ready for the swimsuit portion of the competition. Is obesity a concern for the famous dog show?

Smallest Military Dog Makes Big Impact on Largest Naval Base

Military working dogs come in all sizes. Just look at Puskos, a 15-pound powerhouse who patrols for drugs at Naval Station Norfolk.

New Research Shows Stress Can Turn Your Dog’s Fur Gray

You know how you always tell the kids that they’re making you go gray prematurely? Research has found that stress can also affect the color of your dog…

Abused Husky Stands by Children as They Have Their Day in Court

A Siberian Husky in California is making a difference in the lives of neglected and abused children, as they bond over their shared abuses.

Best Buy Canada And We Are Wearables Host Pet Wearables Event June 3

If you and your dog are fitness fanatics, make sure you head to Canada’s first Pet Wearables event this Wednesday in Toronto. Rover may be able to run,…

Humane Society Fights Back Against USDA Records Removal

The USDA is removing years' worth of data about inspection reports for animal facilities and breeders. Now, animal welfare groups are fighting back.

Baseball Bat Dog Proves It’s Better to Run the Bases Than Retrieve

The bat-dog for a Texas AA baseball team has cracked us up with his less-than-obedient bat behavior, and is making the viral rounds as he rounds the bases.

Awesomely Awkward Documentary Features Dogs, Dancing and Kites [Video]

It's a real-life Best in Show! Unleashed! A Dog Dancing Story follows a group of dog dancers on their journey to perform in a theatrical gala performance.

Finding Rover Helps Reunite Hurricane Harvey Pets With Their Families

An app sponsored by Finding Rover, Petco Foundation and Houston SPCA is helping displaced pets get back to their humans with facial recognition technology.

Panty-Stealing Pussy Prompts Hilarious Apology Letter

What do you do when a real-life cat burglar roams your 'hood? For a woman from Cardiff, England, you write hilarious apology letters and beg forgiveness!

Can Tesla’s Cabin Overheat Tech Save Dogs in Hot Cars?

It is never advised to leave your pet in a hot car. But Tesla has introduced new technology to their already unique designs that just may save lives.

Why Do We Think Puppies Are Cute? It’s In Our Genes

There’s a scientific reason puppies and kittens make you say “Awwww” Think back to when you brought Fido or Fluffy home for the very first…

Survey Says We’d Gladly Pucker Up For Our Pooch

When it comes to kissing, we like to give our pets a peck on the cheek. Here are a few lip-smacking facts, in honor of International Kissing Day.

New Research Claims These Guard Dogs Are Best At Protecting Against Wo

Researchers have looked into the best guard dogs against wolves and other predators and have found that three breeds you shouldn't mess with.

Dazzling The Dance Floor With Matching Prom Dresses

Perfect hair, nails done, and a fab dress – all common prom concerns. Thankfully, Erin Condrin doesn’t have to do it alone: her trusty service do…

UK Protects Puppies With Tighter Pet Dealer Laws

The UK has made the sale of any puppy under eight weeks old illegal, and tightened laws that will protect animals against irresponsible breeders.

DNA Evidence Saves Dog In Case Of Mistaken Identity

It sounds a plot twist from a television crime show - DNA evidence was used to prove a case of mistaken identity for a dog who had been sentenced to death.

Hurricane Hero Uses Big Yellow Bus To Rescue Animal Victims

The devastating effects of Hurricane Florence continue to pound the east coast of the U.S., particularly the Carolinas. Animals often are the most vulnerable…

Pampering Pet Parents Pumping Up The Stock Market

Pet owners are spending and numbers don't lie: pet product stocks have earned twice as much in return when compared to the S & P 500 index market standard.

Study: Dog’s Inner Poop Compass Lines Up With Earth’s Axis

I’m going to think twice the next time I get annoyed at Oscar taking his time to find the perfect pooping spot. It turns out his compulsion to turn in…

Fallen Officer Puppy Program a Tribute to Fallen Officers

What a touch tribute to these heros. Future police dogs are being given the honor of carrying on fallen officer's namesakes.

Maryland Legislature Prohibits Pet Stores Selling ‘Puppy Mill’ Pet

A new bill in front of Maryland Governor Larry Hogan will restrict pet stores from selling dogs that have been born in puppy mills.

Petco’s Dog Days Of Summer Hit Home Runs in San Diego

Hot dog! Petco hosted 500 pups and their parents to Petco Park in San Diego, California for their annual 'Dog Days of Summer' event.

Land Rover Takes on Championship Dog Sled Team in Battle of the Rovers

Who's faster - a Land Rover or a Snow Rover? A Discovery Sport SUV and a team of sled dog champions hit the snow in Finland to find out!

Ad Campaign To End Dog Meat Industry Aims To Touch People’s Hearts

The use of cats and dogs as food in China is commonplace. One agency aims to end that practice once and for all with these emotion-filled posters.

AKC Will Now Give Titles To Tricksters

Dogs and their humans enjoy the fun that comes with learning tricks, and the American Kennel Club is launching a new program just for dogs who do tricks!

Petcube Developing Artificial Intelligence to Help Read Your Dog’s M

Life would be easier if you just knew what your dog was trying to tell you or you could read his mind. Petcube is working on making that a reality.

Humane Society Of Canada Fights To Keep Tax-Free Status After Shady Ex

After the Canadian government's decision to shut down the charity, we're reminded we need to take a closer look at the causes we donate to.

Study: Dog Therapy Reduces Homesickness in College Students

Off to college? Bring a dog! A new study has found that may be just what the dog-tor ordered to help relieve homesickness!

Cash For Cuddles – Survey Finds People Willing To Rent Out Their Pet

New on the odd things of what people are willing to rent out – their pets. Some folks are really hard up for cash if they’ll let a stranger off t…

Study: Seniors Who Walk Their Dogs Enjoy Better Physical Health

A recent study determined that seniors who own dogs are more likely to spend more time walking them outside and in turn, increase their physical health!

Special Needs Service Dog Joins Cheerleading Team and Goes For Gold

A unique cheerleading team headed out of Ohio is headed for national competition and they're bringing a furry teammate with them!

Dog Sled Team Rescues Stranded Alaskan Tourists

A group of Alaskan tourists got an authentic experience when a team of Alaskan sled dogs had to rescue their stuck SUV from the snow -- Iditarod Style!

Putting an End to ‘Manspreaders’ With Catty Transit Ads

Don't you hate it when there's nowhere to sit on the subway because of backpacks and manspredding? The MBTA is getting catty about these pet peeves.

Sleepypod Introduces the Most Advanced Crash Test Dog Ever

A leader in safe car restraints for dogs, Sleepypod unveils a new and improved "Duke" - the most advanced crash test dog dummy ever developed.

Study: U.S. Pet Obesity Rates Continue to Rise

Americans aren't the only ones getting super-sized. For the past five years, obesity-related health problems have been the #1 pet insurance claim.

Blue Buffalo Takes Top Spot in Online Pet Food War

Despite expensive lawsuits and admissions of false advertising, Blue Buffalo turns our to be online consumers' top choice for pet food.

Nestle’s Purina PetCare To Enter Booming Indian Pet Product Market

Recognizing the pet industry is a booming business, Nestle is bringing Purina PetCare to India, hoping to tap into the growing pet population boom in Asia.

New Research Shows UK Pet Owners Spend Over $24K On a Pet in Its Lifet

Experts suggest that UK dog owners will spend over $24,000 (£18,000) throughout their pet's life on pet-related expenses.

New Technology Decreases Number of Dog Attacks on Postal Workers

Compared to last year, there have been fewer reports of postal employees attacked by dogs, and it's all thanks to new safety measures.

Study: Dogs’ Immune Systems Leave Them Vulnerable As They Age

A recent study shows that a dog's immune system changes as they age, and much like humans, they may have less ability to deal with infection or stress.

Study Says Millennials Pick Furbabies Over Human Babies

Pets over Kids? Seems like that is the trend for today's Millennials, the generation with the highest rates of pet ownership so far.

J.M. Smucker Recalls 2 Varieties Of Milo’s Kitchen Treats

Two varieties of Milo’s Kitchen Dog treats are being recalled for possible elevated levels of beef thyroid hormone. It seems like there’s been on…

Golden Retrievers Bring Comfort to Maryland High School After Shooting

Comfort Dogs brought emotional support to staff and students at Great Mills High School as they returned back after a shooting two weeks ago.

Can We Predict The Life Expectancy Of Dogs?

Predicting a dog's lifespan has been iffy, at best. That's why researchers have looked at the stats and came up with an average number for 165 dog breeds.

Montreal Citizens Can Voice Opinion On Montreal’s Pitbull Regulation

The City of Montreal wants to hear the voices of citizens, after repealing the city's pitbull ban that was put in place by the prior administration.

Service Dog Mr. Gibbs Is A Breath Of Fresh Air For One Lucky Little Gi

Goldendoodle Mr. Gibbs gives best friend Alida a leash on life by carrying her oxygen tank on his back. Okay, on the tissue meter, on this story is off the s…

PetCo’s Barkyard Box Seats Are Perfect For Catching Fly Balls and Ho

Take in a ball game at "The Barkyard presented by Petco," six brand new semi-private dog-friendly viewing boxes available at every Padres' home game.

Elf on the Shelf Finally Taken Down By Family Dog

The crime scene wasn't pretty in a police officer's home, after the Elf on the Shelf was found ripped apart. The main suspect happens to be the family dog.

Study: Little Dogs Lie About Size With Their Pee Stream

New research suggests that little dogs may be sending a special signal in their ‘pee-mail’ that tells other dogs they are bigger than they really…