Temporary Reprieve Issued For Montreal Pitbulls

A Superior Court Judge just gave pit bulls a temporary reprieve from the controversial law banning them in Montreal, but needs permanence to protect them.

Mother Misses Son’s Wedding Because Service Dog Wasn’t Allowed In

A Michigan woman has filed a civil lawsuit against a church that refused her service dog to accompany her to her son's wedding.

New Hope for Children With Epilepsy Thanks to Miniature Dachshunds

A collaboration between miniature wirehaired dachshunds and scientists has advanced research into a rare and deadly form of epilepsy in children and dogs.

Military K-9 Dogs Awarded Medals Of Courage

Four military K-9 service dogs were awarded American Humane Medals of Courage for their exceptional Valor during combat service.

Motionless Mutt Wins the Mannequin Challenge! [Video]

The mannequin challenge is sweeping the Internet. And one dog from Florida wins it all with his Oscar-worthy performance in a party scene!

Shelter Dog Sniffs Out Child Pornography on Computer Hardware

Gia, a former shelter pup in Florida, is a rare hardware-sniffing dog who aids police officers in finding drives that are used by child pornographers.

Dogs Would Rather Be Jammin’ to Reggae, Says New Research

Researchers recently shared a paper that suggested dogs' behaviors differ based on musical genres (and they prefer to listen to reggae or soft rock!).

Dogs: So Nice, We Domesticated Them Twice

Great minds think alike. New research suggests that dogs were domesticated separately in both Europe and Asia at different times in history.

Experts Share Lyme Forecast Maps To Help Prevent Disease

The warm winter has led to heavy parasitic infection forecasts for pets. Researchers released a forecasting map that predicts risk for Lyme disease in dogs.

Woman Sues Ex-Husband For Failing To Pay Support For Their Dog

This ex-husband had agreed to pay money towards the upkeep of their dog. However, he didn't stick to the arrangement so now he's being sued!

Game Of Thrones “The Mountain” Loves His Tiny Pomeranian

Fans of Game of Thrones, beware - you won't be able to resist The Mountain's adorable little dog that looks like a mouse compared to the actor's huge frame.

Study: Modern Dog Domesticated From Single Event 40,000 Years Ago

Researchers from Stony Brook University claim that modern dog was domesticated only once, anywhere from 20,000 and 40,000 years ago.

Study: Are Therapy Dogs Under Too Much Stress?

There is no doubt that therapy dogs do a great service to people in need, but does it take a toll on them? Here's what researchers say about the subject.

Study: You Walk Your Dog For Happy Reasons, Not Health Reasons

New research shows what we've always known to be true: people love their dogs and walk with them because it makes them and their dogs happy!

High Schoolers Help Homeless Hounds by Building Dog Houses

We're so proud of these kids and their teacher! A Florida shop teacher instills lessons of community and compassion while teaching students about carpentry.

Bayer Donation Helps Domestic Violence Victims and Pets Stay Together

Domestic abuse victims have problems finding a shelter that accepts pets. But Bayer is working to change that with this substantial donation.

Delta Airlines Bans Pit Bull and ‘Pit Bull Types’ On Planes

Delta Airlines will no longer allow pit bull or 'pit bull type' dogs on flights, even if those dogs are for emotional support or are service dogs.

Retired Marine Dog Awarded Highest Military Honor

It's the first time in history that a U.S. Marine Corps dog was given this prestigious award, which is the animal equivalent to the Victoria Cross.

Katy Perry’s Assistant Saves Dog’s Life With CPR

Katy Perry is known for her rockin’ vocal chords, but now she is singing the praises of her assistant Tamra, who saved the life of Perry’s dog Nu…

Heroic Dogs And Their Humans Need Your Help to Get to US

Two dogs who serve United States Service Members have forever homes with their humans in America, but need help raising the funds to get them to the US.

Did Impeached South Korean President Park Geun-hye Abandon Her Dogs?

South Korea's impeached president Park Geun-hye keeps making headlines - the latest claims she's abandoned her loyal "First Dogs."

Study: Chiari Malformation Can Be Reduced With Cross-Breeding

A Netherlands dog breeder teams up with University of Surrey scientists to find out if there's a way to reducing the risk of Chiari skull malformations.

TV Goes To The Dogs During NatGeo WILD’S BarkFest

This weekend, prepare for a TV coma of epic proportions! NatGeo WILD presents BarkFest, a 48-hour marathon of back-to-back episodes all about dogs. An offsho…

Terminal K-9 Cop Receives Fitting Farewell From Fellow Officers

When Kaiser, a 2-year-old German Shepherd who has served as a member the Plymouth (MA) Police Department's K-9 unit, was diagnosed with kidney disease, there was nothing that could be done for him.

Hooch the French Mastiff Wins American Humane Emerging Hero Award

Some days, you'll come across a dog story that will make you cry. Other days, you're lucky enough to hear the story of an inspirational dog. Like this one.

UK Street Lamp Unleashes the Awesome Power of Dog Poop

As the world continues to look for alternative and sustainable energy sources, the United Kingdom leads the way... with a dog poop-powered street lamp!

WWF Trains Dogs to Sniff Out Ivory and Illegal Wildlife Products

They’ve been trained to pick up the scent of contraband buried deep inside luggage, alert handlers to hidden landmines, locate cadavers and even use th…

Injured Man Runs To Find His Dog After Car Crash

Despite being injured in a collision, Manny Guzman ignored the pain and went searching for his four-legged best friend, OG.

Center for Pet Safety Adds Pet Travel Carrier to Its Certification Pro

The Center for Pet Safety adds tested protocols for pet travel carriers to its certification program in an effort to standardize reliable safety features.

Coming This Fall: “SAVE Our SHELTER” Launches On The CW Network

The best reason to skip Saturday morning cartoons! DOG for DOG brings you a caffeinated dose of inspiration and passion with SAVE our SHELTER TV series.

Dog Finds A New Home and Job After Hurricane Matthew [Video]

Four months on and Charlotte, North Carolina, is still recovering from Hurricane Matthew. A displaced dog is thanking her rescuers by lending a helping paw.

American Airlines Stops Hero Service Dog From Boarding Plane Home

Shame on you, American Airlines - the company is full of hot air when it comes to its pet-friendly travel policies, after denying entry to a Hero Dog.

Ohio Business Man Braves The Cold For Family Pets

An Ohio man wants to show how domestic animals are not equipped to deal with winter weather in an extreme way--he's sleeping outside in the cold.

Concert Cellist Performs for Florida Humane Society Shelter

Professional cellist Natalie Helm performed for a very select group of furry music lovers Florida's Humane Society of Sarasota County.

Petco Foundation and Blue Buffalo Foundation Announce $2.35M in Pet Ca

Thanks to Petco Foundation and Blue Buffalo, this 2016 funding will support research and treatment initiatives at top U.S. universities.

New Research Shows Dogs Can Be Generous

As if you needed a reason to be an animal lover, new research shows that dogs can be generous, especially when it comes to sharing with someone they know.

Pest Control Companies Using Dogs to Sniff Out Bedbugs

The thought of bedbugs gives us the heebie jeebies, which is why we love the idea of exterminators using trained bed bug detection dogs.

AKC Registers 7 New Dog Breeds From Around The World

The AKC is adding seven new dog breeds to its official ranks. Ranging in sizes large to small, these new recruits make fine additions to the roster.

Jacksonville, Ill. Is PetSafe’s 2015 Bark For Your Park Contest Winn

Many entered, but only one could win $100,000 to build a new dog park in their community. This year's grand prize winner is Jacksonville, Ill. - Congrats!

Heroic Military Dogs Saved From Euthanasia After Successful Online Cam

The people have come together to save 3 heroic English military dogs from lethal injection, and SAS Andy McNabb is calling it a brilliant success story.

Dog’s Final Tribute To Her Master Shows Loyalty To The End

A heart-breaking picture of a pup without her human is making the rounds on the Internet, proving that even in death, our dogs remain loyal. An elderly dog w…

Custom Label Wine Mixes Art With Animal Rescue at Mutt Lynch Winery

California Winery launches "Wines That Gives Back" program with custom made, dog-centric wine labels aimed at supporting animal rescue organizations.

Wildfire Relocates Dogs to Prison, Inmates Now Rescuers

When fires threaten to destroy everything, think outside the box for solutions. California inmates care for deaf dogs evacuated from shelter due to wildfire

Survey Says We’d Gladly Pucker Up For Our Pooch

When it comes to kissing, we like to give our pets a peck on the cheek. Here are a few lip-smacking facts, in honor of International Kissing Day.

Tosh.O Shows How Crowdsourcing is a Pain in the Butt for a Cute Kitten

Crowdsourcing for worthy causes is a common occurrence. Daniel Tosh recently highlighted a worthy one, and, if you don't donate, you're a butt-hole.

Survey: Many Pet Owners Don’t Travel Due To Inadequate Boarding Opti

According to a recent survey, many pet parents opt to have a staycation because they don't want to put their dog in boarding because of cost.

Special Girl Passes Her “Make-A-Wish” Wish to Help Shelter Pups

Thanks to Anna Getner and the Make-A-Wish Foundation, a Connecticut dog shelter now has a brand new play room for pups to meet potential owners.

Unexpected Iron Dog Joins The Swedish Adventure Racing Team

Arthur, a stray dog, adopts the Swedish Adventure Racing Team in Ecuador Talk about one tough pooch! Sweden’s Peak Performance team began their journey…

Carrie Fisher’s Beloved French Bulldog Mourns Her Death

Fans worldwide are mourning the loss of Carrie Fisher, but perhaps none so much as Carrie's furry family member, a French Bulldog named Gary Fisher.

Earthquake Rescue Dog Gets Statue In Her Honor

A heroic Labrador Retriever who became a symbol of hope for Mexico after devastating earthquakes last September is now being honored with a statue in Puebla,…

The Story of Stubby The World War I Hero Dog is Hitting the Big Screen

A new animated film about Stubby, an adorable stray dog decorated for service during World War I, is being released April 8.

3 Puppies Rescued From Avalanche Bring Hope To Rescue Workers [Video]

An avalanche in Italy has resulted in the loss of life. But the discovery of three furry little miracles buried under the snow has brought renewed hope.

Researchers Discover Biomarker Test For Degenerative Myelopathy in Dog

Researchers from the University of Missouri believe a test that helps diagnose ALS in humans can also be used for diagnosing canine cases of DM.

This Is How Much Millenials Are Spending on Their Pets

The pet-loving generation is sparing no expense when it comes to pampering their fur babies- here's how much exactly are they willing to shell out.

This Beautiful Mural Is Made From Pictures of Adopters and Their Rescu

Aptly named ‘Love Changes Everything' this is the world's largest mosaic mural that features adopted pets and their people.

Houzz Survey Says That Pets Rule The Home

Houzz releases the results of its first-ever survey of how U.S. dog and cat parents accommodate furry family members with pet-friendly home interior design.

Gene Therapy Promising For Neuromuscular Disease Treatment In Dogs And

Researchers from the University of Washington believe they have promising treatment options for dogs who have a previously incurable neuromuscular disease.

Study: Dogs’ Immune Systems Leave Them Vulnerable As They Age

A recent study shows that a dog's immune system changes as they age, and much like humans, they may have less ability to deal with infection or stress.

Animal Planet’s “Rescue Dog to Super Dog” Show Will Leave You In

If you're a sucker for rescue dogs (or any dog, for that matter), you're going to want to tune into Animal Planet's new show, Rescue Dog to Super Dog.

Study: Pup Parents Plaster Social Media With Dog Pics

We use social media to update the world on our everything we love. New information shows we use social media for pet postings approximately once a day!