Marine Angelfish

Marine angelfish are known for their laterally compressed bodies and bright colorations.


There are more than 150 different types of Plecostomus fish, also known as Plecos.

Hap Cichlids

Hap cichlids exhibit a wide variety of colorations and patterns.

New World Cichlids

New World Cichlids are some of the most diverse freshwater fish species in the world.

Mbuna Cichlids

Mbuna cichlids are some of the most brightly colored freshwater fishes in the world.

Lake Victoria Cichlids

Each species of Lake Victoria cichlid is unique but, for the most part, they are fairly aggressive fish.


Triggerfish are a fish comprised of roughly 40 distinct species.


General description Scorpionfish are a large family of marine fish comprised of over a 100 different species. They ...

Saltwater Sharks

General description Sharks are some of the most majestic and most dangerous species of saltwater fish kept in the ...