White Capped Pionus

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About White Capped Pionus

25-40 years
Bird Species
Pionus Parrots
Green, Yellow, Blue, Gradients
Whistler, Vocal, Mimics sounds, Whispers
Highly Social, Playful, Affectionate
Comparable Breeds
Sun Conure, Spectacled Parrotlet
White Capped Pionus General Info

The White Capped Pionus, or White Crowned Parrot as it is also known, is a friendly, gentle and fun parrot. With a kind-hearted nature and a playful mind, these birds are an excellent choice for beginners and experienced owners alike. Although they are smaller than other pionus parrots, these lovely birds are no less robust and hardy than their relatives.

A White Capped Pionus has all the elements of a great pet parrot. It’s friendly, calm and fun.

Native Region/Natural Habitat

These birds inhabit a vast region in Central America, with their habitat reaching from southwestern Mexico, all the way to western Panama. Usually, they live in forests and dense growth, nesting in hollow tree trunks and palms. They are observed in flocks that number around 15 birds, and they are mostly silent and peaceful birds. Being very sociable even in the wild, they have enjoyed a long and friendly relationship with the local farming populace. They often tame them and cherish them as symbols of their region and homeland.

Overall Description

White Crowned parrots are somewhat smaller than their close relatives, with an average length of 10 inches (25 centimeters). Their weight is usually around 8 ounces (220 grams). There’s no reliable method of easily distinguishing males from females, so they are often kept as a single bird.

Speech and Sounds

Like most other parrots, mimicking is also a possible trait of White Capped Pionus. Usually, they will learn a few simple words like their own names and the persons in the house, while they’ll pick up more common sounds to repeat like whistles, whispers, beeps, and animal sounds. They are shy and affectionate with those they trust, so soft murmurs and whispers are a typical interaction.


This particular bird is renowned for its splendid, graduated coloration. As the name suggests, their crown is pure white, with another little spot under their chin. The breast feathers are most often a dim blue color that gets lighter towards the lower body. Their back and wings display a subtle gradient of green tones, and sometimes bronze or violet-blue overtones. The undertail is bright red.

All in all, the White Capped Pionus is an astonishingly colored bird, with lively, dazzling tones full of details that make it a truly magnificent bird.

The plumage of a White Capped Pionus shows an astonishing display of color gradients and tropical tones.

Care and Feeding

Pionus parrots love a lot of space. They are calm when exploring and enjoy moving about the place. Feel free to let them out when the windows are closed, or get a big, roomy cage. Ensure they get a bath on a regular basis and don’t hesitate to take them with you in the shower.

Besides the commercial seed mixes, make sure to offer them a variety of bird-safe fruits and veggies. A fun fact about White Capped Pionus diet is that they absolutely love eating corn, particularly corn on the cob, so make sure to make it a regular snack for these lovely birds.

Health and Common Conditions

They are hardy birds, even though they are gentle. Given proper care, enough social interaction and a good diet, the White Capped Pionus can live up to 40 years or more. The biggest threat to them is the aspergillosis infection, which is indicated by heavy, difficult breathing. If any of the usual sign of illness are observed, get your White Capped Pionus to an avian veterinary immediately.

Provided that their basic needs are met, Pionus parrots will have decades of a happy and healthy life.

Personality & Behavior

A White Crowned Pionus has a lot of the most desirable traits a pet bird can have. They are fun and goofy, while still being docile and gentle most of the time. They will entertain you with their little quirks and funny chit chats, and will absolutely enjoy scratches, cuddles, and games. In fact, as intelligent pet birds, White Capped Pionus parrots will thrive on the social interaction and mental stimulation they get from playing and learning tricks.

Large crowds are not their favorites, and they tend to get attached to a single person whom they trust the most, or the household in general. However, while they certainly have the personality that makes them an excellent pet bird, White Capped Pionus parrots are not the best fit for everyone: their long lifespan requires a commitment that spans throughout a person’s lifetime.

Photo credit: Ondrej Prosicky/Shutterstock

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