Celestial Parrotlet

Celestial Parrotlet can be really mischievous and inquisitive, but it's all part of their charm.

Turquoise Rumped Parrotlet

One of the best examples of the “pocket parrots”, the Turquoise Rumped Parrotlet is a lively, tiny bird.

Dusky Billed Parrotlet

Dusky Billed Parrotlet is also quite playful and friendly- they're just an all-around great pet parrot.

Blue Winged Parrotlet

Blue Winged is parrotlet small, extremely adorable, easy to care for, cuddly, and incredibly funny!

Mexican Parrotlet

The Mexican parrotlet has it all – cute looks, friendly personality, and adorable and fun behavior.

Spectacled Parrotlet

Spectacled parrotlet is a pocket-sized pet bird that will regale you with its silly antics and goofiness!

Yellow Faced Parrotlet

Funny, cute, and ideal for apartments, Yellow Faced Parrotlet is a feathery pet you've dreamed of.

Green Rumped Parrotlet

The Green Rumped Parrotlet will charm you with the cuteness, silly mimics, and loving personality.

Pacific Parrotlet

Small but full of spirit, the Pacific parrotlet is a little bird with a lot to love.