Heavy Shedding Dogs

Golden Sammy

If you want a sweet-tempered, friendly, kind pooch, you can’t possibly go wrong with a Golden Sammy.

Great Golden Dane

With its regal appearance and affectionate personality, Great Golden Dane will charm you instantly.


Pom-Shi dogs are loyal, loving, and make ideal companions for active singles and families.


The curious Pug-A-Mo brings together the affectionate Pug and the keen-to-please American Eskimo Dog.

American Mastiff

American Mastiffs may not be the easiest dogs to keep, but they are a calm and steady breed you’re sure to love.

Scolden Terrier

The bold little Scolden Terrier brings the gentle nature of the Golden Retriever together with the willful ...

Giant Spitz

The Giant Spitz lives up to its name with his classic, spitz-like characteristics and his large size.

Golden Cavalier

The happy, affectionate Golden Cavalier brings together the always friendly nature of the Golden Retriever with the ...

Redbone Retriever

The friendly Redbone Retriever brings together the sweet-natured Golden Retriever, the easygoing Labrador Retriever ...


The family-friendly Goldmation brings together the spirited, playful nature of the Dalmatian and the sweet, gentle ...