BrewDog Brewery Offers Employees “Paw-ternity Leave”

Time to raise a glass! Scotland's BrewDog Brewery just opened its first U.S. location, and offers a unique employee perk -- pet parental leave!

New Survey Reveals Pet Ownership Numbers Decline in England

While pet ownership has reached all-time highs in the US, new research from England shows that pet ownership has declined in the last five years.

Pet-Friendly Luxury Cruise Liner Makes Its U.S. Debut

All hands - and paws - on deck! The new pet-friendly cruise ship, the Queen Mary 2, has made its official U.S. debut to a bevy of famous pooches.

Share How Awesome Your Dog Is With The World With

Your dog needs his own website – set one up in minutes with Ever wish there was a social network where you could post unlimited photos of y…

Don’t Call In Sick Tomorrow: Uber Delivers Puppies To Canadian Offic

Forget having a 15 minute coffee break – Uber and 3MillionDogs bring puppies to your office for a furry meeting you won’t want to skip, in suppor…

Therapy Dogs May Be The Key To Less Stress And Loneliness At Colleges

Feeling stressed or depressed? Spending time with a furry friend may be just the thing you need. We all know it to be intuitively true: when we spend time wi…

Iditarod Musher Whose Dogs Drug-Tested Positive Suggests Sabotage

In the continuing saga of the drug scandal with the Iditarod Trail Sled Race, the musher makes a statement and removes himself from next year's competition.

Hollywood’s Finest Invited To Help Shelter Pets

In an extravagant swag bag that's given to Oscar nominees, a donation certificate to shelter animal is the most loved item.

Want to Adopt 2 Puppies From The Rock?

Now here's how we can clear the shelters - get Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson to pose with puppies! He recently rescued two adorable pups that need a home.

Recently Discovered Fossil Reveals New Species of Dog

A fossil containing the remains of a new species of dog was found on a beach in Maryland, and is over 12 million years old.

Study: Dogs Are Red-Green Colorblind

Researchers have discovered that dogs have difficulty discerning between red and green, much like humans who are colorblind.

Research Finds Fear And Anxiety Negatively Affects Dogs Health And Lif

Research shows that stress that causes fear and anxiety be devastating for dogs, cutting lifespans short and causing all kinds of health problems.

The Barking Garage Parks Your Dog While You Shop

It's hard to believe that people leave their dogs in cars while they shop. The Barking Garage has a solution - a mobile, air-conditioned trailer for dogs!

Highly Contagious Dog Flu Strain On the Move, Cases Reported in 2 More

H3N2, a new canine influenza virus strain, which was first detected in Chicago kennels last March, has emerged in Washington State and Montana.

Pet Parents Not Impressed as Trump Calls Pet Owners “Low Class”

American President Donald Trump may have gone too far, for some pet lovers, when he recently insinuated that pet owners were 'low class.'

Why Are Dogs Turning Blue in Mumbai?

Mumbai dogs are turning blue! No, this isn't some crazy Mumbai pet fashion trend. Unfortunately it is due to industrial waste in the Kasadi River.

Animal Planet to Air Puppy Bowl XI on February 1 [Video]

Finally, some football we actually want to watch! Apparently there’s some big football game happening on Sunday, February 1st…hmmmm, we wouldn&r…

Survey: UK Pet Parents Spend More on Pets Than Kids

Birth rates are going down while pet ownership rates are on the rise. A new UK survey claims that dog owners spend more on their pets than on kids.

Canadian Beagle Miss P Is 2015 Westminster Best In Show Winner, Eh?!

No Doot Aboot it – B.C. Beagle Miss P announced as 2015 Westminster Dog Show’s top dog. Way to go Miss P! This 4-year-old Beagle from Enderby, B.…

Last Surviving 9/11 Search and Rescue Dog Given Hero’s Farewell

Bretagne, the last of the nearly 300 search and rescue dogs that worked at Ground Zero following 9/11 has been laid to rest at the age of 16.

UK Village Looking To Hire Dog Poop Police

Job description: Investigator needed to track down lazy dog owners and return poop that hasn’t been scooped. Baggies included. The Town Council in the…

Biden Rescue Pooch Gets V(I)P Treatment On Air Force Two

Talk about a new leash on life! From the streets of Mississippi to the chambers of Air Force Two, this rescue dog is definitely living the high life with the…

Google Pets Turns Into a Bow-Wow Browser to Help Shelter Dogs

Life at the shelter can be lonely for dogs. That's why Google is bringing them into its offices for a day off to partner with lucky employees.

Virginia-Based Rescue Saves Over 300 Virgin Island Pets Affected by Hu

The Virgin Islands have taken a hit with Hurricanes Irma and Maria. A Virginia-based rescue is trying to bring displaced island animals to safety.

New Hope for Children With Epilepsy Thanks to Miniature Dachshunds

A collaboration between miniature wirehaired dachshunds and scientists has advanced research into a rare and deadly form of epilepsy in children and dogs.

Dog Tuxedo Doesn’t Add Up On Government Expenses

There are certain things you shouldn't try to expense through work. Like using a government credit card to buy your dog a tuxedo.

Experts Share Lyme Forecast Maps To Help Prevent Disease

The warm winter has led to heavy parasitic infection forecasts for pets. Researchers released a forecasting map that predicts risk for Lyme disease in dogs.

Deaf Dog Proves Victorious as an Agility Champion

We love it when a dog proves everyone wrong. Once deemed "Untrainable," this skilled pup has won a coveted champion agility title.

Meet the Winners of 2017 AKC Canine Excellence Winners

Winners of the 18th annual AKC Humane Fund Awards for Canine Excellence (ACE) include a family pet that detects drugs and a library loving show dog.

Lazy London Pet Parents In For A Crappy Surprise

You’d better make sure you’re picking up after your dog if you live in this London neighborhood! We all know how gross it is when people don&rsqu…

New Study Shows How Movies Affect Dog Breeds’ Popularity

Call it the Lassie Effect: Researchers have proven that movies featuring dogs create a major surge in breed popularity. Lassie. The Shaggy Dog. 101 Dalmatia…

The Urge To Accessorize Our Dogs

Playing dress-up with our dogs – have we gone too far? We love to dress up our dogs. It could be as simple as a snazzy collar or a cute bow. It could b…

Survey: Owners Are Their Pet’s Biggest Fans on Social Media

From following social media-famous pet profile to on-the-hour furry updates, pets definitely play a huge role in our social media lives.

Beloved Baseball Bat-Retrieving Dog Passes Away [Video]

It's a sad time for fans of the Minor League baseball team, Trenton Thunder. Their famous bat-retrieving dog Derby passed away from cancer over the weekend.

Study: Happy Pet Thoughts Help Soothe Social Rejection

A recent study asked participants to think of a stressful moment in their lives. They were then shown pictures of pets, and results found most felt better.

Australian Hotel’s First Canine Ambassador Welcomes Guests With Some

There's a special concierge looking to greet you at the swanky Park Hyatt in Melbourne, Australia, and he'll wag his tail when he sees you coming!

New Research Claims These Guard Dogs Are Best At Protecting Against Wo

Researchers have looked into the best guard dogs against wolves and other predators and have found that three breeds you shouldn't mess with.

Cross-Country Cycling Tour Highlights the Plight of Homeless Vets and

This US veteran is choosing to remain 'homeless' to show how important pets are in a vet's life, cycling the country to promote awareness of the plight.

Study: United Airline Responsible For Half Of Animal Injury and Death

According to Department of Transportation, United Airlines is responsible for more than half the deaths of animals reported from in the last 3 years.

Experts Warn: Blue-Green Algae Potentially Lethal to Dogs

Harmful algal blooms that can be found in New York State's fresh water are known to be toxic to dogs, and, in some cases, even fatal.

Rocco the Doxie Channels Inner Squirrel, Gets Stuck in Tree Stump

We guess he was barking up the wrong tree. Rocco the Dachshund got stuck in a tree stump and had to be rescued by the fire department.

Dogs On The Inside: Inspiring Documentary About Rescue Dogs and Inmate

This touching movie follows a program that aims to save shelter dogs while giving inmates a new perspective on life. Life is not always easy for humans. In t…

Researchers Discover Biomarker Test For Degenerative Myelopathy in Dog

Researchers from the University of Missouri believe a test that helps diagnose ALS in humans can also be used for diagnosing canine cases of DM.

Ice-T and Coco’s Beloved Bulldog Passes Away After Surgery

Spartacus, beloved Bulldog of Ice-T and Coco Austin, passed away from complications after knee surgery, and the stars are heartbroken over the loss.

This Is What Happens When a Dog Eats Gorilla Glue

Please — don't try this at home, pups! An Oklahoma pooch found herself in a sticky situation after getting ahold of a bottle of Gorilla Glue.

Chinese Dog Food Company Moves Operations… to the U.S.A.?!

It's not everyday you see "Made in the USA" on a Chinese pet product. But Gambol Pet Group leads the way with its new USA plant based in California.

ASPCA: Data Shows Fewer Surrenders, More Adoption, and Decrease in Eut

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) releases data that shows there are less animal in the US shelter system!

Chernobyl Puppies Are On Their Way To The United States

Puppies rescued from Chernobyl ruins are in quarantine in Ukraine, awaiting clean bills of health to come to the United States for adoption.

Cat Fight Against Lisa Vanderpump Ensues Over Allegations of Dog Chari

A lawsuit has been filed against The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Vanderpump and her hubby amid dog charity fraud allegations.

Study Finds Owning A Dog Is Beneficial To Your Heart

Proof that dogs make your heart healthy and happy! Here’s one more reason why you should own a dog. The American Heart Association says that dogs may l…

Nationwide Voluntary Recall Of Pet Seizure Medications

A nationwide recall has been issued for multiple C.O. Truxton veterinary anticonvulsant, anti-seizure, and antidepressant medications for pets.

Did Impeached South Korean President Park Geun-hye Abandon Her Dogs?

South Korea's impeached president Park Geun-hye keeps making headlines - the latest claims she's abandoned her loyal "First Dogs."

Can Therapy Dogs Affect Echocardiogram Results?

We know what effect dogs have on our how our hearts feel, but now Duke University's School of Medicine how service dogs make hearts look.

Rescue Of Dog From Earthquake Rubble Will Have You In Tears [Video]

Last week, we told you about how some rescue dogs were helping find humans after a devastating earthquake in Italy. Now, watch as humans repay the favor.

New Research Gives Insight To Why Dogs Are Superior Sniffers

Researchers have found new details about a dog’s anatomy that help explain more why they are such stupendous sniffers! Scientists at Washington Univers…

Labrador Retriever Takes AKC’s Top Spot for 25th Consecutive Year

The votes are in! Where did your favorite dog breed place on the American Kennel Club's 2015 Most Popular Dogs in the U.S. list?

Runaway Dog’s PugShot Goes Viral

A Police department on the New Jersey Shore has won the Internet today, posting an adorable “PugShot” of a runaway dog from Maryland. As if pictu…

Rescue Dog Slated For Euthanasia Is Hero To Hurricane Harvey Victims

While the world watches the devastating effects on the United States from Hurricane Harvey, the unlikeliest of heroes come out of the waters.

Study: Dog-Speak Improves Bond Between Dogs and Humans

Experts have found that using 'dog-speak' when talking to your pooch is an important part of creating the bonding process between humans and their pups.

Florida Politician Wrestles Alligator to Save Dog’s Life

There are politicians who make promises they never follow through with and there are politicians who will fight alligators for their constituents!