Whole Foods Market Launches Whole Paws Line Of Premium Pet Food

Natural grocery chain the latest to offer its own line of dogs and cat food What promises to be the latest trend in pet food, Whole Foods Market has jumped o…

Dinner’s On Us, Eh! 25,000 Meals (And More) On Its Way To Rural Cana

Some communities in Northern Canada can be hard to get to, and pet owners (and pups) must make due with limited resources. But thanks PetSmart Canada, Halo a…

AKC Humane Fund Honors ACE Winners

The winners of the 19th Annual AKC Humane Fund Awards for Canine Excellence (ACE) have been named, and we believe you’ll love the five amazing winners!…

Smallest Military Dog Makes Big Impact on Largest Naval Base

Military working dogs come in all sizes. Just look at Puskos, a 15-pound powerhouse who patrols for drugs at Naval Station Norfolk.

Survey Finds Dogs Influence Home Buying More Than Children

A recent survey from SunTrust reports that millennials are more influenced by their dogs than their children when it comes to buying a house.

How You Can Give To Pets in Need on #GivingTuesday

It's #GivingTuesday, which means it's the perfect day to give. Here's how you can join Mars Petcare make our country safer for millions of pets.

Don’t Call In Sick Tomorrow: Uber Delivers Puppies To Canadian Offic

Forget having a 15 minute coffee break – Uber and 3MillionDogs bring puppies to your office for a furry meeting you won’t want to skip, in suppor…

Purina Play Haven Opens At NYC Domestic Violence Shelter

Many women stay in abusive homes because they don't want to leave their dogs. Thanks to Purina Play Haven at Urban Women's Retreat, they no longer have to.

5 Vet-Approved Tips For Buying Safe Dog Treats

In the wake of recent dog deaths and illnesses, Dr. Liz Hanson offers tips on choosing safe treats Yesterday, we told you about how nearly 600 pets have died…

Get Caught Up In Rescue Madness This March As DoggyBnB Takes Over Inst

March Madness has nothing on Rescue Madness. DoggyBnB needs you to vote for the top dawg on Instagram to help raise awareness of animal rescues – and a…

Unexpected Iron Dog Joins The Swedish Adventure Racing Team

Arthur, a stray dog, adopts the Swedish Adventure Racing Team in Ecuador Talk about one tough pooch! Sweden’s Peak Performance team began their journey…

We Have the Finalists of the 2017 American Humane Hero Dog Awards!

These brave dogs have been voted as this year's doggy heroes for these prestigious awards. Now's your chance to pick the overall 2017 winner!

Missouri Legislator Proposes to Eliminate Breed-Specific Bans Across T

More states are banning breed-specific legislation as they realize the 'science' behind them simply does not support the efforts.

Looking to Invest? Numbers Show Petcare Stocks Are Your Best Bet

Reports shows an upward trend in US dollars spent on pets, and the latest stock numbers released confirm that people love spending on their pets.

Fur Kids Push $350K Pet-Friendly Investment in Downtown Nashville

Officials in Nashville, Tennessee and Mars Petcare investing $350K to implement policy changes and pet-friendly amenities for locals and four-legged residents.

Study Shows Parks For Pooches Leading The Pack In Growth

It’s great to hear that large cities are increasingly going to the dogs… in an awesome way! Dog park popularity continues to rise, says the lead…

Honor Pets That Have Passed Sunday During National Pet Memorial Day

National Pet Memorial Day is a day for pet parents to celebrate the lives of pets that have passed on. In 2013, it falls on Sunday, September 8.

Blind Dog Doesn’t Let Disability Stop Her From Being a Service Dog

A little blind pup out of Wisconsin is proving that there's much she can do with some puppy power and perseverance - by becoming a service dog!

Heroic Dog Jumps In Pool To Save Best Fur-Friend From Drowning

It's been said, "We get by with a little help of our friends," and that's accurate for a dog who nearly drowned, but was saved by his furry best friend.

Fallen Officer Puppy Program a Tribute to Fallen Officers

What a touch tribute to these heros. Future police dogs are being given the honor of carrying on fallen officer's namesakes.

The Urge To Accessorize Our Dogs

Playing dress-up with our dogs – have we gone too far? We love to dress up our dogs. It could be as simple as a snazzy collar or a cute bow. It could b…

Is Your Pooch A Pessimist? Scientists Say The Answer May Be ‘Yes’

This is probably the closest you’ll get to an answer from your dog when you ask “How are you feeling?” Most of us think of dogs the way we…

Study: Hugging Your Dog Stresses Him Out

According to this data, giving your dog a big ol' hug may be doing more harm than good. Here are some of the warning signs you need to watch out for.

Researchers Discover Gene Associated With Acute Respiratory Distress S

Researchers have uncovered a genetic lung tissue disorder in Dalmatians that is the likely cause of acute respiratory distress syndrome in dogs.

Pet-Friendly Luxury Cruise Liner Makes Its U.S. Debut

All hands - and paws - on deck! The new pet-friendly cruise ship, the Queen Mary 2, has made its official U.S. debut to a bevy of famous pooches.

Cesar Defends Actions, Says Incident Blown Out Of Proportion

Cesar breaks his silence on claims of animal abuse while taping an episode for Cesar 911. He believes the incident is being blown out of proportion.

Hospital Builds Room Where Patients Can Play With Their Pets

Thanks to a significant donation from Purina, St. Louis Children's Hospital patients can now interact with their beloved family pooches.

“Free From” Claims Help Drive $30 Billion in Pet Foods Sales

It turns out that we want our pets to eat just as well as we do. And it's this focus on quality that's behind a growing niche of natural pet food products.

Deaf Dog Proves Victorious as an Agility Champion

We love it when a dog proves everyone wrong. Once deemed "Untrainable," this skilled pup has won a coveted champion agility title.

PBS’ ‘Shelter Me’ Puts The Spotlight On At-Risk Pets

We all know the statistics are grim: millions of dogs and cats are euthanized in shelters every year. Filmmaker Steve Latham is hoping to change that with hi…

Is Your City Pet-Friendly? Here’s A List of Traits All Furball-Frien

Mars Petcare US's Better Cities for Pets™ program outlines 12 traits every city must have before it's considered to be a pet-friendly community.

Dog Channels Lassie to Find Missing Cat Stuck in Manhole

A determined Border Collie mix proved that there's camaraderie in fur-power when he found a cat who had been missing for weeks.

The Dog Wedding Movie Contest Will Have Pet Parents Saying “I Do!”

If you've got a picture of your pooch dressed for a walk down the aisle, "The Dog Wedding" invites you to enter for a chance to win awesome prizes! I do!

Heart-Warming Documentary Sheds Light On Canine Lymphoma

When a dog is diagnosed with lymphoma, many people give up hope. But "My Friend: Changing the Journey" offers hope for recovery to devastated pet parents.

DogVacay Partners With American Humane Association To House Displaced

You may think you're prepared, but does your pet have an evacuation plan? DogVacy and American Humane Association help dogs during natural disasters.

Free Lead Toxicity Blood Tests Available for Dogs in Flint

Flint, Michigan is holding free screening events for local pet parents, who want to ensure their dogs haven't been poisoned by Flint River's water.

Believed Extinct, Wild Dog Breed Rediscovered in New Guinea Highlands

Believed to be extinct in its natural habitat, researchers confirmed New Guinea Highland Wild Dogs are roaming in one of the most unlikely places.

Dognapping Ransoms Are Big Business in Italy

It's "The Italian Job: Dog Edition." Italy isn't just a hot spot for tourists - it's also a hub for thieves who steal dogs and collect ransom from owners.

This Beautiful Mural Is Made From Pictures of Adopters and Their Rescu

Aptly named ‘Love Changes Everything' this is the world's largest mosaic mural that features adopted pets and their people.

Report: Middle-Aged Male Dogs Break The Most Stuff

In the battle of sexes (Pet Edition), it turns out that middle-aged, male pets are more likely to destroy your electronics, according to a new report by Squa…

Therapy Dogs Help Children With Autism More Than We Thought

Research from a Texas Tech University study show that therapy dogs may be even more beneficial to children on the autistic spectrum than previously thought.

New Standards Set for Dog Breeders With Canine Care Certified Program

Purdue University's Animal Welfare researchers roll out their dog breeders' Canine Care Certified voluntary program, which is expected to improve breeding.

Paw and Order: Lost Puppy Arrested for Resisting Belly Rubs

You have the right to lick the arresting officer. Pup gets paw printed and a "mutt" shot after he's found by police officers.

Students Can Now De-Stress at Brilliant MIT Puppy Lab

With May being National Mental Health Awareness Month, the MIT Puppy Lab program is right on schedule to relieve high levels of student stress.

AllPaws App Wants To Help You Find Your Perfect Pet Match

Tinder, Schminder! The new AllPaws app is here to set you up with the pet of your dreams. There are so many pets out there looking for their fur-ever homes.…

Study Finds Owning A Dog Is Beneficial To Your Heart

Proof that dogs make your heart healthy and happy! Here’s one more reason why you should own a dog. The American Heart Association says that dogs may l…

Step Up To Win a $1000 Gift Card From Pets Add Life

Win one of six $1000 gift cards during Pets Add Life's Pet Step Contest. And all you have to do is tell them why you added a pet to your life.

High School Track Team Runs With the Big (and Little) Shelter Dogs

A high school track team knows the answer to, "Who let the dogs out?" They did...and do five mornings a week as they take shelter dogs running with them!

Inmates Help ‘Unadoptable’ Dogs Learn To Love Again

A program in Yaphank, New York matches 'unadoptable' dogs with prison inmates, giving the dogs an opportunity to be trained for adoption.

Labrador Helping Mexico’s Earthquake Efforts Earns Presidential Than

As Mexico picks pieces of life back up after devastating earthquakes that recently struck, a Labrador Retriever is emerging as a hero in the rescue efforts.

Study: A Dog’s Diet is Important To His Gut in More Ways Than One

Science reveals that microbiomes, a community of organisms found in your canine's guts, are affected by the content of a dog's diet.

Queen Elizabeth Mourns The Loss of Her Beloved Corgi, Willow

Queen Elizabeth's last beloved pet Corgi, named Willow, who was a descendant from the line of her first Corgi, Susan, has died.

Young Pet Parents Behind China’s Exploding Pet Population Trend

What was once illegal, China sees a growing trend in owning pets. And a recent survey finds that the numbers will continue upwards in the future.

New Alabama Law Holds Dog Owners Responsible For Pets’ Actions

A new law in Alabama means that owners of dogs who seriously injure or kill a person will now be subject to felony penalties.

‘Woofering Heights’ Movie Makes Fireworks Less Fearsome

If an evening ends with a bang thanks to fireworks, your pets may not want to celebrate. These dog-calming films, voiced by David Tenant, offer distraction.

New Tool Helps Service Dog Organizations Predict Puppy Training Succes

How do you know a puppy will be a good service dog? New research shows there is a way to predict which puppies may have more successful training outcomes.

WellPet Foundation Makes Donation Worth $1.7 Million To PetSmart Chari

Thousands of homeless animals can expect a full bowl of food, thanks to the WellPet’s $1.7 million donation of pet food to in-need shelters. Taking the…

Special Delivery: Active Duty Military Dog Teams To Receive Care Packa

The American Humane Association and Military Working Dog Team Support Association team up to send much-needed care packages to active military dog teams.

Vote For Your Favorite Furry Canine to Win the 2016 Hero Dog Award

The Hero Dogs Award are held to select eight dogs who are awarded for their outstanding bravery. Voting for the 2016 Hero Dog Awards is officially open.

Temporary Reprieve Issued For Montreal Pitbulls

A Superior Court Judge just gave pit bulls a temporary reprieve from the controversial law banning them in Montreal, but needs permanence to protect them.