Homeless Man Finds New Home For Him And His Dog

A homeless man who wanted to find his dog a good home because he couldn’t take him to a shelter with him has now found a new home for them both. You&rs…

Dog Finds Out That Eating 21 Pacifiers Really Sucks

A vet removed 21 from a dog's stomach, and posted the pictures on Facebook to remind pet parents of the dangers about dogs eating just about anything!

Surrogate PitBull Gives Foster Kittens Lots of Mama Love

A pit bull rescue has shown the world that love is love, helping her mom take care of tons of foster kittens as a way to honor her best feline friend.

Special Girl Passes Her “Make-A-Wish” Wish to Help Shelter Pups

Thanks to Anna Getner and the Make-A-Wish Foundation, a Connecticut dog shelter now has a brand new play room for pups to meet potential owners.

High School Track Team Runs With the Big (and Little) Shelter Dogs

A high school track team knows the answer to, "Who let the dogs out?" They did...and do five mornings a week as they take shelter dogs running with them!

Petco Foundation Grants Holiday Wishes With $750,000 Donation

The Petco Foundation, in collaboration with Petco, announced the names of 54 animal welfare organizations who are receiving $750,000 worth of grants through…

J.M. Smucker Buys Rachel Ray’s Nutrish

J.M. Smucker has been in the news lately because of several dog food brand recalls, and now has announced they're buying Rachel Ray brand dog food Nutrish.

Washington Supreme Court Rules in Favor Of Girl and Her Service Dog

The Washington State Supreme Court rules that a previous decision must be reviewed in the case of a school district that banned a service dog.

More Than Half of Pet Owners in America Are Not Prepared for a Pet Eme

A little over 60 percent of pet owners in the United States wouldn't be able to cover the costs of a $1,000 emergency pet surgery without going into debt.

Sniffer Dogs Essential to Recovery in Grenfell Tower Devastation

The devastating Grenfell Tower fire in Kensington, England has search and rescue teams continuing work, including sniffer dogs with special boots.

Rescue Dog Slated For Euthanasia Is Hero To Hurricane Harvey Victims

While the world watches the devastating effects on the United States from Hurricane Harvey, the unlikeliest of heroes come out of the waters.

Mysterious Stranger Leads Family To Find Stolen Service Dog

A mother follows a mysterious lead offering to take her to her family's missing service dog, leading to a joyous reunion in the dark of night.

FDA Warns Pet Parents About Skin Cancer Cream

The FDA is warning pet parents to be careful about skin cancer treatment creams, after five dogs who accidentally ingested a topical medication have died.

New L.A. Dog Park Offers Respite To Homeless Residents’ Pets

A new dog park in Los Angeles is helping homeless people with pets have the option of coming off the streets without having to give up their pets to do so. I…

Are Dog Walkers the New Crime Busters?

A recently published international study shows that people who consistently walk dogs are physically more active and feel safer in their neighborhoods.

Dog Dies After United Flight Attendant Insists It Be Stowed In Overhea

A United Airlines flight attendant insisted that a passenger stow her dog in the overhead bin during a flight, and the results were heartbreaking.

Blind Service Dog’s Smile Brightens The Lives Of Others

Born without sight, Smiley serves up a smile and hope to those who need it most. Bright and perky therapy dogs are a common sight at many nursing homes. They…

Liev Schreiber Adopts Two Hurricane Harvey Pups

After the devastation of Hurricane Harvey, Actor Liev Schreiber decided to make a difference in the lives of two shelter puppies!

Survey: Owners Are Their Pet’s Biggest Fans on Social Media

From following social media-famous pet profile to on-the-hour furry updates, pets definitely play a huge role in our social media lives.

New Antibody Gives Fresh Hope For Dog Cancer Treatment

Scientists have developed a new cancer antibody that could help dogs with malignant cancers. This could also give hope to human patients.

Neil Patrick Harris Adds a Rescue Pup To His Family

As if you needed another reason to simply adore Neil Patrick Harris, he's adopted the cutest little stray ever. Join us in a collective swoon!

Drug Sniffing K9s In Danger of Overdosing On Dangerous Narcotics

The consequences of contact with drugs are frequently fatal to dogs: the year before last, 36 police dogs died from exposure to heroin.

Shocking “A Dog’s Purpose” Footage Filmed Last Summer – Why Ar

A Dog's Purpose is set to hit the big screens next week, but with TMZ footage showing alleged animal abuse, activists are boycotting the film.

Study Shows Pet Parents And Pooches Are Lovin’ Fast Food Restaurants

If you’re a pet parent, chances are you’re super sizing that Happy Meal drive-thru order and sharing it with your dog. I love to share, and I con…

Study Shows Dogs Prefer Owners Over Food

We always knew it! Scientists at Emory University in Atlanta GA recently proved that most dogs prefer their owners over food.

Study: Service Dog Credibility Questioned By Retail Workers

A recent study shows that many U.S. Retail Employees don't have a clear understanding of the importance of service dogs for those with PTSD.

Dog Retrieves Emergency Help For His Human After Car Crash

A Montana man who fell asleep at the wheel of his truck has a furry passenger who was riding shotgun to thank for his survival!

Like Owner, Like Dog: Study Proves Dogs Pick Up Our Behavior

The paper investigated the connection between canine behavior issues and personalities, emotional states, and training methods of their pawrents.

Houzz Survey Says That Pets Rule The Home

Houzz releases the results of its first-ever survey of how U.S. dog and cat parents accommodate furry family members with pet-friendly home interior design.

Search and Rescue Dogs Saving Lives After Earthquake in Italy

These brave search and rescue dogs are going above the call of duty by helping in the aftermath of the big earthquake in Italy.

Study: When It Comes to New Tricks, Younger Dogs Learn Faster

The results are in and they have disproved that old saying: "You can't teach an old dog new tricks." It turns out you can, but you'll have to be patient.

Study: Having a Dog Makes You More Attractive

Research indicates that people with dogs appeared much more attractive to potential partners, who also viewed them as caring and responsible.

Little Dog Make Big Impact After Hurricane Maria by Saving Her Human

We love happy-ending stories that come out of devastation. A puppy in Puerto Rico helped her human get the help she needed after Hurricane Maria.

Anderson Cooper Donates Bulletproof Vests to Virginia K9 Unit

Four paws up for Anderson Cooper! The CNN news anchor steps up to buy bulletproof vests for every K9 in the Norfolk, Virginia police department.

An Extremely Good Boy Saves Drowning Stranger in South Carolina

A Labrador Retriever proved he really is everyone's best friend when he saved a drowning stranger he saw struggling in water nearby.

Bush’s Baked Beans Spokesdog Duke Crosses The Rainbow Bridge

It’s a sad day for fans of ‘Duke,’ the lovable, talking golden retriever spokesperson for Bush’s Baked Beans, as we learn that he rec…

Believed Extinct, Wild Dog Breed Rediscovered in New Guinea Highlands

Believed to be extinct in its natural habitat, researchers confirmed New Guinea Highland Wild Dogs are roaming in one of the most unlikely places.

Petco Foundation and Blue Buffalo Foundation Announce $2.35M in Pet Ca

Thanks to Petco Foundation and Blue Buffalo, this 2016 funding will support research and treatment initiatives at top U.S. universities.

Study: Fetching Can Be Hard On Retriever’s Joints

Retrievers were bred to be hunting dogs. Owners need to be wary of their dog's joints and tendons when playing fetch with heavy objects, a new study says.

First-Ever Identical Twin Pups Born to Irish Wolfhound

It's not uncommon for dogs to have many pups in a litter. However, there's never been a case of identical twin pups... until now!

Young Girl Saved By Her 3 Dogs During Freezing Night in Woods

After wandering into the thick bush, a 9-year-old spends the night in the frigid outdoor temperatures, kept safe and warm by three of her furry companions.

Why Do We Think Puppies Are Cute? It’s In Our Genes

There’s a scientific reason puppies and kittens make you say “Awwww” Think back to when you brought Fido or Fluffy home for the very first…

Most Popular Pet Names of 2016 Revealed

When it came to naming our pets in 2016, the results are... meh. A recent survey says we keep going for the same old, same old.

Fort McMurray Pet Owners Need Help After Wildfires Rage Through City

Forced to leave their pets behind because of raging wild fires, the pet parents of Fort McMurray are frantic with worry for their furry loved ones.

Watch Hero Dogs of 9/11 Tonight On Animal Planet

On September 11, 2001, 300 of the 10,000 emergency rescue workers were dogs. Their job was not only to help rescue efforts when the towers fell; they were al…

Here’s One Dog You’d Love To Have On Your Lawn

There’s a new pup in the town of Hamilton, Ontario, and he’s unlike any other you’ve ever seen. Meet Ralph, a 15-foot sage grass sculpture…

Strike a Yoga Pose and Help Shelter Cats Find New Homes

The yoga-classic 'cat pose' is taking on a whole new meaning. As well as stretching, this free yoga class is helping find shelter cats furever homes.

The Bachelorette’s Dog Picked Final Rose Winner

For over a decade, bachelorettes have had to narrow down the giving of roses to eligible bachelors on the popular The Bachelorette show, but for last season&…

Pet Food Giant Mars Purchases VCA Hospital Chains for $7.7 Billion

First pet food, now animal hospitals - Mars Incorporated has just announced their purchase of animal hospital chain VCA Inc., acquired for $7.7 billion.

Terminally Ill Patients Able to Keep Pets Thanks to Pet Peace of Mind

Best friends until the end! The Pet Peace of Mind program allows patients who are terminally ill to keep their beloved pet by their side.

Brazil’s First Lady Marcela Temer Jumps In a Lake to Save a Dog

When her Jack Russel Terrier fell in the lake at the presidential palace in Brasilia, the first lady didn't hesitate to go after him.

Study: Dogs Lick Their Mouth in Response to Angry Human Faces

Your dog knows when you're angry! A new study indicates that dogs can interpret our body language, and lick their lips when they see an angry human face.

Animal Planet’s “Rescue Dog to Super Dog” Show Will Leave You In

If you're a sucker for rescue dogs (or any dog, for that matter), you're going to want to tune into Animal Planet's new show, Rescue Dog to Super Dog.

Classroom Pets Prove Positive for Students in New Research

Newest research shows the positive affects of having classroom pets and their potential to promote learning and good behavior.

After Being Mistakenly Sent to Japan, Dog Gets Home on a Private Jet

Following a string of pet-related flubs, the United Airlines goes all out to ensure that the misplaced pooch is safe and reunited with his family.

Family Dog Digs up $85K Worth of Heroin in Oregon Backyard

A Golden Retriever lives the "COPS" dream, and became an honorary narcotics dog when he dug up nearly $90,000 of contraband heroin in the backyard.

Americans Will Spend $681 Million on Pets This Valentine’s Day

Humans aren't the only ones who get spoiled by loved ones on Valentine's Day. We shower love (in the form of gifts) on our pets - $681 million this year!

Italian Grocer Introduces Dog-Friendly Shopping Carts

Leaving Fido tied at a post outside your local grocery store isn't fair. That's why an Italian grocer adapted his carts so you and pooch can shop together.

“Throw Away Dogs” Recruited as Police K9 Heroes

There's no such thing as a "throw away dog." That's because an organization is giving former stray dogs a second chance in the police force.

Dog Fetches Rescue Crew to Help Senior Stranded in the Woods

Some dogs are better at fetch than others. Take Gus, for example. This heroic dog knew exactly what to do to save his beloved owner.