Baseball Bat Dog Proves It’s Better to Run the Bases Than Retrieve

The bat-dog for a Texas AA baseball team has cracked us up with his less-than-obedient bat behavior, and is making the viral rounds as he rounds the bases.

Chris Evans Opens Up About His New Adopted Dog, Dodger

Chris Evans may just be the perfect man. What puts him into the 'perfection' category is his sweet story of the adoption of his dog, Dodger.

Are You Lazy Enough To Send Your Dog To Fat Camp?

If your dog has too much weight and you have too much money, why not send him to fat camp? Pet obesity is on the rise and this is a troubling concern. As pet…

The Bachelorette’s Dog Picked Final Rose Winner

For over a decade, bachelorettes have had to narrow down the giving of roses to eligible bachelors on the popular The Bachelorette show, but for last season&…

Missing Therapy Dog Found After Vegas Massacre Thanks to Social Media

A story from the massacre in Las Vegas that has a happy ending--a therapy French Bulldog who ran away from the chaos and her humans have been reunited.

Pet Valu Helps Pet Victims of British Columbia Wildfires

British Columbia has been devastated by wildfires. Pet Valu has stepped in to help those families with pets, by donating $100,000 worth of pet products.

New Jersey Pooch Palace On Sale For $14.9 Million

Got an extra million dollars (or 14.9, to be exact) to throw around and a huge dog lover? There's a castle in New Jersey with your name all over it!

Dinner’s On Us, Eh! 25,000 Meals (And More) On Its Way To Rural Cana

Some communities in Northern Canada can be hard to get to, and pet owners (and pups) must make due with limited resources. But thanks PetSmart Canada, Halo a…

Study: Decreased Sperm Count in Dogs Due to Dog Food Chemicals

Decreased sperm count in dogs was verified this month at the University of Nottingham. If we continue on this track, there won't be any furry heads to pet.

Delta Airlines Bans Pit Bull and ‘Pit Bull Types’ On Planes

Delta Airlines will no longer allow pit bull or 'pit bull type' dogs on flights, even if those dogs are for emotional support or are service dogs.

Picture of Pitbull Cuddling With Bunnies and Chick Goes Viral

The picture features a Pitbull hanging out with a chick on its head and a basket of bunnies has gone viral, and has people talking about the breed.

Take The Ultimate Pet Friendly Road Trip With

The Ultimate Pet Friendly Road Trip Kicks Off this February, inspiring people to embrace road tripping with the best traveling companions ever--their pets!

FDA Alert: Pet Foods and Treats May Contain Hormones That Trigger Hype

The FDA warns that pet food and treats made with livestock gullets have the potential to contain thyroid tissue and thyroid hormones.

Researchers Find Shared OCD Genes in Dogs, Humans, and Mice

Newest findings indicate that OCD, one of the shared conditions that can affect both us and our pets, can be identified through four genomes.

LA Looks at Vegan Diet For All Shelter Dogs, Despite Veterinary Recomm

As more people consider pets their 'family,' they are feeding them humans diets. A new proposal, if passed, will make LA shelter dogs vegan.

Guide Dog Puppies to Bear Names of Team USA Olympians

Non-profit organization called Guiding Eyes for the Blind will name a litter of pups in honor of the most distinguished athletes.

We Can Drink Wine and Support Guide Dogs?! Sign Us Up!

When it comes to drinking wine and supporting a cause, we're on board! A toast to Windsor Vineyards,who are donating to Guiding Eyes for the Blind.

Istanbul Snowstorms Bring Out The Best As Citizens Care For Stray Anim

Snowstorms recently hit Istanbul, and the city's animal lovers took it upon themselves to ensure the stray animals were safe and warm in the weather.

Step Up To Win a $1000 Gift Card From Pets Add Life

Win one of six $1000 gift cards during Pets Add Life's Pet Step Contest. And all you have to do is tell them why you added a pet to your life.

Chernobyl Puppies Are On Their Way To The United States

Puppies rescued from Chernobyl ruins are in quarantine in Ukraine, awaiting clean bills of health to come to the United States for adoption.

Study: Dog’s Inner Poop Compass Lines Up With Earth’s Axis

I’m going to think twice the next time I get annoyed at Oscar taking his time to find the perfect pooping spot. It turns out his compulsion to turn in…

Gus Kenworthy Rescues Another Puppy From Korea

Olympic skier and all-around amazing human Gus Kenworthy has adopted a new puppy into their family, just months after his beloved puppy Beemo died of a heart…

Putting an End to ‘Manspreaders’ With Catty Transit Ads

Don't you hate it when there's nowhere to sit on the subway because of backpacks and manspredding? The MBTA is getting catty about these pet peeves.

Biden Rescue Pooch Gets V(I)P Treatment On Air Force Two

Talk about a new leash on life! From the streets of Mississippi to the chambers of Air Force Two, this rescue dog is definitely living the high life with the…

New Airplane Pet Monitoring System Gives Pet Parents Peace of Mind

Following the death of a puppy on a United Airlines flight, a new pet monitoring system ensures that furry family members are safe when they fly.

Bride Rejects Marriage Proposal Because Groom Hates Dogs

You never dump your furry BFF for a man! A woman is offered a marriage proposal, with the ultimatum that she gives up her dog - guess who she chooses?

New “Pig Perfume” Spray Stops Barking Bad Dog Behavior

No, it doesn’t smell like bacon, but “Stop That” spray may stop your dog from acting like a ham Sick and tired of your dog’s endless…

Presidential Pups Decorate the White House Lawn for the Holidays

First Lady Michelle Obama presented the official White House Holiday decorations to the public, and First Pups Bo and Sunny were not left out!

HSUS Declares California Most Humane State in the US

California comes in again as the most Humane State in the US, according to the HSUS, while Mississippi rounds out the bottom of the list.

Study: Current Dog Bite Prevention Methods Ineffective And Simplistic

It turns out that we don't know enough about preventing dog bites. Researchers say reading canine body language is ineffective when preventing dog bites.

Purina Play Haven Opens At NYC Domestic Violence Shelter

Many women stay in abusive homes because they don't want to leave their dogs. Thanks to Purina Play Haven at Urban Women's Retreat, they no longer have to.

DogVacay Partners With American Humane Association To House Displaced

You may think you're prepared, but does your pet have an evacuation plan? DogVacy and American Humane Association help dogs during natural disasters.

New Research Shows Dogs In American Shelters At An All-Time Low

New research indicates that the occupancy of dog shelters is at an all-time low, and we applaud the efforts of animal welfare groups.

Therapy Dogs Could Be Helping Lawyers Mediate Divorces

According to findings from a new Harvard study, we could be seeing canines helping people de-stress during family law mediation.

Classroom Pets Prove Positive for Students in New Research

Newest research shows the positive affects of having classroom pets and their potential to promote learning and good behavior.

Top Dogs Honored With AKC Humane Fund Awards For Canine Excellence

When it comes to going above and beyond, these five heroic dogs came to the rescue. Congrats to the AKC ACE dogs who saved, protected or enriched our lives,

Could Your Dog Toys Be Poisoning Your Pet?

The toys you give your dog to chew may contain chemicals that could be deadly! Learn how to choose toys that are safe for your pooch.

Fort McMurray Pet Owners Need Help After Wildfires Rage Through City

Forced to leave their pets behind because of raging wild fires, the pet parents of Fort McMurray are frantic with worry for their furry loved ones.

Comfort Dogs Aid Dallas Police Force After Shooting

During tragic times, dogs can comfort us. In Dallas, six Golden Retrievers continue to provide support for those who knew the fallen police officers.

Americans Will Spend $681 Million on Pets This Valentine’s Day

Humans aren't the only ones who get spoiled by loved ones on Valentine's Day. We shower love (in the form of gifts) on our pets - $681 million this year!

What a Streak – AKC Says Labrador Retriever is Still America’s Mos

Labrador Retrievers still reign as America’s most popular dog, but French Bulldogs are closing in as the American Kennel Club released their Top 10 mos…

United Airlines Reaches Settlement With Family Of Suffocated Puppy

United Airlines has reached a settlement with the family whose nine-month-old puppy was killed after an airline attendant insisted the dog travel in the over…

Bayer Donation Helps Domestic Violence Victims and Pets Stay Together

Domestic abuse victims have problems finding a shelter that accepts pets. But Bayer is working to change that with this substantial donation.

Research: Holiday Indulgences Can Be Dangerous to Pets

We share holiday indulgences with our pets. Research shows that it can lead to serious health conditions, and we need to curb this habit over the holidays.

New Research Claims These Guard Dogs Are Best At Protecting Against Wo

Researchers have looked into the best guard dogs against wolves and other predators and have found that three breeds you shouldn't mess with.

Smallest Military Dog Makes Big Impact on Largest Naval Base

Military working dogs come in all sizes. Just look at Puskos, a 15-pound powerhouse who patrols for drugs at Naval Station Norfolk.

Researchers Say DNA Testing In Pedigree Dogs Not Enough

Research out of the UK shows that a single genetic test may not be enough to improve the health of pedigree dog breed lines. For Harry Potter fans, we know i…

Puppy Pals Around With Pachyderms At New York Zoo

A New York puppy has become the Seneca Park Zoo’s first elephant barn dog, and the pics of the pup and her new pachyderm friends are giving us all the…

PetCo’s Barkyard Box Seats Are Perfect For Catching Fly Balls and Ho

Take in a ball game at "The Barkyard presented by Petco," six brand new semi-private dog-friendly viewing boxes available at every Padres' home game.

Study: Canine Helicopter-Moms Raise Guide Dog Dropouts

Think your dog has what it takes to be a guide dog? New research shows that pups with mothers who hover over them need not apply!

Amazing Rescue Dog Can Sniff Out Cancer In Humans

The nose knows! Frankie’s strong sniffer can detect cancer, making him a doctor’s best friend. We all know how our dogs are immediately on hand n…

Dog Finds A New Home and Job After Hurricane Matthew [Video]

Four months on and Charlotte, North Carolina, is still recovering from Hurricane Matthew. A displaced dog is thanking her rescuers by lending a helping paw.

Dogs Are Man’s Best Friend Against Terrorist Attacks

When it comes to fighting terrorism, no robot or technology-based tracking system does a better job than a living, breathing canine.

Olympian Skier Gus Kenworthy Saves 90 Pups From Dog Meat Farm

Gus Kenworthy may not have brought a gold medal home, but he's bringing home something even more priceless--a new furry family member.

Wayfair Launches Archie & Oscar, A Line of Fab Pet Furniture and

One of the world's largest online home retailers upgraded their selection of products with an exclusive line of furniture and accessories for all pets.

Blue Buffalo Takes Top Spot in Online Pet Food War

Despite expensive lawsuits and admissions of false advertising, Blue Buffalo turns our to be online consumers' top choice for pet food.

Bestselling Author Offers Giveaway In Support Of The Beagle Freedom Pr

For a limited time, author and cancer-survivor Teresa Rhyne gives you something extra special when you order her new book In 2012 author Teresa Rhyne gave th…

Walk For A Dog App Helps You Get Active For A Cause

There's an app for do-good dog walkers. Don't just take your dog for a walk... take your Walk for a Dog with this super cool (and super charitable) app!

Kinetic Pet Eye Drops Recalled Due to Bacteria Contamination

Kinetic Technologies and Kinetic Vet has voluntarily recalled Hy-Optic, OptiVet and Optimend. This recall is the result of deficiencies in sterility.

University of Washington To Study New Dog Anti-Aging Drug

Researchers at the University of Washington may have good intentions but will their research on aging in dogs really provide something useful?