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by Angela Vuckovic
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About Plain Parakeet

9 inches
10-15 years
Bird Species
Quiet, Natural calls
Social, Fun, Friendly, Affectionate, Silly, Goofy
Comparable Breeds
Quaker Parakeet, White Bellied Caique
Plain Parakeet General Info

Despite what their name might suggest, there’s nothing dull about the Plain Parakeet. Tiny and adorable, these South American parakeets will easily captivate you with their friendly and sweet personality. And once you get to see their silly, inquisitive side as well, you will be swept off your feet. Although they are often in the shadow of some of their more popular cousins, the Plain Parakeet is still popular in aviculture, especially in its homeland. But it’s high time for these tiny cuties to get more recognition for their admirable qualities. Let’s meet the Plain Parakeet!

Often overlooked in favor of the similar Quaker Parakeets, these little birds are finally getting their chance to shine.

Native Region/Natural Habitat

These little birds are native to a large region in South America, mostly in central and southeastern Brazil. In the wild, they thrive in the forest canopy, lowlands, and secondary growth. Due to rapid urbanization of Brazil, and a lot of destruction of habitat, many bird species became threatened. Luckily, the Plain parakeets managed to adapt to the loss of their habitat and thrive in spite of it. Today their numbers are stable and they are a breed of least concern. They can be seen in many of the larger cities and other urban areas, where they often nest in crevices, parks, buildings, and gardens.

Overall Description

Plain Parakeet belongs to the small and unique Brotogeris family, alongside a few other similar parrots, like the Cobalt-Winged Parakeets. Their closest cousin is the much more popular Quaker Parrakeet, but their similarities might not be as obvious. The distinct features of the Plain Parakeet are its small stature, symmetrical and proportional features, and a slender figure. The adults reach an average length of 9 inches (23 centimeters) and will weigh around 2 ounces (65 grams) on average. The males and females are identical.

Speech and Sounds

One of the more desirable pet bird traits is for them to produce acceptable noise levels. With its occasional melodic and shrill natural call, the Plain Parakeet is really not that loud. These are often heard during feeding time and other excitable situations. Keep in mind that these birds are not talkers, and not that much of mimics either. Some very simple sounds might be repeated, but this is rare. In general, Plain Parakeet is an ideal candidate for an apartment pet bird.


For some, simplicity comes as a downside. Most owners love to see an exotic combination of feather hues. But that’s not what the Plain Parakeet is about. Just as their name suggests, their appearance is simple and straightforward, and they are one of the plainer-looking parrots in aviculture. But nonetheless, their adorable appearance is undeniable. Both adults are entirely green, with slightly darker shades on the wing and back. In truth, the intensity of this green color varies and fluctuates throughout their body, and shows a great variation, considering it’s a single color. Don’t be dissuaded by a simple appearance. Even if they are “plain”, these parakeets still pack in a lot of charm in their tiny frame.

From apartment dwellers to families, singles, and seniors, these pet birds will adapt to any type of household.

Care and Feeding

Your pet’s diet should be varied, but you will need to keep in mind that around 30% of their meals will need to be based on fruits. Fresh apples, pears, bananas, oranges, and similar fresh yummies will need to be the foundation. The rest is reserved for vegetables and small parrot seed mixes. When talking about care, keep in mind that the Plain Parakeet is an avid flyer and chewer. This will require a lot of space for flying, and a bunch of parrot toys. With these things taken care of, you will have a happy pet on your hands.

Health and Common Conditions

Don’t be fooled by their slender and small size. These parakeets are hardy and healthy. After all, they adapted to thrive in the wild, despite the loss of their original habitat. With good care and attention, their lifespan can reach a good age of 15 years. To keep a Plain Parakeet happy and satisfied, provide plenty of space and perches, but most of all – your love.

The silly and inquisitive nature of the Plain Parakeet is one of their greatest traits.

Personality & Behavior

Plain Parakeet is one of those tiny little goofs that make wonderful feathered friends. They owe their popularity to their affectionate personality and adorable looks. These birds will also get along well with other breeds of similar size, so they’re also a good choice for aviaries. If you’re on the lookout for a natural charmer, and a fun and loving pet, the Plain Parakeet could be just what you need. From apartment dwellers to families, singles, and seniors, these pet birds will adapt to any type of household.

Photo credit: Rafael Martos Martins/Shutterstock; Fernando Calmon/Shutterstock; Ricardo de Paula Ferreira/Shutterstock

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