Semi-aquatic turtles

Bog Turtle

The adorable little Bog Turtle is actually one of the smallest of all the turtle breeds on the planet.

Reeve’s Turtle

The Reeve’s Turtle, which is also known as the Chinese Pond Turtle, is a popular breed in the pet world.

Mud Turtle

The Mud Turtle is a popular breed of turtle that is kept as a pet.

Black Wood Turtle

The Black Wood Turtle is one of many species of Wood Turtle, but it is the biggest of all of the Wood Turtle breeds.

Chicken Turtle

There are three species of Chicken Turtle: Eastern Chicken Turtle, Florida Chicken Turtle, and Western Chicken Turtle.

Spotted Turtle

The Spotted Turtle is considered one of the smallest turtles in the United States.

Mississippi Map Turtle

Although the Mississippi Map Turtle is beautiful to look at, it can be difficult to keep as a pet.