Show Rabbits

Alaska Rabbit

The Alaska Rabbit is known for being good-tempered and docile.

Swedish Hare

The Swedish Hare is bred to enjoy being athletic and active.

Thuringer Rabbit

The Thuringer Rabbit is a uniquely beautiful breed that features a coat that is buff to deep yellow ochre with ...

German Lop

A German Lop has a 12-year lifespan, so owning this pet is definitely a commitment.

Silver Marten Rabbit

The Silver Marten Rabbit is usually used for show purposes, but it can also be an excellent pet if it is well socialized.

Tan Rabbit

The Tan rabbit is one of the few ARBA-accepted breeds that has a fully arched body.

Thrianta Rabbit

The Thrianta rabbit breed was created in honor of the royal House of Orange.

Silver Fox Rabbit

The Silver Fox Rabbit is known to be one of the rarest breeds in America.

Silver Rabbit

The Silver Rabbit is primarily brown, fawn or brown, and its coat is intertwined with white guard hairs, giving it ...