Top 10 Dog Breeds With the Strongest Bite

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson

Have you ever wondered what dog breed has the strongest bite? We’ve tracked down the top 10 canines with the most powerful chompers, according to PSI ratings.

Let’s face it, a dog’s mouth is like the Swiss Army Knife of pooch tools. He picks up his toys with it, eats with it, pries open the garbage lid, rips into the treat bag, drools, barks, smiles and licks…. But he can also bite with it when he feels distressed, personally threatened or that a pack member may be in trouble and while some will nip to warn off, others pack a little more punch.

But how much is that “little more” exactly? To find that out, we’ve relied on – you’ve guessed it – science. The value we’ve focused on is PSI (pound-force per square inch). This is what is used to measure a dog’s bite force and to give you just a little context, humans have a PSI of about 120-140, a Grey Wolf about 406 and a Grizzly bear lands in the 1,250 PSI range. Thanks to research, we know that is the bite force of different breeds and we were able to compare them, creating this list of top 10 canines with the strongest bite in the world. Without further ado, let’s see where do our canine friends fall and which of them have the strongest bite!

Kangal – 743 PSI

This big boy originates in Turkey where he was bred for use as a guard dog to protect livestock from wolves and bears – needless to say, for him to be efficient in his job, he needs to have some seriously powerful chompers. With a bite force up 743 PSI, he’s definitely a pooch any predator would think twice about taking on. And while he’s ready to stand up to any stranger, he’s actually quite gentle around kids and other members of his human pack. (Photo credit: LeylaTuna/Shutterstock)

Cane Corso 700 PSI

Another guard dog, this pooch hails from Italy and is considered part of the “mastiff” family of dog breeds. With a 700 PSI bite, this aptly named “protector” dog actually surpasses a lion (691 PSI) when it comes to crunching down. You have to agree, that’s seriously impressive for a pooch of any size and breed! Even though these dogs boast one of the strongest bites in the world, when well trained, they are considered to be not only affectionate and loyal but even docile which makes them a great companion dog. If you want a fierce guard dog that can also be cuddly and sweet with his owners, Cane Corso is definitely the best breed to consider. (Photo credit: Grisha Bruev/Shutterstock)

Dogue de Bordeaux – 556 PSI

Remember the movie Turner and Hooch? Well the slobber-full pooch Hooch was in fact a Dogue de Bordeaux and he lands 3rd on our list of chomp-down champions with a bite force of 556 PSI. Bet you didn’t know that this loveable breed also has a bite that is strong enough to break bones! However, just because these dogs have powerful jaws. It doesn’t mean that they are likely to put them to use – at least not when properly trained and socialized. Another breed to be considered a gentle giant, this boy is loyal and loving to his human pack… but can step up to the plate if he feels they are threatened. (Photo credit: Csanad Kiss/Shutterstock)

Rottweiler – 328 PSI

The pearly-whites of the easy-going, sociable Rottweiler deliver more than just an engaging smile. Sure, their loveable goofy faces might make it difficult to imagine these sweet doggos angry, but this big boy can bite down with a purpose – whether he’s snatching a treat from mid-air, wrestling with a tug-rope or taking on an intruder. Packing a full 328 PSI with each bite, this handsome pooch can be a loving family pet or pretty efficient guard dog – best of both worlds, as long as you take time to train and socialize them while they are still young. (Photo credit: Enrique Garcia Navarro/Shutterstock)

American Bulldog – 305 PSI

This powerful, muscular pooch is a loyal and loving family dog who when properly socialized, gets along with all he meets. Even though they are considered quite friendly and great with strangers, that doesn’t mean that these dogs have weak chompers – it’s no surprise that like his stocky, determined build, he has a strong bite that ensures no tennis ball is safe when he’s playing fetch. His 305 PSI puts this dog in line with a Leopard (300 to 310 PSI) in terms of bite strength. So while he might not be a dangerous predator like the feline who rivals his bite strength, he can certainly show those chew toys who’s the boss. (Photo credit: Little Moon/Shutterstock)

Doberman – 245 PSI

It’s no wonder the American Kennel Club ranked this handsome boy among the top 15 most popular dog breeds in North America. While some people mistaken their “scary” appearance with a vicious character, Dobermans are actually fantastic pets with extremely loveable personalities. His dramatic good looks and sweet, often shy disposition make him a family favorite who adores his human pack and with a 245 PSI bite force, he also makes an imposing and effective guard dog. Chances are, just the sight of a barking Doberman will be enough to scare off an intruder – no need for your pooch to actually put their strong chompers to use. (Photo credit: goldeneden/Shutterstock)

German Shepherd Dog – 238 PSI

Sure, German Shepherds make intelligent, sweet pets that are perfect for large families with kids, but don’t forget that they make excellent police and army dogs, as well – and with a good reason. We’ve all seen videos of this pooch being trained in police exercises to lunge and hang on to padded arms and legs until his handler arrives. Well no surprise then that this amazing search and rescue dog has a bite force of 238 PSI which means that when this iconic service mutt grabs hold, he’s in it for the long haul. That’s why it’s best to train and socialize these pooches while young – you don’t want them to get nippy when guarding their food or toys when they have such a strong bite. (Photo credit: Aleksandra Dabrowa/Shutterstock)

American Pitbull – 235 PSI

With all the bad PR this pooch has been facing, you’d expect him to have one of the strongest PSI ratings of any dog. But no, he isn’t even close to the top of the list. With 235 PSI bite power, Pitties chomp down with a little more force than humans and are far from dangerous predators when it comes to the strength of their jaws – but their personalities, too. Like most animals, he will only react if he feels threatened or stressed but with early socialization, he’s no more dangerous than any other dog. Such a shame that these wonderful dogs have an unfairly bad reputation when they can be real cuddlebugs and goofballs! (Photo credit: Voltgroup/Shutterstock)

Chow Chow – 220 PSI

Now this cheery looking boy with the plushy face and the purple tongue is known to have a little bit of ‘tude when it comes to other dogs. They kind of look like teddy bears, but can be on the grumpier side of things - you know, like actual bears rather than plush ones. Like many pooches, he was originally bred for hunting so he also has some bite where his bark is. Be sure to socialize him early on and with a bite force of 220 PSI, make sure he knows how to play nice with others. (Photo credit: otsphoto/Shutterstock)

Malinois – 195 PSI

This dignified, German Shepherd lookalike hails from Belgium and was bred to herd – so you just know that chasing and nipping can be part of the package. In spite of a somewhat wilful streak, this beautiful dog is as intelligent as his doppelganger and learns quickly – which is good because with a 195 PSI bite force, you’ll want his urge to herd to be a thing of the past. Wouldn't want to end up on the wrong side of those pearly whites, for sure! (Photo credit: Fesus Robert/Shutterstock)

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