Tesco Offers Groceries and Dog Grooming With New In-Store “Pet Den

Now thats what we call a one-stop shop! Tesco, one of Britains largest grocery chain, is set to trial pet grooming services while customers shop.

Why Did This UPS Driver Adopt a Giant Pit Bull?

Life is better with a dog, but this UPS driver had a REALLY good reason to adopt Leo the Pit Bull... his mom passed away.

New Survey Reveals Pet Ownership Numbers Decline in England

While pet ownership has reached all-time highs in the US, new research from England shows that pet ownership has declined in the last five years.

First-Ever Test Tube Puppies Born By In Vitro Fertilization

Is there anything science can't do? This IVF canine breakthrough could preserve endangered breeds and eradicate genetic diseases

Connecticut Animals Have a Voice With Desmond’s Law

A groundbreaking law enacted last year in Connecticut is giving a voice to animals that are victims of neglect and abuse.

CDC Issues Warnings About Rise In Insect-Borne Diseases

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have issued warnings about mosquito-, flea- and tick-bite-borne diseases that are on the rise.

Stray Dog Finds New Home and New Career In New Country

While visiting Greece last year, Valia Orfanidou came upon a stray dog who not only changed her life, but now changes the lives of others as a therapy dog!

Cat Fight Against Lisa Vanderpump Ensues Over Allegations of Dog Chari

A lawsuit has been filed against The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Vanderpump and her hubby amid dog charity fraud allegations.

AKC’s Pack Grows With Addition Of 3 Dog Breeds

Welcome to the club! This year, the American Kennel Club has added three more breeds to its official registry. Which breeds made the cut?

Stranger’s Generosity Means Much-Needed Surgery For a Homeless Man

An Australian woman saw a need and decided she would help--she created a GoFundMe account for a dog whose homeless owner couldn't pay for surgery.

Vet Uses Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine for Senior Dogs

Advances in stem cell therapy grow in leaps and bounds, and veterinarians are turning to regenerative treatments for their furry patients.

Las Vegas Repeals Ban To Prevent The Selling of Pets in Pet Stores

Nevada City Council has repealed the pet sale ban, saying that it was only passed because of incorrect information from 'activists.'

Highly Contagious Dog Flu Strain On the Move, Cases Reported in 2 More

H3N2, a new canine influenza virus strain, which was first detected in Chicago kennels last March, has emerged in Washington State and Montana.

FDA Announces Recall of Performance Dog Raw Products

The United States Food and Drug Administration has announced a voluntary recall of all Performance Dog Products from Bravo Packing, Inc., because of Salmonel…

Hurricane Hero Uses Big Yellow Bus To Rescue Animal Victims

The devastating effects of Hurricane Florence continue to pound the east coast of the U.S., particularly the Carolinas. Animals often are the most vulnerable…

Cat Declawing Now Banned In Denver, Colorado

It’s official in Denver, Colorado–veterinarians are now banned from declawing cats unless the procedure is medically necessary. Veterinarian Aubr…

New Study Will Investigate Effects Of Pets In Classrooms

A new study will investigate effects of common pets in the classroom on a broader scale, thanks to a $130,000 grant given to American Humane by HABRI.

Shop ‘Til You Drop Online – PetGuide’s Shop Is Now Open!

The insider scoop - save 20-40% off every day and weekly eCoupons. The PetGuide Shop brings you exclusive offers on trusted pet supplies you already use and love.

Spanish Town Mails Dog Poop To Owners That Leave It Behind

If you don’t scoop the poop in this town, you’re in for a smelly special delivery Aren’t you sick of seeing dog poop that’s been left…

Drug-Resistant Infection Outbreak in People Connected to Pet Store Pup

About 118 people were affected by the resistant bacteria strain, and it was all because of pet stores over-treating puppies with antibiotic medications.

Purina Issues Limited Recall on Purina ONE BeyOnd White Meat Chicken &

Purina has issued a limited recall on Purina ONE beyOnd Our White Meat Chicken & Whole Barley Recipe Adult Dry Dog Food due to a salmonella risk. This recall…

Army Veteran Receives Fur-prise Of His Life At New York Giants Game

A football game for long-time New York Giants fan and military veteran ended up being life-changing for him and the service dog he was provided with! A nativ…

Humane Society Of Canada Fights To Keep Tax-Free Status After Shady Ex

After the Canadian government's decision to shut down the charity, we're reminded we need to take a closer look at the causes we donate to.

No Pooch? No Problem! This Program Sets You Up With A Four-Legged Hiki

Want a dog but lack the time or space? The Hike with Adoptable Hounds program is here to help. I’ve written extensively here on PetGuide about the chal…

Research Shows Pet Ownership Saves $11.7 Billion In Health Care Costs

If you want to cut down on doctor's bills, you should adopt a pet! The HABRI Foundation releases research that shows how much pets save us in medical costs.

Woo Hoo! Senior Dog Adoptions Are On The Rise!

There is a senior-dog rescue movement spreading, as people all over North America are realizing the fabulous qualities senior dogs have to offer.

Can Tesla’s Cabin Overheat Tech Save Dogs in Hot Cars?

It is never advised to leave your pet in a hot car. But Tesla has introduced new technology to their already unique designs that just may save lives.

Dog Eats 62 Hairbands, 8 Pairs Of Underwear, Lives To Tell The Tail [V

An appetizer or the main course? Get ready to pick your jaw up off the floor, because what was found in this black lab's stomach will blow your mind.

Survey Says Pets Are a Great Excuse to Leave a Party

Need to leave a holiday party? Blame the dog! A new survey shows that a popular way to "ghost" from a seasonal soirée is to say you've got a pet at home.

Veteran’s PTSD Service Dog Banned at VA Hospital

A combat veteran was given a ticket for bringing his PTSD service dog to a VA Hospital with him, and he's planning to fight the citation in court.

‘Woofering Heights’ Movie Makes Fireworks Less Fearsome

If an evening ends with a bang thanks to fireworks, your pets may not want to celebrate. These dog-calming films, voiced by David Tenant, offer distraction.

Bachelor Alum on a Mission to Save Rescue Animals in Atlanta

If you needed reason to love Bachelor alum Lorenzo Borghese, the Italian prince is heading to Atlanta for the "Wheels and Wings" animal rescue event.

Recently Discovered Fossil Reveals New Species of Dog

A fossil containing the remains of a new species of dog was found on a beach in Maryland, and is over 12 million years old.

Disney Invites Dogs To Their Resort Hotels

Mickey Mouse and friends just got a little friendlier to families who have furry family members, and starting in October, will have some resort hotels that w…

October Is Adopt-A-Dog Month At The American Humane Society

This month, help the American Humane Society give some precious pooches the forever homes they deserve Did you know there are 3 to 4 million animals waiting…

Team of Iditarod Sled Dogs Test Positive For Opioid Drug Use

For the first time ever, canine contestants in the famous Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race have been identified as testing positive for drug use.

Pittie-Looking Dog Prevented From Competing in Dock-Dog Meet

You can't judge a book by its cover, but a Missouri woman found that not to be true when her sweet dog wasn't allowed to be in a dock-dog competition.

Research Says Your Dog Only Thinks About Himself

Selfish dog study is questionable, based on how the researchers set up the study. Read about their study and decide for yourself on its validity.

Pittie Saves Family From Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Once again, the heroic actions of a family's pit bull lend proof to the concept that you can't judge a dog by its looks...or breed.

PBS’ ‘Shelter Me’ Puts The Spotlight On At-Risk Pets

We all know the statistics are grim: millions of dogs and cats are euthanized in shelters every year. Filmmaker Steve Latham is hoping to change that with hi…

Study: Family Dogs Benefit Children With Disabilities

New research has found that the family dog can make a big difference in the lives of children with disabilities in their health and activity levels.

This Is How Much Millenials Are Spending on Their Pets

The pet-loving generation is sparing no expense when it comes to pampering their fur babies- here's how much exactly are they willing to shell out.

Research Suggests Better Survival Rates for Dogs With Bloat

Gastric dilation and volvulus, or bloat, can be deadly to dogs, but recent research is showing that it's not as much the death sentence as it was once.

Bullies Replace Bouquets in the Best Wedding Photos Ever

The stars of what was quite possibly the cutest wedding EVER were adorable eight-month-old rescue puppies, and the bride was glad they stole the show!

Petco Foundation Donates Fitting Tribute To Overseas War Dogs

Now this is a proper salute for our four-legged heroes! Petco Foundation donates $250,000 to bring war dogs fighting overseas back to U.S. soil.

Labrador Retriever Takes AKC’s Top Spot for 25th Consecutive Year

The votes are in! Where did your favorite dog breed place on the American Kennel Club's 2015 Most Popular Dogs in the U.S. list?

Report Shows That Dogs Get Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

During the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, veterinarians started recognizing the symptoms of PTSD in military dogs. Now, there's a complete treatment available.

Cancer Survivor Finds New BFF With Three-Legged Dog

All the tissues were needed at a Sacramento, California pet adoption, where two friends in similar situations became forever family.

Can Therapy Dogs Help Lower Medication for Pre-Op Kids?

The University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine to study the effects of animal therapy with children about to undergo surgery.

California Woman Flees Fires Carrying 70-Pound Dog in a Bag

The California wildfires have residents fleeing their homes for their lives. One woman refused to leave without her dog, carrying him in a duffel bag.

Search and Rescue Dog’s First Find Brings Little Boy Back To His Fam

A volunteer German Shepherd search and rescue dog's first find brought a five-year-old lost little boy back to his family, safe and sound.

Dog Expert Warren Eckstein Launches “The Pet Insider” Podcast

Banking on a successful 30-year career, dog expert Warren Eckstein is set to launch a brand new weekly podcast on PodcastOne.

PetSafe Awards $275K to 25 Cities Across America for Off-Leash Dog Par

The annual Bark for Your Park program by PetSafe announces 25 cities set to receive more than $275K in funds to help build and maintain off-leash dog parks.

Hunky Tom Hiddleston Hanging Out With A Few New Blondes

Hiddleswift is kaput, but thanks to Gucci, dreamy Tom Hiddleston has been snapped with a few new striking blondes, and they're panting over his hottness.

It Takes a Village to Find a Missing Rescue Dog

An entire village has helped Puerto Rico rescue dog Rene get back home to his owner Mara after slipping her collar going missing last week.

Olympian Skier Gus Kenworthy Saves 90 Pups From Dog Meat Farm

Gus Kenworthy may not have brought a gold medal home, but he's bringing home something even more priceless--a new furry family member.

FDA Reissues Warning About Noise Aversion Drug Sileo

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is warning veterinarians and pet owners about Sileo, a popular drug prescribed for noise aversion in dogs, as there is…

Freddy the Great Dane is World’s Tallest Living Dog

While runts of the litter may not start off big, one record-breaking Great Dane has just proven that even the little puppy can meet huge expectations!

Heart-Warming Documentary Sheds Light On Canine Lymphoma

When a dog is diagnosed with lymphoma, many people give up hope. But "My Friend: Changing the Journey" offers hope for recovery to devastated pet parents.

Stricter Rules For Flying With Pets on the Horizon

The US Department of Transportation met to discuss guidelines for service animals with regards to air travel and there may be implications for your pet.