Mealy Amazon

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fast facts

About Mealy Amazon

16 inches
50-100 years
Bird Species
Amazon Parrot
Vocal, Talkative, Natural calls , Mimics, Chatterer
Social, Fun, Affectionate, Cuddly, Calm
Comparable Breeds
African Grey Parrot, Hyacinth Macaw
Mealy Amazon Parrot General Info

We all know that the Amazon parrots are praised for their exceptional talking abilities and that they are all energetic- sometimes a little mischievous, too. The Mealy Amazon is a bit different. While it retains the great ability to talk and mimic, it is not so active and fiesty. This loved pet parrot is known for its calm and docile behavior, and for being an affectionate, cuddly companion. They have an incredible lifespan that reaches between 50 to 70 years, with some sources indicating a potential 100 years of age. This makes the Mealy Amazon a cherished friend for a lifetime, but it also means that you’ll probably have to make some arrangements in case your pet outlives you.

Mealy Amazons are calm and loving, fun parrots. With a long lifespan and lovely traits, they make a great lifelong friend!

Native Region/Natural Habitat

The first mention of these parrots goes back to 1780’s. They live in a wide region that spans from Mexico, through Panama, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Peru, and Brazil. Even though they are widely distributed, they still suffer through the rapid loss of habitat, and they slowly approach a threatened status. They live in humid tropical forests, often in the canopies and tree holes.

Overall Description

These birds are one of the largest in the Amazon parrot family. The adults reach an average length of around 16 inches (40 centimeters), with all the common visual characteristics of other breeds. Similarly to the Hyacinth Macaw, Mealy Amazon can also be called “gentle giant,” due to their lovely, easy-going personality. In the wild, these parrots form pairs that last for a lifetime.

Speech and Sounds

All member of the Amazon parrot family are noted for their exceptional talking abilities and high intelligence. These talkative parrots simply love to talk and sing. It’s not uncommon for them to learn entire songs on their own, memorizing the lyrics, tones, and melodies without a mistake. Their natural calls can sometimes be loud, but they aren’t often heard. Without a doubt, your Mealy Amazon pet will be the center of attention when the chatting begins!


Mealy Amazons are entirely green. A couple of distinct details set them apart from other Amazon parrots. This tropical green color is lighter on the belly and darker on the back and wings. Small blue details are seen on the tips of the flight feathers, as well as some yellow tones underneath the tail. The Mealy Amazon gets its name from the subtle white tinge all over its back – as if it has been sprayed with flour. In general, this parrot has subtle and toned down combinations, but is still a pretty sight.

Simple color combinations and tropical shades – the Mealy Amazon is certainly an eye-catching parrot.

Care and Feeding

You can base their diet around the commercial seed mixes that are specially designed for Amazon parrots. They include sunflower, millet, milo, and safflower seeds. Amazon parrots love fresh fruits and the classic green veggies, so be sure to include a regular dose of these vital vitamin sources. As an added intake of calcium, a cuttlebone is a common goodie for them. While healthy, it also serves as a toy and helps your parrot keep their beak trimmed and in top shape.

Health and Common Conditions

These robust parrots are naturally adaptive and quite robust. If you avoid neglect and some crucial threats like the draft and extreme cold, which they are vulnerable to, they will have little to no troubles with their health. Remember that a bird of this size and energy needs a lot of exercise. You need to allow them the freedom of your home. Birds that are always kept in a cage without enough room will develop apathy, sadness, and eventually dangerous illnesses. This is a form of neglect.

Always provide your pet with enough room and freedom to fly around the house. This is a foundation of health and happiness in birds.

Personality & Behavior

While keeping the familiar traits of the Amazons, like a tendency for fun, talking and general silliness, the Mealy Amazons are much more calmer and affectionate. They love being cuddly and perching on your shoulders as they wait for that regular scratch. They also behave well with other birds of similar size. There is a tendency for bonding with their favorite person in the family, and this friendship can last for a very long time. However, if you want to get one of these birds, you need to be aware that there’s a fair chance that your pet will outlive you, which is why having a plan for their lifelong care is of vital importance.

Photo credit: Rosa Jay/Shutterstock

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