Special Needs Service Dog Joins Cheerleading Team and Goes For Gold

A unique cheerleading team headed out of Ohio is headed for national competition and they're bringing a furry teammate with them!

Beloved Airport Patrol Dog Passes Away From Prostate Cancer [Video]

A legendary border collie named Piper has died, leaving behind many who valued his work at the Cherry Capital Airport in Michigan.

Work-From-Home Dad Names Dog as Multiple “Employee of Quarter”

Working like a dog pays off for one pup in Woodstock, Georgia, who has won 'Employee of the Quarter' several times as an employee of her dad's sales center.

We Have the Finalists of the 2017 American Humane Hero Dog Awards!

These brave dogs have been voted as this year's doggy heroes for these prestigious awards. Now's your chance to pick the overall 2017 winner!

Study: Pet Owners Prone To Suffer Depression When Pets Are Sick

New research shows that when our pets are not well or terminally ill, we are also at risk for anxiety, stress and depression.

Lost Dogs Rescued From Lava On Hawaii’s Big Island

Two dogs who ran away in fear after a volcanic eruption on Hawaii's Big Island were found surrounded by lava, but now they're back at home with their human.

Game-Changing Playgroups for Shelter Dogs Now Possible After $1.5M Gra

The ASPCA and the Petco Foundation are joining forces with 'Dogs Playing For Life' to improve the quality of life for shelter dogs with structured playgroups.

20 Puppies Abandoned In A Field Will Get Their Happily Ever After

This could have been a sad story. Thanks to the kindness of strangers, it’s going to have 20 happy endings. Hunter Greg Zubiak thought it would be just…

Man Travels The Country In RV With His 6 Rescue Dogs

A man and his six rescue dogs are on a mission to clear shelters as they travel around the country in an RV visiting every state.

Pet Parents Not Impressed as Trump Calls Pet Owners “Low Class”

American President Donald Trump may have gone too far, for some pet lovers, when he recently insinuated that pet owners were 'low class.'

Dog Rescued From Burning House Gets New Firefighter Daddy

A North Carolina dog rescued from a burning house is thanking his lucky rescue team as he has been adopted by a local firefighter. Katie the retriever was th…

Florida Politician Wrestles Alligator to Save Dog’s Life

There are politicians who make promises they never follow through with and there are politicians who will fight alligators for their constituents!

Enter Your Biker Dog In The Tails & Tailpipes Biketoberfest Phot

Does your dog like to ride on a hog? If so, your motorcycle-lovin’ pooch could win you a three-night stay in Daytona Beach. Biketoberfest® Daytona…

Woman Gives Dying Dog a Taste of Family in His Last Days

A California woman going through her own loss went looking for the most unadoptable dog she could find, and now both of their lives are now full of love.

Korean Scientists Introduce the World’s First Cloned Litter Of Dogs

A litter of puppies born in Korea have become the second-generation of cloned dogs, with their 'donor' being the first cloned dog in the world.

Tosh.O Shows How Crowdsourcing is a Pain in the Butt for a Cute Kitten

Crowdsourcing for worthy causes is a common occurrence. Daniel Tosh recently highlighted a worthy one, and, if you don't donate, you're a butt-hole.

Falsely Accused Dog Released From Custody, Was 1 Day Away From Euthani

A case of mistaken identity has a happy ending when a dog was returned to his family after months of court hearings and tearful visits through chain links.

Scientists Have Concerns About Doggy DNA Tests

As DNA kits to determine breeds for dogs become more and more popular, geneticists are concerned about the reliability of the kits because pet owners are mak…

Study: Dogs Respond to Baby Talk

You may be one of the pet parents who baby talk to your dog. Researchers are looking into dog-directed speech and if dogs respond to it.

How We Can Do Better: Try Compassion, Not Verbal Abuse When Educating

Sarah Palin’s now-famous photograph shouldn’t be used as a political platform, but as a chance to respectfully educate and openly communicate abo…

Zappos Aims To Give Pets ‘Homes For The Pawlidayz’

For the second year in a row, Zappos has partnered with Best Friends Animal Society to sponsor "Home for the Pawlidayz" to help pets out of the shelter.

“Brexit” May Make Traveling With Pets in UK More Difficult

With Great Britain set to exit the European Union in March of 2019, what will happen to pets crossing borders is now under consideration.

Study: Seniors Who Walk Their Dogs Enjoy Better Physical Health

A recent study determined that seniors who own dogs are more likely to spend more time walking them outside and in turn, increase their physical health!

UK Street Lamp Unleashes the Awesome Power of Dog Poop

As the world continues to look for alternative and sustainable energy sources, the United Kingdom leads the way... with a dog poop-powered street lamp!

Chihuahua May Break World Record With Birth of 11 Puppies [Video]

A rescued chihuahua in Kansas gave birth to 11 puppies on National Puppy Day, possibly breaking a world record! Way to go!

Dog Parkers Sent Packing From New York City Streets

A dispute between Brooklyn and Dog Parker has resulted in the removal of all climate-controlled dog houses that reside outside of high-traffic city stores.

PetSmart Reaches 60 Million Meals Goal in Buy a Bag, Give a Meal Progr

PetSmart's Buy a Bag, Give a Meal pet food donation program have met their goal of providing 60 million meals to pets in need.

Heroic Elderly Dog Went On Secret Mission To Rescue Neighbor

A sheepdog in New Zealand went missing, but returned to his family exhausted. Because of the note left on his collar, he is now being hailed as a hero.

Subaru’s Famous “Barkleys” Family Introduces Its New Ascent SUV

The furry and four-legged stars of Subaru commercials are helping debut Subaru's all-new 3-Row Ascent, and they're really 'driving' their point home!

15,000 of New Zealand’s Furry Citizens Might Have Defective Microchi

Kiwi pet parents were outraged to find out that their pets' microchips might not work anymore, which means they couldn't be identified if lost.

English Setter Sacrifices His Life to Save Dad From Deadly Bear Attack

An English Setter who sacrificed his life to save his human from a bear attack received a touching and emotional tribute from his owners

Pet Owners Turn To Medical Marijuana To Treat Their Pets

More American states are legalizing medicinal marijuana, and more pet owners are now treating their pets with cannabis-based medicines to relieve symptoms.

J.M. Smucker Recalls 2 Varieties Of Milo’s Kitchen Treats

Two varieties of Milo’s Kitchen Dog treats are being recalled for possible elevated levels of beef thyroid hormone. It seems like there’s been on…

Study: Family Dogs Can Help Reduce Stress Levels In Children

We say that every child should grow up with a pet, but now science says there are definite benefits to children having dogs when it comes to stress relief.

Celebrate “National Get a Pal for Your Pet Day” On November 19 [Vi

It’s the perfect day to consider adopting a pal for your pet PetGuide.com is dedicating the month of November to multiple pet ownership and we were thr…

Poop Scoop – Turns Out “Green” Poop Bags Aren’t The Sh*t After

FTC warns dog poop companies that its ‘biodegradable’ waste bags aren’t what they claim I shop at the public market. I recycle. I do my bes…

Dream Job Contest: Slovenian Castle Is Looking For Dog (And Owner) Car

The winner of this contest will be living large with their dog in a real Slovenian Castle… with a salary to match the lifestyle Is your dog looking fo…

Foster Dog Fends Off Burglar; Finds Furever Home

A Pennsylvania couple opened their hearts to a foster dog. He returned the favor by protecting them from a burglar, and found a place in his furever family.

Could Your Dog Toys Be Poisoning Your Pet?

The toys you give your dog to chew may contain chemicals that could be deadly! Learn how to choose toys that are safe for your pooch.

New Airplane Pet Monitoring System Gives Pet Parents Peace of Mind

Following the death of a puppy on a United Airlines flight, a new pet monitoring system ensures that furry family members are safe when they fly.

Kids With Cancer Team Up With Sled Dogs To Take On The Great White Nor

Teens, cancer and dog sleds - it's a trio that breaks stereotypes in the spirit of adventure and studies how physical activity can benefit young patients.

It’s a Dog’s World: Artist Paints 345 Dog Breeds Onto a Map

Each of the 345 dog breeds she painted was placed in their country of origin, which makes for a puppy-filled world map any dog lover would love to have!

Aggressiveness Gene Research in Dogs is All Bark, No Bite

Recent news about an aggressiveness gene found in dogs doesn't sit too well with me. Let me tell you why it's all bark and no bite.

AKC Reunite Team Brings Hurricane Relief To Furry Victims

Cleanup from Hurricane Matthew is underway. The AKC Reunite Team is helping lead efforts for pet disaster in Florida, North Carolina and South Carolina.

Study Finds Most Pet Travel Seats Not Effective During Car Crashes

Subaru of America and Center for Pet Safety joint pilot study have garnered interesting results. The results of the best travel safety products for pets.

Delta Airlines Bans Pit Bull and ‘Pit Bull Types’ On Planes

Delta Airlines will no longer allow pit bull or 'pit bull type' dogs on flights, even if those dogs are for emotional support or are service dogs.

Are You Your Dog’s Favorite Person? Scientists Don’t Think So

A recent study reveals that context and environment can change the way a dog treats their owner. Spoiler alert: you might not like to know how. People who pr…

Super Sniffer Dog Helps Eradicate Invasive Ant Species

Invasive ants are a problem on the Channel Islands, but a solution has been found in the form of Tobias, the yellow Labrador Lab with a special talent.

Indian Businessman Opens His Home to 700 Homeless Dogs

Stray dogs are a problem in all parts of the world. India is one such country, and one man has decided he's giving his life to the dogs of the streets.

Study: Like Humans, Dogs Integrate Learned Information While Sleeping

Most dog owners will tell you--their dogs are people too! Now new research shows that dogs' brains even look similar to ours when we are sleeping!

LA Looks at Vegan Diet For All Shelter Dogs, Despite Veterinary Recomm

As more people consider pets their 'family,' they are feeding them humans diets. A new proposal, if passed, will make LA shelter dogs vegan.

It’s Official – Walking Your Dog Helps Men Pick Up Women

We’re so glad someone put in the effort and research to make it official. According to a recent Australian study, walking your dog is one of the top fi…

Study Reveals Millennials Have a Special Relationship With Their Pets

Millennials will not be known just as the generation that embraced the digital era, but as the first generation that embraces pets as family members.

Study: Pets Provide Benefits for Homeless Youth

Being a teen on the streets is unimaginably hard, but having a pet by your side makes it more bearable, according to findings from a new Canadian study.

Official Canine Town Ambassador Visits Constituents Daily

Every town needs a doggy ambassador! You never forget who your friends are, and this rescued pup proves that point in a way that makes our hearts melt.

Dog Channels Lassie to Find Missing Cat Stuck in Manhole

A determined Border Collie mix proved that there's camaraderie in fur-power when he found a cat who had been missing for weeks.

Dog’s Final Tribute To Her Master Shows Loyalty To The End

A heart-breaking picture of a pup without her human is making the rounds on the Internet, proving that even in death, our dogs remain loyal. An elderly dog w…

FDA Issues Update On Jerky Investigation, But No Answers As To Why It

The new numbers are in – but no definitive answer as to why dogs are getting sick after eating jerky imported from China. The U.S. Food and Drug Admini…

The Rock In A Wet T-Shirt Holding 2 Puppies. You’re Welcome

Best. Picture. Ever. This is one wet t-shirt contest we would want front row tickets to. All we can say is that those are some pretty lucky puppies... sigh!

Man Punches Bear In The Face To Save His Beagle

A man took matters into his own hands and punched a bear in the face so he could protect his dog from an assault by the black bear.