Musk Lorikeet

Friendliness, cuddly behavior and a penchant for tricks make the Musk Lorikeet a great pet.

Purple Crowned Lorikeet

Besides its lovely personality, the tiny Purple Crowned Lorikeet also has a striking appearance.

Black Lory

Black Lory is loved for its friendly and playful personality that contrasts their dark appearance.

Sunset Lorikeet

Sunset Lorikeet General Info The Sunset Lorikeet is the real clown of the parrot world, just like most of their ...

Iris Lorikeet

If you want a playful parrot with a lovable personality – then the Iris Lorikeet is a perfect choice.

Olive Headed Lorikeet

Olive Headed Lorikeet is a popular family and singles pet, as it’s known to bond deeply with humans.

Cardinal Lory

With its unique, exotic and beautiful plumage, the Cardinal Lory is one of the prettiest pet parrots around.

Dusky Lory

With their unique exotic appearance and great personality, the Dusky Lory is bound to impress you!

Chattering Lory

Chattering Lory is a rare pet, but a great one- these striking crimson birds have a great personality!