Blanc de Hotot Rabbit

Their sweet dispositions make the Blanc de Hotot rabbit great for families looking to have their first pet.

Belgian Hare

The Belgian Hare is usually kept mainly for show purposes, and not as a pet.

Argente Brun Rabbit

The Argente Brun Rabbit has a soft, short brown coat that doesn’t need much maintenance in order to keep it healthy.

Beveren Rabbit

The Beveren rabbit is active and energetic, and it loves to explore its surroundings.

Californian Rabbit

The Californian Rabbit makes a great pet because of its mild temperament.

New Zealand Rabbit

New Zealand Rabbits are large, muscular animals that have a beautiful coat.

Harlequin Rabbit

The Harlequin Rabbit breed is often called the clown of rabbits due to their unique colors and markings.

Giant Angora Rabbit

The Giant Angora rabbit comes in a variety of hues from grey to brown to black, and broken colors.