Short Hair Cats

Scottish Straight

The Scottish Straight is one of the feline breeds that make up the Scottish Breed Group, along with the beloved ...


The Kanaani cat is agile, playful, and athletic, as well as highly intelligent and affectionate.

German Rex

German Rex cats are lively and friendly, and they'll get along really well with just about anyone.

Foreign White

The Foreign White likes getting attention, lounging in your lap, and is curious and playful.


The Foldex is known for being cheerful, curious, intelligent, and active.


The Serengeti cat looks much like the gorgeous African Serval.


The name "Toyger" is a combination of the words "toy" and "tiger."

Arabian Mau

The Arabian Mau is one of the oldest of all of the natural feline breeds.


The Highlander resembles a wildcat, making it a truly unique looking breed.