Adopt Protection Wants You To Swap Your Gun For A Shelter Dog

A new initiative is looking to reduce the number of homeless dogs and gun violence by offering adoption fee discounts to people who turn in their guns.

Special Girl Passes Her “Make-A-Wish” Wish to Help Shelter Pups

Thanks to Anna Getner and the Make-A-Wish Foundation, a Connecticut dog shelter now has a brand new play room for pups to meet potential owners.

Aggressiveness Gene Research in Dogs is All Bark, No Bite

Recent news about an aggressiveness gene found in dogs doesn't sit too well with me. Let me tell you why it's all bark and no bite.

AKC Welcomes Two More Breeds To Its Ranks

The American Kennel Club is including two new dog breeds into its ranks, and they're the first to be added to their breed roster since 2016!

Surveillance Video Vindicates Dog Groomer Falsely Accused on Facebook

A dog groomer almost lost his business because of a false Facebook review, but was vindicated, and his business is grooming booming again.

Most Popular Pet Names of 2016 Revealed

When it came to naming our pets in 2016, the results are... meh. A recent survey says we keep going for the same old, same old.

“World’s Loneliest Dog” Nabs a Role in New Transformers Movie

It's a true rags to riches story for this shelter pooch. Movie magic will soon give Freya, the "world's loneliest dog," the happily ever after she deserves.

Science Proves Cats Were Perfect Even Before Domestication

Researchers claim that the domesticated cats we know and love today have little variation in genetics from their wild ancestors.

Heroic Military Dogs Saved From Euthanasia After Successful Online Cam

The people have come together to save 3 heroic English military dogs from lethal injection, and SAS Andy McNabb is calling it a brilliant success story.

It’s Official: Largest Collective Pet Wedding Takes Place In China

China is the destination for dogs who want to woof “I do,” as pets in this country play an increasingly important part of people’s daily li…

Washington Supreme Court Rules in Favor Of Girl and Her Service Dog

The Washington State Supreme Court rules that a previous decision must be reviewed in the case of a school district that banned a service dog.

Dog Food Drama Over as Purina and Blue Buffalo Settle Lawsuits

Nestle Purina and Blue Buffalo finally hug it out after an almost 2-year lawsuit showdown over false advertising claims. The verdict: everything's cool now.

Bestselling Dog Psychologist Says Alpha Dog Mentality is a Myth

Dr. Alexandra Horowitz believes the 'Alpha Dog' mentality used in dog training is a myth, and not the way build a meaningful relationship with your dog.

New Standards Set for Dog Breeders With Canine Care Certified Program

Purdue University's Animal Welfare researchers roll out their dog breeders' Canine Care Certified voluntary program, which is expected to improve breeding.

TV Series “Save Our Shelter” Heads to Canada for True North Shelte

The hit TV series Save Our Shelter heads to Canada to makeover the Etobicoke Humane Society. And PetGuide got to go behind the scenes for an exclusive look!

Adorable Kitten Tries To Teach Old Dogs Some New Tricks

So much squee! A group of senior Chihuahuas has adopted a kitten into their motley crew, and we can not handle the cuteness!

Pet Parents Not Impressed as Trump Calls Pet Owners “Low Class”

American President Donald Trump may have gone too far, for some pet lovers, when he recently insinuated that pet owners were 'low class.'

American Kennel Club Adds Two New Breeds to Its Ranks

Welcome to the club! Two new breeds - the American Hairless Terrier and the Sloughi - join the ranks of the world-renown AKC registry.

Study: Childhood Pets May Affect Decisions To Live Vegetarian Lifestyl

A new study has found a connection between those who chose a vegetarian lifestyle and also owned pets as children, claiming that those who owned pets as chil…

Study Reveals Millennials Have a Special Relationship With Their Pets

Millennials will not be known just as the generation that embraced the digital era, but as the first generation that embraces pets as family members.

Innovative DNA Testing Results In More Big Dogs Adopted

Using DNA testing increases the rate of big dog adoptions at a Florida pet adoption center. Find out why DNA testing could be the next nationwide trend.

Study: U.S. Pet Obesity Rates Continue to Rise

Americans aren't the only ones getting super-sized. For the past five years, obesity-related health problems have been the #1 pet insurance claim.

Wildfire Relocates Dogs to Prison, Inmates Now Rescuers

When fires threaten to destroy everything, think outside the box for solutions. California inmates care for deaf dogs evacuated from shelter due to wildfire

Free Lead Toxicity Blood Tests Available for Dogs in Flint

Flint, Michigan is holding free screening events for local pet parents, who want to ensure their dogs haven't been poisoned by Flint River's water.

HABRI Study Finds Dogs De-Stress Families With Autistic Children

Even more proof that dogs do so much for people. Therapy animals are beneficial to the entire family, long-term study suggests.

Experts Warn: Blue-Green Algae Potentially Lethal to Dogs

Harmful algal blooms that can be found in New York State's fresh water are known to be toxic to dogs, and, in some cases, even fatal.

Step Up To Win a $1000 Gift Card From Pets Add Life

Win one of six $1000 gift cards during Pets Add Life's Pet Step Contest. And all you have to do is tell them why you added a pet to your life.

Generous Woman Wills $1.2 Million To Tennessee’s Cats and Dogs

A Tennessee woman loved her dogs and cats so much, she left her entire $1.2 million estate to the animals of her hometown county.

Lady Gaga’s New Clothing Line Is Designed For Your Little Monster

From the stage to the red carpet, singer and actor Lady Gaga is setting her sights on fashion with a new clothing line for dogs. These days Lady Gaga is addi…

Drew Barrymore Scoops ASPCA’s Compassion Award

Way to go Drew! Beloved actress and animal activist Drew Barrymore is the well-deserved recipient of the ASPCA Compassion Award.

New Airplane Pet Monitoring System Gives Pet Parents Peace of Mind

Following the death of a puppy on a United Airlines flight, a new pet monitoring system ensures that furry family members are safe when they fly.

Smallest Military Dog Makes Big Impact on Largest Naval Base

Military working dogs come in all sizes. Just look at Puskos, a 15-pound powerhouse who patrols for drugs at Naval Station Norfolk.

Are You Your Dog’s Favorite Person? Scientists Don’t Think So

A recent study reveals that context and environment can change the way a dog treats their owner. Spoiler alert: you might not like to know how. People who pr…

Bizarre News: World’s Richest Dog Has 8 IPhones 7s

Coco Wang, the pet of Chinese multi-billionaire Wang Sicong, lives the life of opulent luxury and now has eight new iPhone 7s to let the world know!

After Being Mistakenly Sent to Japan, Dog Gets Home on a Private Jet

Following a string of pet-related flubs, the United Airlines goes all out to ensure that the misplaced pooch is safe and reunited with his family.

Petco Foundation Grants Holiday Wishes With $750,000 Donation

The Petco Foundation, in collaboration with Petco, announced the names of 54 animal welfare organizations who are receiving $750,000 worth of grants through…

Woo Hoo! Senior Dog Adoptions Are On The Rise!

There is a senior-dog rescue movement spreading, as people all over North America are realizing the fabulous qualities senior dogs have to offer.

Pitbull Police Partners Are Turning Tables On Crime!

Pitbulls are often unfairly considered unpredictable dogs. But a Texas program is working to change that image by enlisting Pitties into the Police force.

Red Carpet Worthy: 2015 Oscar Gift Bags Include Halo Donation For Home

Lucky A-list Celebrities will receive Halo Donation Certificates in their famous Oscar Swag Bags. It’s a night filled with glitz, glam and wardrobe mal…

Just Pet Me! Why Your Dog Wishes You Would Stop Talking And Start Pett

Scientists have discovered something many dog lovers may already know, at least intuitively: our canine companions prefer petting over vocal praise. Two rese…

Vote For Your Shelter During PAL’s Shelter Showdown

Second Annual Shelter Showdown hosted by Pets Add Life to award $50,000 to animal shelters From October 22 to November 19, 2014, Pets Add Life (PAL) will be…

Michael Vick Spotted Taking Dog Training Classes

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback and infamous dog fighter Michael Vick was spotted at a PetSmart, attending dog training classes.

Team of Iditarod Sled Dogs Test Positive For Opioid Drug Use

For the first time ever, canine contestants in the famous Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race have been identified as testing positive for drug use.

Foster Mom Helps Terminally Ill Rescue Pup Fulfill His Bucket List

We hope you have your tissues handy, ‘cuz this one's a real tearjerker! But don't worry - it'll also make you smile and help restore your faith in humanity.

Canine “Kitten Nanny” Hits An Adorable Milestone

A Golden Retriever mix from Phoenix, Arizona has taken that love for kittens to a new level as he's just 'nannied' his 350th rescue kitten!

Walk For A Dog App Helps You Get Active For A Cause

There's an app for do-good dog walkers. Don't just take your dog for a walk... take your Walk for a Dog with this super cool (and super charitable) app!

Steve’s Real Food Issues Voluntary Recall On Various Products

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has announced a recall of Steve’s Real Food batches of certain flavors of pet food because of concerns about salm…

New Study Will Focus On Benefits Of Pets For Older Americans

HABRI's awards a $43,000 grant to the University of Missouri to study the positive effects that pets have on our growing population of senior citizens.

3 Puppies Rescued From Avalanche Bring Hope To Rescue Workers [Video]

An avalanche in Italy has resulted in the loss of life. But the discovery of three furry little miracles buried under the snow has brought renewed hope.

Ring-Bearing Dog Loses Wedding Rings Right Before Ceremony

Dogs are often included in wedding parties. But when it comes to keeping the rings safe, perhaps you should give that job to someone more reliable!

Lowes Hires Man and His Service Dog

Finally, something that actually makes us want to go to the hardware store! Lowes' new greeter is a service dog and his human.

Houzz Survey Says That Pets Rule The Home

Houzz releases the results of its first-ever survey of how U.S. dog and cat parents accommodate furry family members with pet-friendly home interior design.

Nail & Bone and Halle Berry’s Nail Polish Collection Helps Rescue Pe

This holiday season, flaunt festive shades of nail polish by nail & bone--with every purchase, 20% of the proceeds go pet rescue and adoption organizations.

New Canine Cancer Research Findings Could Benefit People, Too

Veterinarians at Mississippi State University are searching for new ways to understand cancer in dogs — turns out, their findings may help us as well.…

Take The Ultimate Pet Friendly Road Trip With

The Ultimate Pet Friendly Road Trip Kicks Off this February, inspiring people to embrace road tripping with the best traveling companions ever--their pets!

Trump Donates $300k to Puppy Jake Foundation

Because of Trump's donation, Puppy Jake Foundation can enlist 15 more service dogs into their program to help veterans with PTSD and mobility issues.

Maggie, the World’s Oldest Dog Dies, at 30

Maggie, a 30-year-old Kelpie and the world's oldest dog, died peacefully in her sleep. When most dogs live 11-13 years, she doubled that expectancy.

Petcube Developing Artificial Intelligence to Help Read Your Dog’s M

Life would be easier if you just knew what your dog was trying to tell you or you could read his mind. Petcube is working on making that a reality.

University of Washington To Study New Dog Anti-Aging Drug

Researchers at the University of Washington may have good intentions but will their research on aging in dogs really provide something useful?

Shocking Stats Reveal The True Cost Of Greyhound Racing

Grey2K USA and the ASPCA study shows 12,000 dogs injured at the racetracks over seven-year period. Greyhound racing has proven itself to be a cruel sport tha…