Are you ready to fall in love? If the answer is yes, then allow us to introduce the lovely Kakariki!

Papuan King Parrot

Large, unique, exotic, and friendly, the Papuan King Parrot is the go-to choice for an aviary.

Olive Headed Lorikeet

Olive Headed Lorikeet is a popular family and singles pet, as it’s known to bond deeply with humans.

Mulga Parrot

The lovely looks, pleasant behavior, and small size of Mulga Parrot make it a wonderful pet.

Moluccan King Parrot

The Moluccan King Parrot is ideal for people looking for docile, friendly birds that do well in aviaries.

Eastern Rosella

The unique appearance of the lovely Eastern Rosella makes them easy to recognize and hard to forget.

Cherry Headed Conure

Cherry Headed conure are loved for their goofy behavior and sweet nature- they will charm you from the get go.

Red Masked Parakeet

The fun and smart Red Masked Parakeet might just have all of the traits that a pet owner can desire!

Cardinal Lory

With its unique, exotic and beautiful plumage, the Cardinal Lory is one of the prettiest pet parrots around.