Michael Phelps Dives Into Pet Nutrition With Nulo Food’s WE DECIDE C

Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps partners with Nulo Pet Food to encourage pet parents to offer the best in nutrition in the new WE DECIDE campaign.

American Humane Nominee Was Returned 4 Times Before Finding Her Callin

Fifth time’s the charm it seems for a dog who went through four failed adoptions before finding her calling: police dog with the Rhode Island State Pol…

Labrador Retriever Named Most Popular Breed for 26th Consecutive Year

The American Kennel Club (AKC) announced to pet owners across the nation, something many of us have known all along; Labrador Retrievers rule.

Smallest Military Dog Makes Big Impact on Largest Naval Base

Military working dogs come in all sizes. Just look at Puskos, a 15-pound powerhouse who patrols for drugs at Naval Station Norfolk.

Study: When It Comes to New Tricks, Younger Dogs Learn Faster

The results are in and they have disproved that old saying: "You can't teach an old dog new tricks." It turns out you can, but you'll have to be patient.

Animal Planet’s “My Big Fat Pet Makeover” Helps Pets Shed The Fl

A new show on Animal Planet has some great tips for helping keep your pet light on her feet....just in time for the holiday season!

Experts Warn: Blue-Green Algae Potentially Lethal to Dogs

Harmful algal blooms that can be found in New York State's fresh water are known to be toxic to dogs, and, in some cases, even fatal.

Canadian MP Wants Products To Be Labeled If Containing Cat or Dog Fur

Canadian MP Brian Masse wants to have all products using cat or dog fur or skin to be labeled so consumers can make informed decisions when buying.

Connecticut Animals Have a Voice With Desmond’s Law

A groundbreaking law enacted last year in Connecticut is giving a voice to animals that are victims of neglect and abuse.

Hurricane Hero Uses Big Yellow Bus To Rescue Animal Victims

The devastating effects of Hurricane Florence continue to pound the east coast of the U.S., particularly the Carolinas. Animals often are the most vulnerable…

Innovative DNA Testing Results In More Big Dogs Adopted

Using DNA testing increases the rate of big dog adoptions at a Florida pet adoption center. Find out why DNA testing could be the next nationwide trend.

Heroic German Shepherd Saves Platoon in Iraq

Military dogs do more than sniff out bombs on the front lines. ISIS terrorists were sent running when a fearless military dog protected his entire platoon.

Renee Zellweger Helps Lucy Pet Rescue Dogs From Overcrowded Houston Sh

Lucy Pet Foundation relocated 64 dogs from overcrowded Houston shelters and got a big surprise when actress Renee Zellweger came to help!

Golden Retriever Showers New York With Handshakes and Hugs

A Golden Retriever named Loubie is making the streets of New York City a little happier, giving humans hugs and leaving them with big smiles on their faces.

Super Sniffer Dog Helps Eradicate Invasive Ant Species

Invasive ants are a problem on the Channel Islands, but a solution has been found in the form of Tobias, the yellow Labrador Lab with a special talent.

Go Behind-the-Scenes as Firefighters (With Puppies!) Shoot Their 2017

Must-see TV show features adorable puppies and firemen, detailing how the infamous Australian 'Firefighters With Puppies' calendar is made.

Chelsea Dog Walker Makes His Neighborhood Dogs Insta-Famous

A New York man decided he loved being around dogs, so he gave up his driving career to become a full-time dog walker, and now he's become Insta-famous!

Ohio Burger King Lets Dying Dog Have It His Way In His Last Days

A Burger King in Ohio is offering a terminally ill dog the opportunity to have his favorite food ‘his way,’so that he can be happy in his last da…

“Pet Anti-Vaxxers” Are Real… and They’re Endangering All of Us

A growing number of pet owners are joining the canine anti-vax movement, leading many veterinarians to worry that this puts many dogs and humans in danger.

Subaru Canada Teams Up With St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog Program

Evidence is mounting as to the therapeutic benefits that dogs bring to humans. And Subaru Canada wants to bring specially trained dogs to more people.

Nestle’s Purina PetCare To Enter Booming Indian Pet Product Market

Recognizing the pet industry is a booming business, Nestle is bringing Purina PetCare to India, hoping to tap into the growing pet population boom in Asia.

The Story of Stubby The World War I Hero Dog is Hitting the Big Screen

A new animated film about Stubby, an adorable stray dog decorated for service during World War I, is being released April 8.

Squee Alert: Boxer Adopts Adorbs Baby Bird

A little bird told me that she has a new daddy! Pup becomes a dogfather after finding a baby bird and adopting it as his own.

NFL Player Shows Big Hearts Match Big Muscles When It Comes to Pets

After Philadelphia Eagles star receiver Torrey Smith generously paid for 50 pet adoptions, fellow NFLer Malik Jackson wants to keep that ball rolling!

Doggie Daycare Selfie Goes Viral

An adorable 'selfie' of dogs in an Ohio doggie daycare has gone viral, and shows that social media isn't just for the humans with opposable thumbs!

Service Dog Dropout Finds New Career Path in District Attorney’s Off

Not every dog is up for the challenge of being a service dog. But when one doggy door closes, another opens with an opportunity to really strut their stuff.

After 10 Years of Bella, This Pet Name is Now The Most Popular

For a decade, the name Bella was the most popular choice for pets in the US, but it seems that things are about to change.

17th Annual AKC Humane Fund Awards Honor Hero Dogs

Five amazing dogs have been chosen as winners of the AKC Humane Fund. From K-9 and search and rescue, to therapy, these dogs go above and beyond.

Spanish Town Mails Dog Poop To Owners That Leave It Behind

If you don’t scoop the poop in this town, you’re in for a smelly special delivery Aren’t you sick of seeing dog poop that’s been left…

Step Up To Win a $1000 Gift Card From Pets Add Life

Win one of six $1000 gift cards during Pets Add Life's Pet Step Contest. And all you have to do is tell them why you added a pet to your life.

Two-Faced ‘Janus Cat’ Shown Mewing From Both Mouths [Video]

A cat with two faces, known as a Janus cat, was born in Chongqing, China - watch the video meowing from both of its mouths.

Science Says Grieving For Our Pets is Human

To others, the loss of a beloved pet is not understood. Research proves that the pet/owner relationship is similar to those with human family members.

LAX Brings In Volunteer Dogs to Assist Travelers After Las Vegas Massa

After the mass shooting in Las Vegas, Los Angeles International Airport is bringing in canine therapy volunteers to give stress-relief to travelers.

Encouraging Research Links Heart Failure Cause and Treatment for Dogs

University of Guelph and Ontario Veterinary College Researchers are working to discover the cause of dog heart failure and how to treat it genetically.

“Brexit” May Make Traveling With Pets in UK More Difficult

With Great Britain set to exit the European Union in March of 2019, what will happen to pets crossing borders is now under consideration.

Woman Rescues Hurricane Irma Dog and Restores Faith in Humanity

The displaced pets from Hurricanes Harvey and Irma have been tugging at our hearts, and one dog in Florida found a home in the middle of the storm.

Take A Close Look – Study Shows That Dogs Look Like Their Owners

Scientists have finally uncovered just what it is that makes dogs look like their owners. Turns out, it’s all in the eyes. Sadahiko Nakajima, a psychol…

Comfort Dogs Aid Dallas Police Force After Shooting

During tragic times, dogs can comfort us. In Dallas, six Golden Retrievers continue to provide support for those who knew the fallen police officers.

Panty-Stealing Pussy Prompts Hilarious Apology Letter

What do you do when a real-life cat burglar roams your 'hood? For a woman from Cardiff, England, you write hilarious apology letters and beg forgiveness!

Anderson Cooper Donates Bulletproof Vests to Virginia K9 Unit

Four paws up for Anderson Cooper! The CNN news anchor steps up to buy bulletproof vests for every K9 in the Norfolk, Virginia police department.

PetSafe’s 2015 Bark for Your Park Finalists Announced

Which dog park do you want to win? Place your vote (or woof) for one of the 15 Bark For Your Park finalists - $200,000 up for grabs from PetSafe!

New Research Gives Insight To Why Dogs Are Superior Sniffers

Researchers have found new details about a dog’s anatomy that help explain more why they are such stupendous sniffers! Scientists at Washington Univers…

Two Flint-Area Dogs Test Positive for Lead Poisoning

The toxic water in Michigan is making dogs sick. Lead-contaminated water in Flint is named as the culprit behind the first two cases of poisoning in dogs.

Santa Won’t Let 10-Year Old Girl Sit on His Lap Because of Her Servi

A little girl from New Hampshire was sent away by Santa because he refused to let her service dog accompany her while their photo was being taken.

Cash For Cuddles – Survey Finds People Willing To Rent Out Their Pet

New on the odd things of what people are willing to rent out – their pets. Some folks are really hard up for cash if they’ll let a stranger off t…

The Horror, The Horror -“Boston Terror” Animoji From Gucci Creeps

Gucci's new design isn't exactly what you'd expect from a fashion house. Get ready to scream when you see this Animoji, an homage to the "Year of the Dog."

Brave Woman Works Desperately to Rescue Bali Dogs Left Behind on Volca

An American woman is determined to rescue dogs who have been left behind a volcano in Bali, risking her life in the process.

Man Paralyzed and Stuck in Snow Saved by His Golden Retriever

Kelsey the Golden Retriever earned lifetime "good girl" status after staying with her owner who was paralyzed in the snow for 20 hours and saving his life.

Shocking “A Dog’s Purpose” Footage Filmed Last Summer – Why Ar

A Dog's Purpose is set to hit the big screens next week, but with TMZ footage showing alleged animal abuse, activists are boycotting the film.

New Study Proves Dogs Recognize Human Emotion

Science can be touchy-feely. If you've ever wondered if a dog can really understand how you feel when you're upset or excited, the answer is: Yes, they can!

Is Your Pooch A Pessimist? Scientists Say The Answer May Be ‘Yes’

This is probably the closest you’ll get to an answer from your dog when you ask “How are you feeling?” Most of us think of dogs the way we…

Study Shows Pet Parents And Pooches Are Lovin’ Fast Food Restaurants

If you’re a pet parent, chances are you’re super sizing that Happy Meal drive-thru order and sharing it with your dog. I love to share, and I con…

Can Therapy Dogs Affect Echocardiogram Results?

We know what effect dogs have on our how our hearts feel, but now Duke University's School of Medicine how service dogs make hearts look.

Bigger Is Better: AKC Releases List Of 2013’s Most Popular Dogs In T

Lab lovers have spoken – See who took the American Kennel Club’s top spot on the Most Popular Dogs In The U.S. When it comes to dog breeds, owner…

Study: Pets Provide Benefits for Homeless Youth

Being a teen on the streets is unimaginably hard, but having a pet by your side makes it more bearable, according to findings from a new Canadian study.

Dog Eats 62 Hairbands, 8 Pairs Of Underwear, Lives To Tell The Tail [V

An appetizer or the main course? Get ready to pick your jaw up off the floor, because what was found in this black lab's stomach will blow your mind.

Trump Donates $300k to Puppy Jake Foundation

Because of Trump's donation, Puppy Jake Foundation can enlist 15 more service dogs into their program to help veterans with PTSD and mobility issues.

Humane Society Releases ‘Horrible Hundred’ Puppy Mill List

The HSUS has released its 'Horrible Hundred' Puppy Mills list, with the bulk of the country's worst puppy mills being in Missouri, Ohio and Iowa.

Military Service Dog Receives Tearful Send-off Service [Video]

A Marine working dog received the tribute of a lifetime in his final days, as he battles cancer as valiantly as he had during his years with the Corps.

Study: Decreased Sperm Count in Dogs Due to Dog Food Chemicals

Decreased sperm count in dogs was verified this month at the University of Nottingham. If we continue on this track, there won't be any furry heads to pet.