Study: You Walk Your Dog For Happy Reasons, Not Health Reasons

New research shows what we've always known to be true: people love their dogs and walk with them because it makes them and their dogs happy!

Amazon Introduces Wag, a New Dog Food Available to Prime Subscribers

Mega-retailer Amazon has joined the profitable pet product industry with the introduction of its own brand of pet products, a new division called Wag.

Chris Evans Opens Up About His New Adopted Dog, Dodger

Chris Evans may just be the perfect man. What puts him into the 'perfection' category is his sweet story of the adoption of his dog, Dodger.

Paws Up For National Pet Day

Happy National Pet Day! April 11 is National Pet Day - so what does that mean? Do pets get to take the day off (with pay, of course)?

Shelter Dogs & Pokemon Go: Gotta Walk ‘Em All!

A shelter in Indiana is utilizing the new Pokémon Go game to encourage volunteering! Play the game, walk a shelter dog - it's a win-win.

Donation From Realtor Connects 1000 Pets With Their Furever Homes

A realtor volunteered to pay the adoption fees for any pet adopted from the Front Street Animal Shelter. Now, over 1,000 shelter pets have found new homes!

Boise, Idaho Tops List Of Best Cities For Dog Parks

The Trust For Public Land has released rankings for Dog Parks across the United States, and Boise, Idaho tops the list of Top Cities for dog parks!

AllPaws App Wants To Help You Find Your Perfect Pet Match

Tinder, Schminder! The new AllPaws app is here to set you up with the pet of your dreams. There are so many pets out there looking for their fur-ever homes.…

Heroic German Shepherd Saves Platoon in Iraq

Military dogs do more than sniff out bombs on the front lines. ISIS terrorists were sent running when a fearless military dog protected his entire platoon.

New Study Finds Dogs Don’t Take Bad Advice

A new study conducted at the Yale Canine Cognition Center has shown that you may give a dog advice, but if he thinks it's bad, he's not going to take it!

Study: Like Humans, Dogs Integrate Learned Information While Sleeping

Most dog owners will tell you--their dogs are people too! Now new research shows that dogs' brains even look similar to ours when we are sleeping!

Animal Planet to Air Puppy Bowl XI on February 1 [Video]

Finally, some football we actually want to watch! Apparently there’s some big football game happening on Sunday, February 1st…hmmmm, we wouldn&r…

Hey Kids! Write A Poem About Your Pet And Win $1000

Budding poets will want to enter Pets Add Life Children’s Poetry Contest Just about any pet owner can share stories about the positive impact their com…

Doggie Daycare Selfie Goes Viral

An adorable 'selfie' of dogs in an Ohio doggie daycare has gone viral, and shows that social media isn't just for the humans with opposable thumbs!

Military Working Dog Receives Hero’s Send Off As He’s Laid To Rest

An honorable canine service member has been laid to rest in Shreveport, Louisiana and was honored last week as the American hero he was.

SniffSpot Makes Green Space For City Dogs a Reality

A new marketplace named Sniffspot is connecting dog owners to safe and convenient spaces for their furbabies to get exercise.

Here’s One Dog You’d Love To Have On Your Lawn

There’s a new pup in the town of Hamilton, Ontario, and he’s unlike any other you’ve ever seen. Meet Ralph, a 15-foot sage grass sculpture…

Vets Warn: Dry Drowning Is a Risk for Dogs, Too

Want to take your pooch to the beach for some summer fun? Read this first. Sunny days on the beach, frozen treats, and vacation time– what’s no…

Two Flint-Area Dogs Test Positive for Lead Poisoning

The toxic water in Michigan is making dogs sick. Lead-contaminated water in Flint is named as the culprit behind the first two cases of poisoning in dogs.

Family Dog Saves 5-Year-Old Boy Trapped In Scalding Hot Dryer

In Lassie-like fashion, a family's pet Cockapoo saved a little boy in Northern Ireland after he was trapped in a dryer that turned on and nearly killed him.

Science Finally Discovers ‘Who Let the Dogs Out (To Walk)’

Science just answered the age-old question of who let the dogs out. Pet owners who feel more motivated to walk their dogs fall under the 'Lassie Effect.'

Dogs Now Allowed To Come Onboard Amtrak Trains

Amtrak is on the right track! The national rail company now allows small pets on the train - but it's only for a limited time and applies to certain lines.

Chris Evans and His Dog Take the #22Pushup Challenge

These A-list stars' adorable dogs turned the #22pushup challenge into a #pupupchallenge! Man, those are some lucky pups...

Help Ollie Dog Food Donate Food To Pups in Need This Valentine’s Day

For many of us, our date for Valentine's Day is with our pets! Ollie Dog Food celebrates Valentine's Day by donating food to shelter dogs in need.

Cannes Canines Take Top Palm Dog Honors

The Cannes Film Festival was all about the canines -- check out the celebripups that won this year's 2017 Palm Dog Awards!

Behind-The-Scenes at Sweet 16 Bash for Maria Menounos’ Pooch!

Human b-day celebrations are so passe! That's why actress Maria Menounos hosted a birthday party for her lovely 16-year-old Bichon Frise.

Study: Dog-Speak Improves Bond Between Dogs and Humans

Experts have found that using 'dog-speak' when talking to your pooch is an important part of creating the bonding process between humans and their pups.

Dog Finds A New Home and Job After Hurricane Matthew [Video]

Four months on and Charlotte, North Carolina, is still recovering from Hurricane Matthew. A displaced dog is thanking her rescuers by lending a helping paw.

HABRI Research Finds Emails to Dog Owners Prompts More Exercise

??Do you need a reminder to walk your dog? Research shows that email prompts to owners motivate them to get up and get moving with their pooch.

Winter Olympians Raise Awareness Against Korean Dog Meat Industry

All eyes are on South Korea as the Winter Olympics nears, but one Olympian is hoping to bring attention to the country's prevalent dog meat trade.

Embark to Test DNA in Dogs For Possible Future Diseases

If you've ever wanted to find out what kind of diseases your dog is likely to suffer from in the future, your answers are just a cheek swab away.

Bride Rejects Marriage Proposal Because Groom Hates Dogs

You never dump your furry BFF for a man! A woman is offered a marriage proposal, with the ultimatum that she gives up her dog - guess who she chooses?

Don’t Worry Human, Science Says Your Dog Loves You… Lots

The way pooches spread the love to anyone and everyone at the dog park, it can sometimes seem like our dogs don’t discriminate in their affections; but…

Southwest Airlines Donate Staff and Flight Fees to Pets of Hurricane M

Furry Puerto Rican victims of Hurricane Maria are getting a lift from Southwest Airlines, who are helping homeless pets find new homes.

Iraq War Biopic Recounts Marine’s Battle For Her Loyal Service Dog

If you're going to see "Megan Leavey," bring tissues. The story of a former Marine's fight with the military to adopt her K9 will bring you to tears.

Study: Millennials Make Up a Quarter of All Pet Owners

Forget human babies - it's all about fur babies! The next generation is all about pets, and their spending habits prove it.

Game-Changing Playgroups for Shelter Dogs Now Possible After $1.5M Gra

The ASPCA and the Petco Foundation are joining forces with 'Dogs Playing For Life' to improve the quality of life for shelter dogs with structured playgroups.

Woman Leaves For China While Her Cat Is Still Missing At Airport

The owner of a cat who escaped her carrier at JFK airport was sadly forced to leave for China, without her furry friend. An attorney who took a new job in Ch…

Karma, the Dental Therapy Dog, Will Make You Smile!

A little Chihuahua-mix named Karma gives dental patients in San Francisco proof that some love and cuddles can make even the scariest of times much better.

Bichon Frise is Top Dog At Westminster Dog Show 2018

It's a wrap for the Westminster Dog Show, and we've loved every second of it! This year's Best In Show is sweet Bichon Frise who looks like a fluffy cloud!

Spanish Town Mails Dog Poop To Owners That Leave It Behind

If you don’t scoop the poop in this town, you’re in for a smelly special delivery Aren’t you sick of seeing dog poop that’s been left…

Top Dogs Honored With AKC Humane Fund Awards For Canine Excellence

When it comes to going above and beyond, these five heroic dogs came to the rescue. Congrats to the AKC ACE dogs who saved, protected or enriched our lives,

Vote For Your Favorite Furry Canine to Win the 2016 Hero Dog Award

The Hero Dogs Award are held to select eight dogs who are awarded for their outstanding bravery. Voting for the 2016 Hero Dog Awards is officially open.

Researchers Say DNA Testing In Pedigree Dogs Not Enough

Research out of the UK shows that a single genetic test may not be enough to improve the health of pedigree dog breed lines. For Harry Potter fans, we know i…

Rescue Dog Slated For Euthanasia Is Hero To Hurricane Harvey Victims

While the world watches the devastating effects on the United States from Hurricane Harvey, the unlikeliest of heroes come out of the waters.

Mysterious Stranger Leads Family To Find Stolen Service Dog

A mother follows a mysterious lead offering to take her to her family's missing service dog, leading to a joyous reunion in the dark of night.

Battersea Dogs and Cats Home Gets A New Royal Supporter

Queen Elizabeth has been the patron of Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, but has passed the title over to her daughter-in-law, Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla.

New Royal Pup’s Name A Nod To An Australian Tour?

The elusive new furry family member of Prince Harry and his Princess, Meghan Markle, has a name that might just be a nod to their upcoming fall tour of Austr…

How Much Would You Spend To Save Your Pets Life?

A recent poll finds that overall, dog owners are prepared to spend more cash on their pets health than cat owners. But it gets more interesting...

Fur Best Friends Tackle Canine Cancer Bucket List Together

When one man learned his beloved pup had cancer, he decided he wanted to make every day she had with him count, and created a bucket list for her. Now, with…

Elite Ranger Military Dogs Suit Up With Upgraded Tactical Gear

The U.S. Army Special Operations Command is set to outfit the 75th Ranger Regiment's dogs for military duty with upgraded tactical gear.

Senior Canines Bring Love And Companionship To Senior Citizens

A special pair of senior canines are bringing joy to senior humans proving that love comes in all shapes and sizes (and even with fur)!

Dinner’s On Us, Eh! 25,000 Meals (And More) On Its Way To Rural Cana

Some communities in Northern Canada can be hard to get to, and pet owners (and pups) must make due with limited resources. But thanks PetSmart Canada, Halo a…

TV Goes To The Dogs During NatGeo WILD’S BarkFest

This weekend, prepare for a TV coma of epic proportions! NatGeo WILD presents BarkFest, a 48-hour marathon of back-to-back episodes all about dogs. An offsho…

Adoptable Dogs Rescue Celebs on New “Shelter Me” TV Series

If you love stories with a happy ending, you'll want to watch "Shelter Me." This season, Allison Janney and Kristen Bell share their heartwarming tales.

Study Shows Dogs Prefer Owners Over Food

We always knew it! Scientists at Emory University in Atlanta GA recently proved that most dogs prefer their owners over food.

FDA Warning: Paws Off The Xylitol

Pet parents understand the dangers chocolate poses; however, products that contain xylitol are just as dangerous and can cause serious harm to your pooch.

Earthquake Rescue Dog Gets Statue In Her Honor

A heroic Labrador Retriever who became a symbol of hope for Mexico after devastating earthquakes last September is now being honored with a statue in Puebla,…

Injured Man Runs To Find His Dog After Car Crash

Despite being injured in a collision, Manny Guzman ignored the pain and went searching for his four-legged best friend, OG.

Hooch the French Mastiff Wins American Humane Emerging Hero Award

Some days, you'll come across a dog story that will make you cry. Other days, you're lucky enough to hear the story of an inspirational dog. Like this one.