Study: Pup Parents Plaster Social Media With Dog Pics

We use social media to update the world on our everything we love. New information shows we use social media for pet postings approximately once a day!

Freddy the Great Dane is World’s Tallest Living Dog

While runts of the litter may not start off big, one record-breaking Great Dane has just proven that even the little puppy can meet huge expectations!

A Dog’s Purpose Cancels Premiere, But Opens Quietly Amid Abuse Alleg

When TMZ released footage that claimed abuse, people promised to boycott "A Dog's Purpose." In response, the premiere of the movie has been cancelled.

Family Dog Helps Man With Alzheimer’s Speak Again [Video]

Is there any doubt that dogs have the power to heal? If there was any, just watch this video and it will be erased. It highlights how one special dog has hel…

Heroic Elderly Dog Went On Secret Mission To Rescue Neighbor

A sheepdog in New Zealand went missing, but returned to his family exhausted. Because of the note left on his collar, he is now being hailed as a hero.

Shop ‘Til You Drop Online – PetGuide’s Shop Is Now Open!

The insider scoop - save 20-40% off every day and weekly eCoupons. The PetGuide Shop brings you exclusive offers on trusted pet supplies you already use and love.

PetSafe Awards $275K to 25 Cities Across America for Off-Leash Dog Par

The annual Bark for Your Park program by PetSafe announces 25 cities set to receive more than $275K in funds to help build and maintain off-leash dog parks.

Study: Family Dogs Benefit Children With Disabilities

New research has found that the family dog can make a big difference in the lives of children with disabilities in their health and activity levels.

New York Rangers Add A Furry Teammate To The Roster

The National Hockey League is adding a new guy to their ranks–a yellow Labrador puppy who is training to be a service dog for a child with autism. The…

Viral Pictures of Sad Therapy Dog Rejuvenate Library Program

Sting, a bored greyhound library volunteer, had no one to read with... but after his owner posted his pictures online, Sting now has a full dance card.

New Airplane Pet Monitoring System Gives Pet Parents Peace of Mind

Following the death of a puppy on a United Airlines flight, a new pet monitoring system ensures that furry family members are safe when they fly.

Study: Pet Obesity on the Rise for 6th Straight Year

Nationwide confirms that over 1.3 million insurance claims were filed for conditions and diseases related directly to overweight pets in 2015.

Study: Electronic Dog Collars Could Do More Harm Than Good

Researchers in the UK have come up with some shocking findings about the effect an electronic collar could have on your dog’s behavior. Sometimes trai…

Don’t Call In Sick Tomorrow: Uber Delivers Puppies To Canadian Offic

Forget having a 15 minute coffee break – Uber and 3MillionDogs bring puppies to your office for a furry meeting you won’t want to skip, in suppor…

New Project Lets Kids Play Dog for a Day

There's some pretty cool stuff that'll be going on at the University of Colorado's Alliance for Technology, Learning and Society Institute.

HABRI Research Finds Emails to Dog Owners Prompts More Exercise

??Do you need a reminder to walk your dog? Research shows that email prompts to owners motivate them to get up and get moving with their pooch.

SFSPCA Holiday Windows Event Brings Adoptable Pets to Macy’s

Is something furry on your Christmas wish list? The annual Holiday Windows event in San Francisco is the perfect place if you're looking to adopt a pet.

Westminster Kennel Club Pairs With Pratt Institute for Annual Art Cont

What do you get when you combine talented artists and The Westminster Kennel Club? An art contest that awards a $10,000 first place prize!

Bipartisan PAWS Act To Help Veterans With PTSD

The PAWS Act is a bipartisan bill is aimed at providing service dogs to U.S. military vets who are diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

20 Puppies Abandoned In A Field Will Get Their Happily Ever After

This could have been a sad story. Thanks to the kindness of strangers, it’s going to have 20 happy endings. Hunter Greg Zubiak thought it would be just…

High Schoolers Help Homeless Hounds by Building Dog Houses

We're so proud of these kids and their teacher! A Florida shop teacher instills lessons of community and compassion while teaching students about carpentry.

News Investigation Uncovers Poison in Dog Food, Prompting FDA Investig

A news station has found evidence that several name brand pet foods have traces of a drug given to euthanize dogs, and the FDA is investigating.

Meet Zelda, Instagram’s Time Travelling Doge

Such creative! Wow! Time travel? Impossible? Try telling Zelda that. She doesn't even need a TARDIS, thanks to her crafty owner.

‘Dog Whisperer’ Cesar Millan Under Investigation After Animal Crue

Just in - According to an L.A. County Animal Control spokesman, "Dog Whisperer" host Cesar Millan is being investigated for animal cruelty.

Report: Rich People Also Happen To Be Dog People

A new report has analyzed the tendencies and trends of the world's wealthiest people and found that the rich tend to be on Team Dog.

Former Rescue Ruger the Hero Dog Sends Poachers Packing

"Bad" dogs find their purpose sniffing our poachers and stop illegal trafficking in ivory and rhino horn. Meet one pooch who's saving wildlife.

Study: Your Dog Gives Zero F*%@$ Manipulating You To Get What He Wants

Would those eyes lie to you? Science says yes, and that your dog might be playing you to get what he wants. Spoiler: he's not one bit ashamed of it!

Military Working Dog Receives Hero’s Send Off As He’s Laid To Rest

An honorable canine service member has been laid to rest in Shreveport, Louisiana and was honored last week as the American hero he was.

PBS’ ‘Shelter Me’ Puts The Spotlight On At-Risk Pets

We all know the statistics are grim: millions of dogs and cats are euthanized in shelters every year. Filmmaker Steve Latham is hoping to change that with hi…

New Report Shows Army’s Failure In Taking Care Of Heroic Canines

A new report from the Department of Defense details the mishandling of the adoptions of military canines who served in Operation Enduring Freedom.

A Really Great Dane Saves Abandoned Kitten’s Eyesight

We know dogs are a man's best friend, but for a tiny cat who needed some sight-saving blood, it turns out they can be a kitten's best pal, too!

Elite Ranger Military Dogs Suit Up With Upgraded Tactical Gear

The U.S. Army Special Operations Command is set to outfit the 75th Ranger Regiment's dogs for military duty with upgraded tactical gear.

Vets Warn: Dry Drowning Is a Risk for Dogs, Too

Want to take your pooch to the beach for some summer fun? Read this first. Sunny days on the beach, frozen treats, and vacation time– what’s no…

Injured Man Runs To Find His Dog After Car Crash

Despite being injured in a collision, Manny Guzman ignored the pain and went searching for his four-legged best friend, OG.

More Than Half of Pet Owners in America Are Not Prepared for a Pet Eme

A little over 60 percent of pet owners in the United States wouldn't be able to cover the costs of a $1,000 emergency pet surgery without going into debt.

Survey Says Pet Parents Celebrate Their Pets More Than Ever

According to the results of a new study from Mars Petcare US, pet parents celebrate their furbabies with paw-tastic parties.

Dream Parks Do Come True During Beneful Dream Dog Park Project

Your vote counts! One lucky dog park will earn $30,000 to improve and enhance its surroundings, and you can help decide which one wins.

Study: Your Dog’s Experiences Let Him Know If You Are a Good Human

New research shows that dogs really do have technique to how they view whether a human is 'good' or 'bad,' and it's related to their exposure to humans.

Science Says Grieving For Our Pets is Human

To others, the loss of a beloved pet is not understood. Research proves that the pet/owner relationship is similar to those with human family members.

Ohio Burger King Lets Dying Dog Have It His Way In His Last Days

A Burger King in Ohio is offering a terminally ill dog the opportunity to have his favorite food ‘his way,’so that he can be happy in his last da…

Study: Dog’s Inner Poop Compass Lines Up With Earth’s Axis

I’m going to think twice the next time I get annoyed at Oscar taking his time to find the perfect pooping spot. It turns out his compulsion to turn in…

Lucky The Dog Tells His Rags-To-Spokes-Dog Story On CBS’ “Lucky Do

Good boy! On the award-winning CBS show "Lucky Dog," Lucky teaches new pet parents how to create environmentally responsible living landscapes.

Baron Von Furrypants & Leonardo DiCatprio Among Top 10 Wackiest P

Get down from there, Sir Theodorable Purrsalot! If you're looking for a name that stands out from the pet crowd, consider one of these wacky monikers.’s Sponsors Free Pet Adoptions During “Friends On Us Fri and North Shore Animal League America are joining forces to launch Friends on Us Fridays, sponsoring free pet adoptions in 15 states.

Animal Rescue Efforts Underway After Nepal Earthquake

Much-needed relief has reached the devastated region – here’s how you can help injured and homeless animals in Nepal. Disaster strikes anywhere,…

Highly Contagious Dog Flu Strain On the Move, Cases Reported in 2 More

H3N2, a new canine influenza virus strain, which was first detected in Chicago kennels last March, has emerged in Washington State and Montana.

United Airlines Reaches Settlement With Family Of Suffocated Puppy

United Airlines has reached a settlement with the family whose nine-month-old puppy was killed after an airline attendant insisted the dog travel in the over…

15,000 of New Zealand’s Furry Citizens Might Have Defective Microchi

Kiwi pet parents were outraged to find out that their pets' microchips might not work anymore, which means they couldn't be identified if lost.

Classroom Pets Prove Positive for Students in New Research

Newest research shows the positive affects of having classroom pets and their potential to promote learning and good behavior.

Promising New Research For Treating Brain Tumors in Dogs and Humans

New research from clinical trials has shown promise for treating brain tumors in dogs, and may one day even be used to help humans!

Service Dog Mr. Gibbs Is A Breath Of Fresh Air For One Lucky Little Gi

Goldendoodle Mr. Gibbs gives best friend Alida a leash on life by carrying her oxygen tank on his back. Okay, on the tissue meter, on this story is off the s…

Lady Gaga Goes Goo-Goo For New Puppy

Lady Gaga has added to her furry family with a yet-to-be-named French Bulldog puppy, and didn't waste a second getting him on Instagram.

Bestselling Author Offers Giveaway In Support Of The Beagle Freedom Pr

For a limited time, author and cancer-survivor Teresa Rhyne gives you something extra special when you order her new book In 2012 author Teresa Rhyne gave th…

Dog Escapes Shelter To Find Woman Who Gave Him Bacon Treats

A small act of kindness, and bacon treats, left a big imprint on the heart of a shelter dog in Yellowknife, Canada, and changed both of their lives forever!

Ethical Treatment of Animals Now Taught in China’s High Schools

China's Ministry of Education is introducing an optional module that will open the hearts and minds of young people to the suffering of animals.

Animal Control Officers Are in the Doghouse… For a Good Cause

Some brave animal control officials in Michigan want to make sure you know just how dangerous the chilly elements are to our pets.

Service Dog Dropout Finds New Career Path in District Attorney’s Off

Not every dog is up for the challenge of being a service dog. But when one doggy door closes, another opens with an opportunity to really strut their stuff.

Deaf Dog Proves Victorious as an Agility Champion

We love it when a dog proves everyone wrong. Once deemed "Untrainable," this skilled pup has won a coveted champion agility title.

Actor Amber Heard Pleads Guilty To Illegal Dog Importation

Amber Heard, also known as Johnny Depp's wife, has pleaded guilty to providing false immigration documents for her two Yorkshire Terriers, Boo and Pistol.

Biden Rescue Pooch Gets V(I)P Treatment On Air Force Two

Talk about a new leash on life! From the streets of Mississippi to the chambers of Air Force Two, this rescue dog is definitely living the high life with the…