New Antibody Gives Fresh Hope For Dog Cancer Treatment

Scientists have developed a new cancer antibody that could help dogs with malignant cancers. This could also give hope to human patients.

Awesome Perks of The Dog Cafe Include Coffee and Adoptable Canines

This Los Angeles cafe is unlike most other coffee joints. Sip your latte and pet a pooch... and if your coffee date goes well, you can adopt that dog!

Senior Canines Bring Love And Companionship To Senior Citizens

A special pair of senior canines are bringing joy to senior humans proving that love comes in all shapes and sizes (and even with fur)!

New Study Shows How Movies Affect Dog Breeds’ Popularity

Call it the Lassie Effect: Researchers have proven that movies featuring dogs create a major surge in breed popularity. Lassie. The Shaggy Dog. 101 Dalmatia…

Meet Sweepee Rambo, The 2016 World’s Ugliest Dog

What she lacks in beauty, she makes up for in heart. Meet Sweepee Rambo the new "World's Ugliest Dog" for 2016. Way too go, girl!

Work-From-Home Dad Names Dog as Multiple “Employee of Quarter”

Working like a dog pays off for one pup in Woodstock, Georgia, who has won 'Employee of the Quarter' several times as an employee of her dad's sales center.

Breaking News: Worldwise And Quaker Pet Group Merge In Pet Product Cou

It seems like 2014/2015 is the year of the pet product merger! The latest company to jump on the bandwagon is Worldwise – they are merging Quaker Pet G…

AKC Registers 7 New Dog Breeds From Around The World

The AKC is adding seven new dog breeds to its official ranks. Ranging in sizes large to small, these new recruits make fine additions to the roster.

If Your Dog Needs Space, Tie A Yellow Ribbon Around His Leash

Canadian dog trainer Tara Palardy is on a mission to help protect DINOS (dogs in need of extra space). I don’t know about you, but I pretty much want t…

Ohio Man Given Ticket For Rescuing Dogs From Hot Car

Despite a law that protects civilians from liability should they break into cars to rescue pets, an Ohio man has received a criminal citation for smashing a…

Drug Sniffing K9s In Danger of Overdosing On Dangerous Narcotics

The consequences of contact with drugs are frequently fatal to dogs: the year before last, 36 police dogs died from exposure to heroin.

Study: Little Dogs Lie About Size With Their Pee Stream

New research suggests that little dogs may be sending a special signal in their ‘pee-mail’ that tells other dogs they are bigger than they really…

Can Tesla’s Cabin Overheat Tech Save Dogs in Hot Cars?

It is never advised to leave your pet in a hot car. But Tesla has introduced new technology to their already unique designs that just may save lives.

Game Of Thrones “The Mountain” Loves His Tiny Pomeranian

Fans of Game of Thrones, beware - you won't be able to resist The Mountain's adorable little dog that looks like a mouse compared to the actor's huge frame.

Petcube Developing Artificial Intelligence to Help Read Your Dog’s M

Life would be easier if you just knew what your dog was trying to tell you or you could read his mind. Petcube is working on making that a reality.

Bug-Sniffing Dog Protects Pepper Crops in Canada

Pests beware! In response to a pepper weevil infestation last year, a Canadian farm has taken a dog on as a pest control staff member.

Pet Owners Turn To Medical Marijuana To Treat Their Pets

More American states are legalizing medicinal marijuana, and more pet owners are now treating their pets with cannabis-based medicines to relieve symptoms.

Chrysler Launches ‘Give a Dog a Job’ for Canine Companions For Ind

Chrysler is partnering with Canine Companions for Independence and are sponsoring their first official PacifiPuppy named Foley!

Dogs Become Lifeguards For The UK’s Hornsea Beach

Just call it Barkwatch--a specially-trained group of canine babes are about to be the newest lifeguards in the U.K.'s East Yorkshire!

Aggressiveness Gene Research in Dogs is All Bark, No Bite

Recent news about an aggressiveness gene found in dogs doesn't sit too well with me. Let me tell you why it's all bark and no bite.

Top 11 Pet News Stories of 2017

Hard to believe we are wrapping up another year. We covered some amazing stories - here are the top news stories of 2017!

Study Shows Dogs Prefer Owners Over Food

We always knew it! Scientists at Emory University in Atlanta GA recently proved that most dogs prefer their owners over food.

Veteran and Service Dog Couldn’t Find Work… Until Lowes Hired Them

An Instagram pic from Abilene, Texas home improvement store Lowes has gone viral, and it has everything to do with a new, furry, four-legged employee!

WellPet Foundation Makes Donation Worth $1.7 Million To PetSmart Chari

Thousands of homeless animals can expect a full bowl of food, thanks to the WellPet’s $1.7 million donation of pet food to in-need shelters. Taking the…

Adorable Kitten Tries To Teach Old Dogs Some New Tricks

So much squee! A group of senior Chihuahuas has adopted a kitten into their motley crew, and we can not handle the cuteness!

Cancer Survivor Finds New BFF With Three-Legged Dog

All the tissues were needed at a Sacramento, California pet adoption, where two friends in similar situations became forever family.

Dognapping Ransoms Are Big Business in Italy

It's "The Italian Job: Dog Edition." Italy isn't just a hot spot for tourists - it's also a hub for thieves who steal dogs and collect ransom from owners.

New Survey Reveals Pet Ownership Numbers Decline in England

While pet ownership has reached all-time highs in the US, new research from England shows that pet ownership has declined in the last five years.

Petco Holiday Wishes Come True For Senior Dog Who Wins $25,000

The Petco Foundation's Holiday Wishes Campaign has "wrapped" - here's the story that stood out among thousands of entries and won the hearts of the judges.

Heavy-Metal Icon Ozzy Osbourne to Open Not-So-Hardcore Doggie Daycare

After stepping down as the Prince of Darkness, Ozzy Osbourne has decided follow the next logical step in his career - open up a doggy daycare.

Family Flew Home To Chicago But Their Dog Gets Left Behind In Germany

After landing in the United States, a family from St. Louis was shocked to realize their family pet was left stranded in Frankfurt.

New Report Shows Army’s Failure In Taking Care Of Heroic Canines

A new report from the Department of Defense details the mishandling of the adoptions of military canines who served in Operation Enduring Freedom.

Service Dog Dropout Finds New Career Path in District Attorney’s Off

Not every dog is up for the challenge of being a service dog. But when one doggy door closes, another opens with an opportunity to really strut their stuff.

The Very Best Amazon Prime Day Deals

Get ready to go shopping because Amazon Prime Day is finally here! If you live for online shopping, you live for this day.

UK Village Looking To Hire Dog Poop Police

Job description: Investigator needed to track down lazy dog owners and return poop that hasn’t been scooped. Baggies included. The Town Council in the…

Study: Your Dog Gives Zero F*%@$ Manipulating You To Get What He Wants

Would those eyes lie to you? Science says yes, and that your dog might be playing you to get what he wants. Spoiler: he's not one bit ashamed of it!

Maggie, the World’s Oldest Dog Dies, at 30

Maggie, a 30-year-old Kelpie and the world's oldest dog, died peacefully in her sleep. When most dogs live 11-13 years, she doubled that expectancy.

New Study Will Investigate Effects Of Pets In Classrooms

A new study will investigate effects of common pets in the classroom on a broader scale, thanks to a $130,000 grant given to American Humane by HABRI.

Unexpected Iron Dog Joins The Swedish Adventure Racing Team

Arthur, a stray dog, adopts the Swedish Adventure Racing Team in Ecuador Talk about one tough pooch! Sweden’s Peak Performance team began their journey…

Service Dog Gives Birth To 8 Puppies In Tampa Airport Terminal

Travelers at Tampa International Airport got to witness the surprise arrival of eight adorable puppies when a service dog gave birth in the main terminal!

Animal Control Officers Are in the Doghouse… For a Good Cause

Some brave animal control officials in Michigan want to make sure you know just how dangerous the chilly elements are to our pets.

President Bush’s New Family Member Is Service Dog Named Sully

Former President George H.W. Bush recently had a furry new addition to the presidential family, a service dog named Sully, provided by America’s Vet Do…

Team of Iditarod Sled Dogs Test Positive For Opioid Drug Use

For the first time ever, canine contestants in the famous Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race have been identified as testing positive for drug use.

Boise State Football Team Has It’s Own Tee Retriever

Kohl is the Bronco's tee retrieving dog and his videos have hit the Internet by storm. He's such a good dog, everyone has fallen in love with him.

Humane Society Of Canada Fights To Keep Tax-Free Status After Shady Ex

After the Canadian government's decision to shut down the charity, we're reminded we need to take a closer look at the causes we donate to.

Report: Best And Worst US States For Animal Protection Laws

A new report by the Animal Legal Defense Fund has ranked states based on their laws and the punishments for breaking them.

Montreal Pit Bull Ban Suspended While SPCA Challenges Bylaw

The controversial law that was a death sentence for thousands of pit bulls has been given a stay while the SPCA challenges it--but isn't permanent just yet.

Center for Pet Safety Adds Pet Travel Carrier to Its Certification Pro

The Center for Pet Safety adds tested protocols for pet travel carriers to its certification program in an effort to standardize reliable safety features.

Humane Society Fights Back Against USDA Records Removal

The USDA is removing years' worth of data about inspection reports for animal facilities and breeders. Now, animal welfare groups are fighting back.

This Beautiful Mural Is Made From Pictures of Adopters and Their Rescu

Aptly named ‘Love Changes Everything' this is the world's largest mosaic mural that features adopted pets and their people.

AKC Humane Fund Honors ACE Winners

The winners of the 19th Annual AKC Humane Fund Awards for Canine Excellence (ACE) have been named, and we believe you’ll love the five amazing winners!…

German Shepherd and Orphaned Moose Become Fast Friends

An odd couple is giving the Internet all the feels as an orphaned moose and a shepherd named Leo became fast friends in Wallagrass, Maine.

Shelter Sensation Rami The Pitbull/Dachshund Mix To Become Therapy Dog

A true rags-to-riches story, one-of-a-kind mutt Rami is using his uniqueness to raise awareness for shelter dogs. It started as a dog-gone love story. A Rome…

Millennial Homebuyers Choose Homes With Their Pet in Mind

Survey shows majority of millennial homebuyers would pass up on their dream home if it didn't happen to meet their pet needs as well.

J.M. Smucker Buys Rachel Ray’s Nutrish

J.M. Smucker has been in the news lately because of several dog food brand recalls, and now has announced they're buying Rachel Ray brand dog food Nutrish.

Voluntarily Recall Of Five Rachael Ray Nutrish Wet Cat Food Varieties

Ainsworth Pet Nutrition of Meadville, PA is voluntarily recalling five varieties of Rachael Ray Nutrish wet cat food, including Ocean Fish-a-licious, Lip Sma…

It’s Official: Largest Collective Pet Wedding Takes Place In China

China is the destination for dogs who want to woof “I do,” as pets in this country play an increasingly important part of people’s daily li…

Free Lead Toxicity Blood Tests Available for Dogs in Flint

Flint, Michigan is holding free screening events for local pet parents, who want to ensure their dogs haven't been poisoned by Flint River's water.

‘Woofering Heights’ Movie Makes Fireworks Less Fearsome

If an evening ends with a bang thanks to fireworks, your pets may not want to celebrate. These dog-calming films, voiced by David Tenant, offer distraction.

Bullies Replace Bouquets in the Best Wedding Photos Ever

The stars of what was quite possibly the cutest wedding EVER were adorable eight-month-old rescue puppies, and the bride was glad they stole the show!