Large Fish

Drum Fish

With more than 250 species, drum fish exhibit a wide range of colors and patterns.


The flounder is also known as a flatfish; a fitting name because its body is laterally compressed.


Trunkfish secrete a poisonous material from their skin which acts as a defense mechanism against predators.


Snappers are generally non-aggressive fish that do well in very large saltwater community tanks.


The name porkfish is usually used to describe a particular species of grunt.


Referred to as unicornfish because they have a long pointed protuberance in the middle of their heads.

Marine Angelfish

Marine angelfish are known for their laterally compressed bodies and bright colorations.


The Tigerfish is named for the vertical stripes that run all along its body.


There are more than 150 different types of Plecostomus fish, also known as Plecos.