Community Aggressive

Hap Cichlids

Hap cichlids exhibit a wide variety of colorations and patterns.

Asian Cichlids

Asian cichlids can be found in Lebanon, Israel, Syria, Iran, India, and Sri Lanka.

New World Cichlids

New World Cichlids are some of the most diverse freshwater fish species in the world.


Flagfish are a small fish that are semi-aggressive in nature.

Acara Cichlids

Acara Cichlids General Description Within the Acara family there are two groupings of species: true Acaras and ...

Pufferfish – Saltwater

Saltwater Pufferfish General description Pufferfish are a large family of saltwater fish consisting over a 100 ...


Hawkfish General description Hawkfish are species of saltwater fish closely related to the lionfish. They are ...


Grunts are a family of saltwater fish made up of 150 different sub-species.


General description Dragonets are a family of small, vibrantly colored saltwater fish. There are over 130 species ...


Dottybacks are a family of small saltwater fish made up of over 100 distinct species.